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  1. I get the reasoning behind it but as I recall, The App does remind beforehand, in describing the cache, to sign the log. Adding a checkbox might be overkill?
  2. Laser printed has lasted through wind, rain, sleet, snow, and freezing temps. By the time you do all these extra gymnastics of ink amounts & purchases, I think you'd be better off just getting it laser copied.
  3. I had a pack of Rite in the Rain letter sized paper. It doesn't do well with inkjet, either. Not sure where you're located, but office services might be your best bet. I created my design, using as much of the paper as possible, printed it on regular copy paper, then took it to OfficeMax and had them print it on my [RITR] paper. IIRC, it cost me a little over $0.25 per page, full color.
  4. Following up, I just got word from the coin's traveling companion that he did, indeed, find it. Woohoo!
  5. Steak knives can be deadly if used *outside of their intended purpose*. Heck, a simple pencil can be deadly *in the wrong hands*. Shall we remove access to those tools, given the possible consequences of their misuse? Incorrect use of the term "stalking" has become the norm in social media vernacular. It has always carried with it quite negative connotations, and that used to be a correct perspective. Now, though, simply looking at the post of another user is called "stalking". It is not stalking; that term should be used for continuous, repetitive following of another's actions over a period of time ... not a quick look at a single action (or single series of actions). Calling the Audit Log a "stalking tool" is an unfair characterization of the tool and of the CO who may use it. Creepy? Take a look at that profile access right there, in the left column, next to your forum post. Sure, it *could* be used for stalking. Come to think of it, it may well be used for that purpose, and probably more often than is the Audit Tool. (How's that for starting your day with a creepy thought?) Yet it is not vilified. The Audit Tool is no more a tool for stalking than is that profile icon there. Both of these ways to access cachers' activity information *could* be used for that purpose; it simply depends on the character of those choosing to use it. Consider a shop-keeper monitoring the customers' activities, comings and goings. It makes sense that easily 'lifted', easily damaged, or more valuable items will have more attention focused on them than others. It makes just as much sense that a CO would want to do the same. The shop-keeper *could* misinterpret a customer's actions or mishandle the situation; almost none do. A CO *could* abuse the use of the Audit Log, micromanaging and accusing the innocent; I would hazard a guess that almost none do. How can you know which do or don't? You can't. That doesn't justify removing access to the monitoring tool for the many who don't misuse it. It is very unfortunate that some one may have used the Audit Log for other purposes; however, I use it to check the pulse of my caches. Example. Cacher1 accesses the cache page 4 times on the same morning. Later the same morning, Cacher2, who's already found the cache, accesses the page. Then, another couple of views by Cacher1. Then nothing. I interpret this to mean I'd better check to make sure the cache is there or access is not blocked. If it's there, perhaps it means they couldn't find it but didn't want to log a DNF. It could also mean that they're planning a trip and asking a friend about the planned hunt. Either way, it's a Good Thing, IMO, because I will have posted a note that the cache is [or isn't] ready to be found, and I will have prepared some hints in case I'm contacted by Cacher1. Example. Six to twelve months go by without so much as a look at the cache page. This means to me that it might be time to evaluate its attractiveness; maybe folks just don't like that type of cache or location. Or it might be time to consider down-grading to non-PMO status if it also hasn't been muggled in a while (which I did in one case, when no more watches were on it). Example. A few looks by cachers from far away. Again, maybe they're plotting out a vay-cachin'. That's usually the first time that it registers in my mind that a big event may be coming up. "Where's the Mega/Giga?" because it may be en route. Every now and then folks are just curious. :-) Nothing wrong with that; we're human. (One thing I haven't figured out is why a PMO gadget cache with a word-code lock in this little podunk town quite suddenly gets SEVERAL (like 3-5x the norm) new views from waaayyy-out-of-towners on the same day or within a few days of each other. Perhaps just a random anomoly.) I have *never* initiated contact with a cacher because of activity that I might see using the Audit Log*, and I have *never* been asked why I visited a PMO cache multiple times, whether or not I posted a subsequent log. *Full disclosure: I did contact a person *known to me* who signed a PMO cache's physical logbook [didn't log it online; didn't show up in Audit Log], but it was mainly to tease that 40-something-year-old for choosing a whoopee cushion over a $5 bill. :-) I did ask how he found it, too. (He and his partner are Basic Members.) Among others I agree most with ... Lee737 & Kunarion's points, Jester & on4bam's And, honestly, colleda's Add me to the disappointed list.
  6. New Year's Day 2018. 12° F. Last of my unfound LPCs in the area. (There are 3.) Boy, was I glad it was there!
  7. Congrats on the publish - yay! Holy cats, I've a lot of work to do. (At least I only have to face down 8 more dangerous critters.) Gonna be a lot of fun getting there, though!


    Just guessing (as we all are) what the OP is actually seeking, but wonder if he means that the listing of souvenirs is not "clickable". They aren't, and as far as I know, never were. If what you want to do is see what each of the souvenirs looks like, you might try this listing on project-gc .... https://project-gc.com/Tools/SouvenirList If this is not what you mean, OP, it would be helpful for you to answer some of the questions put to you, so we can better understand what you seek, thus better help you.
  9. Boy, do I understand that feeling of violation! I gave myself a cooling off period, too, before I decided whether to archive or replace disappeared ammo cans. Ended up giving it "one more chance and that's it" ... and getting pretty industrial on the hide's construction. ? My condolences on your loss. Yep. Nowadays, if my container is an ammo can, the most you might get about it is in my hint, ACiTW. Maybe. And I never include whether it's secured - so they don't have a heads-up to bring tools ... just in case they don't normally go hiking with bolt cutters. I've also taken to explicitly asking that no photos of the cache be posted. I discovered [after the fact] that photos of my caches (PMO and Basic) - opened and brimming with good SWAG - were posted, not on the cache page but on social media, and obviously without my consent. Whether it's because of the nice stock of SWAG, or the metal itself, every time a photo of my ammo cans have been posted, they've been muggled - either emptied out or completely gone, stock and cache. I haven't seen any one mention recycling. Recyclers don't care what's written on a piece of metal, and the increased pay-out for metal recycling has had a huge impact here. In fact, there was a major fire in a closed furniture factory that was caused by squatters "harvesting" the wiring. Just one week later, in the same town, my ammo can - and the chain preventing it from washing away in floods - went missing. Didn't replace that one. Anything I've hidden there since then is made of non-metals, even the hosts.


    Agreed. If you've signed the log, there's no need to worry about the unlock code just to log a Found It on the GC.com cache site. OP, if you're using an iPhone with Wherigo, see this pinned topic: Playing Wherigo on the iphone (1st post, 3rd item)


    Not exactly ... see Lynx Humble's reply .... (My emphasis/bolding of words). So you not only have to start the Wherigo, you have to *complete the activity* (not just the download), as well.
  12. Wow, thanks, kayak bird, for all the follow-up! I didn't even realize GSAK could be used in such a manner - bonus!
  13. No. That is not what I'm saying. I'm saying that imposing black/white interpretation of what appears to be shades-of-grey decision-making doesn't seem to be bringing resolution to the disagreement. There can be conditions that alter a finder's personal choice on how they react to a need for maintenance. Even if those conditions - if any - would not impact your choice, it appears that they do for others.
  14. Perhaps they are conditional statements focused on maintenance, rather than absolute statements regarding CO responsibility.
  15. I've noticed a couple of teams in nearby cities whose partner placed a cache. The other partner waited for somebody else non-partner) to claim FTF before logging his/her find. Then again, they are long-time members and ADULTS. Maybe Mom just wanted to give Kiddo a happy day with a co-owned cache and FTF. You could TRY the "advice from helpful veteran" route: "Hey, I noticed you're new - welcome - and thought you might to know that typically ...." Always running the risk of alienation, of course. It's a little tweaky, but since you're not "butthurt" (HA!) over it, probably best to just roll your eyes, shrug it off, and let them learn as they gain experience. At least they're making new caches, yeah?
  16. And apologies to the TS: I didn't mean to hi-jack ... curiosity got the better of me. Still imagine that the idea that you propose (that lettering of PB PP & Loomis may be included) would be a good assumption on what it might LOOK like, no matter the reason. Can't guess what markings, though, without knowing its purpose.
  17. Got it, thanks. And I fully understand that what was placed by another entity might be taken over by NGS. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting "cadastral survey". I thought that referred to surveys for property boundary delineation and/or taxation. Is that wrong?
  18. What keeps running through my mind is that this could be like, research for a Jack Reacher - type novel. near cia ...
  19. Understood; thanks. ETA: Since the example was not far away and in the same year, it just seemed to make sense it might look similar ... yes? So what clue to cadastral is there ... simply by virtue of the PB PP involvement? "... like this one?"
  20. Hello, kayakbird. I'm curious as to what led you to think it's a cadastral survey? Really: I'm just curious, not challenging the opinion at all.
  21. Although I'm not a marker hound, I'll be your sounding board. Hopefully, more knowledgeable folks will correct inaccuracies. 1) I would say Yes, given that they were both gov't entities noted as working in cooperation at that time (per Dept of Interior (PB&PP parent) reports), and guidelines were in place at that time. 2) I honestly don't know, but it may not imply that it was used as a triangulation station, rather that its measurement was figured using the Primary Azimuth (Abbott), thus it is secondary to [measured from] that azimuth. (Leveling instead of triangulation, for example.) The report in the example you provide (Burling), specifically mentions triangulation station. This one doesn't include that reference. --> Edited to add: Check page 33, figure 74. 3) Possibly, sure seems like the lettering would be similar to your example, especially as they were placed around the same time. 4) Guess anything's possible, but since there's no mention of additions or modifications in the recovery note, I kinda doubt it. Here's a thought: You might want to search for Dept. of Commerce documentation of 1930 ... or possibly 1929. (NGS was under DOC at that time.) But you may find what you're seeking here: NOAA has more NGS info - a whole timeline, etc. - that you may want to check out. https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/web/about_ngs/history/ Interesting subject; thanks for asking the question. Hope I haven't led you astray via the "blind leading blind" syndrome. Good luck!
  22. Had to google that, as I was pretty sure it wasn't referring to the singer.
  23. Yes, they do check. Shortly after I received one from a previous promo, I dropped it in an event cache but nobody took it. Then I had foot surgery and couldn't get out to place it within the 2 week time frame. It wasn't immediate, but a short time after, I got an email reminding me of that agreement. While I did reply with an explanation - and did drop it in a cache promptly after that - I fear it has given me a black mark for future TB promos. Shucks.
  24. As far as the OP, COs should expect an NM if they don't maintain their caches, and an NA if they continue to ignore the need for maintenance. And I'm going to go ahead and say it: Especially for PTs/series. Why? A CO's long line of caches all needing logs is different from doing simple cacher maintenance for a couple of individual caches, due to the sheer number of logs needing to be replaced. Besides the disregard for CO obligations, it's unrealistic to expect the community to maintain a power trail or many in a series of caches. That's not only an expense that finders shouldn't be expected to finance, it's also tedious as heck after a while. Private discourse (i.e., messaging the additional text in the NA log) might [or might not, admittedly] preclude the rather public display of disaffection. Obviously it didn't, in this case. Perhaps the CO referred to in the OP struck out in anger because he/she is naturally thin-skinned; perhaps he/she was embarrassed by the public statement. At any rate, attempting to shame a cacher for logging NA, by posting an Attack Note on the cache page is inappropriate. I'm glad to see that the reviewer stepped in to counter ... and kudos for resisting the urge escalate further.
  25. Yeah, expecting finders to replace broken containers is rather presumptuous. And baggies and dry log sheets don't address the issue of a container that isn't weatherproof. That's when I STOP providing friendly community service: When it becomes obvious the CO won't - and expects the community to - maintain his/her nasty broken caches. I also won't replace a pill bottle. Hate 'em; don't carry 'em. Might or might not slap some duct tape on it; probably would replace the log ... depends again on the above situation.
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