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  1. Not usually. One of the reasons I hike and geocache is to relieve cabin fever/being around people 24/7. I've always enjoyed hiking, climbing, and just "communing with nature". Not so, my Muggband. For him to enjoy to the Great Outdoors, there must be skis or a ball in play. Very rarely (such as on a trip), I will take him with me to a non-hiking cache that promises to be creative/inventive/sneaky. He's a great story-teller, and enjoys regaling friends with discovery tales. "You won't believe where we found this thing ...." He becomes a walking commercial for geocaching. He doesn't have - nor does he want - an account. Upon rare occasion, my daughter accompanies me to find 1/1, 1/1.5 caches, just for an afternoon "adventure" or if we're early for an appointment. Many of those are micros, so I have a separate logbook for her to sign & I note the GC code for each signature. (She can't see where to sign, and her writing is rather large.) She does enjoy discussing ideas for creating new caches. She doesn't have an account, either. I do plan on dragging a couple of my siblings to some caches along the Banana & Indian Rivers when I visit next. Mainly because they have kayaks and I know they'd love the paddle anyway ... but also to get them "hooked", so they'll go to some others that I really shouldn't hunt alone. (Waders and gators in swamps, oh my!)
  2. This probably offers more than you will ever want to know, but if you scroll to page 12; figures 27 & 28 (I believe), you may find the answers you seek. Survey Mark History from NOAA
  3. As a TO who does read Discover logs, I appreciate details like this. Thanks!
  4. No photo here, because it was an online log including the statement, "Full Log." It was an editing note, explaining the reason for the edit. (Field log posted earlier in the day; full log followed.) I realized after about 20 of 50 that the "full log" note might be misinterpreted to mean maintenance was needed, so I changed to "Complete log." Thought I caught them all, but could have missed a few.
  5. It is added to your TB count under "Trackables Moved/Discovered". ETA: on your Profile
  6. Notice that you can change the language of the Help Pages with the Google Translate link near the top of the Help page: Help Center→For the new geocacher→1. Start here Translate ^^^^^^^^^
  7. Have you read the Help Pages yet? "Start Here" And getting started with The App ... App-specific Getting Started
  8. Not upset. Searching for answers. Annoyed that invariably, whenever I'm looking for a quick answer I end up having to pick up crumbs of info from several different Help Pages before getting the complete answer. Whoever re-arranged the Help Pages doesn't think/organize the way I do. At least they have a Search function. Sure, it makes sense that app-specific benefits would be in the app section; site-specific benefits would be in the site-specific section; in the purchase-specific section, it makes most sense to include all the benefits. But hey, that's just the way I think.
  9. This. Sounds. Awesome! As far as difficulty: It seems well laid out/organized. I didn't find it confusing in the least to figure out how to qualify. The main difficulty I can see is for Basic Members who don't have access to Pocket Queries (how can they find these caches without reading each listing?) ... or those who don't know how to use that tool. Since proximity is usually my biggest limiting factor, thus the main criterion I use in PQs, I actually had to go look to see if I could create a PQ limited by attribute(s). Yesss! Whether this gets published or not (and I sincerely hope it does), I've already learned from it. (GS might actually appreciate the unintentional highlight of that added PM benefit. ) Something I like about Challenges is the different perspective it can give to caching. "Caching with a purpose" ... "caching with a focus" ... sort of. I would love hunting every one of the caches required to qualify, even if I never get to actually get there and sign that log. In fact, I'm going to do that anyway. Downloading the PQs to GSAK now. Cool! Crossing my fingers for you, BFJ!
  10. Could you adhere a nut to the top or bottom of the nano and simply stick the body of the nano through a hole in the post? Or would it fall out of the hole?
  11. Yes, of all the places one might find information on Premium vs. Basic Membership, the Renew/Sign Up page is where they need to have a complete and up-to-date list. I mean, we're talking forking over cash, here.
  12. I'm not in the UK, but think it's splendid how you've created a little nod to history and at the same time created caches aimed at kids. Well thought-out and nice art-work, too! I've never met a kid who didn't like stickers!
  13. Expanding on this idea a bit, you might try "Great Stuff", which is an insulating spray foam (often used in construction). A word of caution, though, it expands like crazy, so just a dab will do ya! They do make one expressly for Doors and Windows, which doesn't expand quite so much. The original and Doors & Windows products are sort of ivory colored, but they now have a black one, too. Same here.
  14. Just another thought: Of course, it again depends on the size of that stick/log .... Perhaps drill holes all the way through the cavity to allow ventilation, then use wire mesh (screen wire - fiberglass might last longer although it tears more easily) instead of solid metal/plastic to line the cavity (still using construction adhesive/newspaper). The screen would keep most bugs out and still allow for ventilation. (Is it obvious yet that I'm liking this setup and thinking about how to build one myself? With your permission.)
  15. Agreeing with a couple of suggestions: Definitely make the hole wider. I know you've spent quite some time drying it out, but you probably need to get it wet again to verify the correct circumference ... or else just make it more than just wide enough. Lining is a good idea, too. Construction adhesive (like Liquid Nails) or wood glue would help keeping it in place. Stuff a bunch of newspaper in the hole to add pressure until it dries. Not sure how big the log/stick is, or whether the container leaves enough head space, but you could make a plug to fit the top of the hole. Perhaps attach fishing line between the bottom of the plug and the container. Perhaps attach fishing line from the top of the plug and near the top of the stick/log ... or maybe just a grab-ring attached with a staple nail (fence staple).
  16. I'm reading that your sis-in-law signed the log ... but not that you signed the log. Perhaps that was just an oversight. It's rather important, though, as COs can delete online logs that don't have a corresponding signature on the hard-copy log. And whether or not it's been archived, it can still be logged if the original log was signed.
  17. So it sounds like you (the OP) are asking for opinions about whether or not the second attempt to log as found should be deleted, not about the requirements. Right? False logging is poor form. From what you've posted, it sounds like your response, suggesting they at least try to answer the questions, was appropriate. Logging a second false find encourages the interpretation that they think they're entitled to it, whether they complete the tasks - and whether the CO thinks so - or not. You would be doing no one any good by letting the second log stand. Neither they nor future ECOs with whom they might attempt this maneuver will benefit from their continued misconception that they can log whatever, however they want. Including a note that they are welcome to log a find when they've attempted to answer all the questions might be nice, but entirely up to you. Adding a link to the appeals process would give your action the weight of your [perceived] knowledge that your decision would be upheld. I suspect that they wouldn't take it further ... or they would learn from a "more authoritative" entity that their logs are not in keeping with the spirit of the game. If they were to log a third time (or more) without at least attempting to answer the questions, that is edging away from simple poor form and closer to bullying/harrassment just to get a smiley, IMHO. Perhaps they wouldn't, but if they did, you might want to explore options other than letting it escalate into a "logging war" of FI, delete; FI, delete. (For example, contact the Reviewer and give him/her a heads-up on the situation.)
  18. Wow; you've covered some ground! I bet you'll be glad you did add Hanging Rock to the itinerary. Safe travels!
  19. That might depend on whether they actually logged a Found It or not. If not found, one doesn't necessarily have to "keep track" of it. Unless the cache is marked Ignore (which I almost never do), it'll keep showing up on PQs. Generally, I will look to see if it's become findable again. A couple of times this has happened to me. A cache [in my area] that I'd marked NM a few months prior had a continued string of DNFs or FIs reporting problems, with no response from CO and no follow-up NM or NA logs. Nobody was willing to pull the plug so I did the dirty deed (logged NA), even though I'd been the one to log the NM months before. That was before the cache health thingy was instituted.
  20. But I'm not sure that's the case if using the website .... (Just like being able to see > 2/2 caches.)
  21. Answering all the questions of an Earthcache is tantamount to signing the log. They didn't do that, so it's reasonable and you were well within your rights to delete those logs for not completing the questions. I would urge you not to allow a few shirkers to cause you to change what you feel is important; however, it's what you think and how you feel doing it that matters. If you are concerned about seeming "difficult", you could either 1)let them know that answering the questions is required to log and invite them to appeal your deletion if they wish, and give the link for doing that, or 2) do as Arisoft suggests and get your Reviewer's take on it before taking another action. (Frankly, I would expect the Reviewer to uphold your decision if it's the same as when he/she published the cache.)
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