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  1. Back to the OP: I know very well how fortunate I am to be in area with responsive and respectful COs (they do actually leave space for others, even), and the sense of community, extending to nearby larger cities, is strong and supportive. Perhaps that is why I keep going back to trying to resolve the issue within your own caching community...because that works here. Do you have a caching community, or is it a more insular, everybody-do-their-own-thing type of place? Granted, not every one wants to participate in a community, but is there a way to create a community spirit there that engenders cooperation, empathy and respect for others? Is that never gonna happen?
  2. Meanwhile, over here in Utopia2, in the 10 mi radius we have .... # caches: 82 (including 1 disabled micro) # regular: 19 (23%) # traditional 78 # small: 24 (30%) # multi: 01 # micro: 35 (42%) # mystery: 02 # other: 04 (05%) # virtual: 01 Difficulty: 1-4; Terrain: 1-4 [# functioning pens: unknown] Everybody who has NOT taken advantage of a convenient LPC to satisfy a challenge of some sort, or a simple wish to find a cache, please step forward. "Any one? Any one?" We have three ... BYOP.
  3. Why, yes. You quoted them, actually. I'm guessing your answer would be ... no?
  4. You fully misinterpret my intent, and I'm sorry that you took it be a personal attack in some way. That was an actual question, a bona fide musing ... it didn't occur to me that it would be amusing or reflect on you in any way. Huh. The shrimp-eaters one, though, yeah, that was just a flippant remark. I thought your characterization was funny!
  5. This has been my experience in our area, too. They really are quite different than power/numbers trails.
  6. There's an interesting point. Hm. Where these odious placements occur, is there a vacuum? Are these "cache carpets" filling a void left by other would-be COs in the community?
  7. Was just quoting the faq, but yes, I noticed that while planning a route yesterday, too! (And they're still showing on the website, at least.) Decided not to jinx anybody by mentioning it. Perhaps they've been left to aid in final logging?
  8. A community that doesn't have problems with PTs = "all the caches are high quality, well maintained, with containers that never leak, and pens never run out of ink." I only use pencils, so I couldn't possibly know whether that statement is true or not.
  9. Unanswered questions: Do you really mean *only* in the suburbs, as stated in the title? So power trails in the desert - or some place far from your home zone - are ok? Do you have plans to place caches in your 10-mile zone that new cachers can hunt and learn from (i.e., non-PMO caches)? If so, have you communicated the plans with the "perpetrator"? Have you already placed non-PMO caches which are shining examples from which these newbies can learn? Are there parts of the PTs that are showing a poor example, other than simply being a PT? Can/should '...something be done?': By *whom*? Are you thinking of something along the lines of allowing would-be COs to "stake a claim" to a certain area around them? Or delineating "PT-free/Newbie-only zones"? Not knowing the answers to those questions, nevertheless I sally forth. ---- Yes, it does sound quite a bit like "... an old man shouting 'stay off my lawn'." From the OP, I interpret that in your geocaching youth, you enjoyed an activity that, now that you're older [and wiser? not traveling as much?], you no longer enjoy ... and expect others - all others - to follow suit. Frankly, I read the rest of the OP as *justifications* for your stance. Whether they are true or not in *your* community, I can't know. One problem, old man , is that it is not *your* lawn to forbid others to invade. Your lawn is, in reality, community property. Do I think "something can/should be done"? Well, I don't think you'd have started this thread if you didn't think something SHOULD be done ... rather rhetorical, there. Again, the salient question is, WHO should be doing something? To that, I will offer requested opinion. As dprovan reasonably suggests, open communication with your community members - or particular member whose behavior you wish to alter - can be an effective method of achieving what you want. So, can be done? You betchya ... by you. If it bothers you enough, then yes, you should communicate your feelings with your community member(s). (And be prepared to be met with the fact that you may be in the minority in your community.) Whether you do this by personal and amicable messages directly to one member or - possibly even more effective for your cause - planning and hosting a "Building and Placing Awesome Caches/The Impact of Cache Placement to the Community" event. Market it; advertise it in your community. Target your marketing of the event to those you wish to share your wisdom/influence. With work on your part, sure, it CAN be done. Do I think "something should be done" by HQ? Recommendations have been issued via blog, etc., but should they take it further, creating a rule or enforced guideline? *No*. I am firmly in the "Rules Must Benefit/Address Problems for the GLOBAL Community" camp. While some - even many - may find PTs irksome for any number of reasons, unless they are improperly maintained or otherwise don't meet guidelines, there is nothing that should be addressed on a global level. FWIW: I am not a PT advocate and have never done one. No, I take that back. I did do "The World's Shortest Power Trail" 1 & 2: 2 caches, each at opposite ends of a 0.1-mile-long guardrail. HA!
  10. According to the faq: However! Note: Hopefully, you've some way to remember which cache holds which clues/jewels.
  11. Hi, so glad to hear you've started geocaching and want to connect with others in the area - good on you! Quick question for clarification: Where-abouts are you drawing that North/South line? Dothan? Ozark? Troy? Montgomery? (Stop me when I'm getting warm. )
  12. I became an infrequent cacher "for a reason". While the virtual souvenir did not change that reason, it did change my choice of free time (also infrequent) activity. When the opportunity presented itself, I felt very fortunate to have already solved a 48-puzzle geoart that satisfied all requirements but three. Frankly, it was an enjoyable experience, not a long line of guardrail hangers or what-have-you, and it topped my finds-in-a-day by 30. The satisfaction was in the hunt, absolutely, but the souvenir was the catalyst ... and quite tasty icing on the cake. It's not so much that I, as an infrequent cacher, don't care about souvenirs ... more like if that chance hadn't come up, I would have made peace with the fact that it was unattainable for me, given my circumstances (as I have done in the past).
  13. In my immediate (10-20 mi) area, there were only a couple. None were fixed up by the CO during the promotion. Further out, though, (20-50 mi) I noticed several had recent [bona fide] maintenance.
  14. Thanks for the very helpful suggestions and the commiseration! I have renamed the few (knock on wood) trackables that are missing, and have added a note if they're on the TB Rescue map on another site. This particular one, I have not renamed so as not to alienate the current holder*. I did, however, log a Write Note that I'd be attending an event that they happened to have logged a Will Attend for, too, and hope that they'll bring it for me to recover it there. Though I've never gotten a response, I can't assume they're not receiving my messages. I'll send one more a day or two before the event, asking them directly to bring it to the event. Just thinking that it could be easy for them to not think of bringing it if I don't mention it. Does this sound reasonable ... or like "hounding"?
  15. I used The Official App to log - in order - jewels, then additional requirements, all on the same day. I thought I might have to wait a bit for the jewel finds to hit, but it was instantaneous. After finding the rest, the result was again immediate, with the final test arriving within seconds. So I'm gonna say no, not an App thing ... unless something has happened recently.
  16. Apologies if this is overly basic, but having just downloaded WhereYouGo, I came across the same issue. Was not given the opportunity to choose which; the app immediately popped up and then returned same download error. The only way I could prevent that was to clear the defaults for the app - thus allowing the choice to open the download page in Chrome - then choosing the "Pocket PC" version to download, and moving to the app's Files folder. Clearing defaults [on Samsung S5]: 1. Go to: Settings-Applications-Default Applications-Set as Default 2. Scroll down & tap WhereYouGo 3. Tap "Clear Defaults" button 4. Under "App links", tap "Go to supported URLs" and change to Always ask. I realize that this is basically what has been suggested in previous replies ... but without disabling the default action, it was impossible to "download with a browser" due to the app's intrusion at that critical juncture.
  17. Sorry, meant to add thanks to @Goldenwattle for reviewing and responding ... even though it was not the summation I wanted to see (truth).
  18. Just want to know the status of a geocoin. I've sent the following messages, with no response to any of them. Is there another way? ================================================================================================================== Mar 26, 2018 10:51 PM Hello from a fellow geocacher ... in Virginia. I am the owner of the little white octopus geocoin, "The Ripple". I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for taking the time to check the coin's mission - not everybody does - and for your willingness to move him along in his mission. I also like what the NCGO group is doing; kudos to your group. Thanks again, and may all your caches be smileys! vavaPAM Sep 27, 2018 2:02 AM Hello again from the owner of the white octopus coin. I haven't seen any activity lately and just wanted to check to make sure everything is okay on your end. Thanks in advance for any info you could provide. vavaPAM Mar 10, 2019 8:26 PM Hi [username], I realize I can be a bit like a mother hen about my geocoins, so please forgive me if I seem over-zealous in trying to keep up with my white octopus coin, "The Ripple" ( TB85EMM ). I haven't seen any activity logged or discover logs in about 4 months, and was wondering if perhaps you were only reporting caches or activities having to do with diving. I could completely understand that, since the mission is about diving; however, it's not necessary to *only* show diving activities/caches. Please don't think that I'm trying to nudge you into dropping the coin! I'd rather it travel safely with you than be dropped in any old cache where it might get mistaken/taken as swag/treasure by a newbie or muggle, so I do appreciate that you've allowed it to safely accompany you until an appropriate cache drop is discovered. Just a note or log every now and then would relieve this old mother hen. Thanks for understanding. Aug 10, 2019 6:58 PM I have tried several times, via email and messaging, to ascertain the disposition of this white octopus coin, "The Ripple" ( TB85EMM ), which - as far as logs go - you've held for over a year - since March 2018. Would you please let me know what is up with this geocoin? Thanks in advance for any information you might provide. Sincerely, vavaPAM
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