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  1. Update: One last appeal to try the adoption tool, with attention to username, was a success. Thank you for your suggestions.
  2. Very good point, and I thank you for it. Unfortunately the CO has apparently tired of the whole process and ended communication. I will just post NA and move on. Thanks to all for your thoughtful suggestions.
  3. I wanted to know why for a couple of reasons. First, to better prepare myself for a situation that might arise that I hadn't foreseen. Second, I wanted to better understand your reasoning/logic, because mine did not follow yours. So thank you for clarifying both points for me.
  4. deprovan wrote "...it compounds the problem to make someone doing an adoption track down and check a box just to make sure they know they won't be able to do something they weren't planning on doing, anyway." 1)Not sure what you are envisioning, but I meant a simple checkbox - normally checked by a single finger tap or mouse click - just before the Adopt button (which would not be active until checkbox checked). No tracking down; no major ordeal; just one extra tap right there, practically a double-tap on an already very short form. Sorry for not being more clear. 2)I guess I doubt any one's ability to know someone else's plans, unless they tell me. The checkbox tells me they don't mind not logging a find on an adopted cache. If it bothers them, I guess there will be no adoption. No confusion or confounding, 'unstreamlining'. No searching help pages. The rule is right in front of them. Accept and Adopt, or move on. "If they are one of the few COs that ends up with a good reason to log a find sometime later, likely they'll have forgotten all about the checkbox by that time, anyway." 1)This sincerely is not meant to be facetious; chalk it up to my ignorance: What are the reasons for logging a find on your own cache? 2) Ah, but they were warned and it was acknowledged by checking that box.
  5. Thank you, Touchstone. I had not thought of linking to the archived listing. Cool.
  6. Sometime this month, logging your own cache as found will no longer be possible. It is safe to say that. Edited to add the Upcoming Logging Rules. Alrighty, then; thank you for that! Will inability change expectations? Just saying, not sure those would change.
  7. As to the assumption that most would not adopt a cache they'd not previously found: Of course, if the cache has been in need of maintenance with a history of DNFs, often there is no ability to log a find before adoption. I have seen these and thought, "That's such a shame," and considered whether they are in my "maintenance comfort zone", and if they are - if close to my own or my home base - I will consider offering to adopt if it's in a great place or highlights a great feature, facility or service; however, most often the COs have been out of the game for a while and do not respond, though not always. As to the adoption warning: To me, adoption means transfer of *ownership* and therefore logging a find on one's own adopted cache would fall into the category of PLE (poor logging etiquette). On the other hand, I appreciate that not everybody's thought processes are the same. In my case, I would not expect to be able to log it, but perhaps there are others that might wish to do so. I don't think it's safe to assume that some adopters would expect to be unable to log their un-found adopted caches as a new find. I see no harm in such a notice ... perhaps a simple, standard checkbox similar to the ones for creating a cache would do. (Whether you're creating a new cache or simply editing the listing, you still have to check those boxes, so I assume there's no code to search whether you've already indicated that you've read those guidelines before.) So, a simple checkbox statement such as, "I understand that I will not be able to log this as a find after I take ownership of this cache," or something - whether the adopter had found it or not - might indeed serve to give notice and pause to some who might expect to have been able to do so, thereby precluding some disgruntled adopters' complaints. Would it be superfluous? For what I think may be a great number of other geocachers: NO, I really do not think it would be. For me and most who visit the forums: Yes. edit-spelling, sheesh
  8. Noticed a long need for maintenance/DNF in logs and sent message to CO letting them know... and my reluctance to post NA if they were going to check up on it soon. Surprisingly (given their prolonged absence), the CO replied almost immediately that they weren't going to get to it, so NA would have to be ok. I offered to adopt (it's a good location, highlighting a good facility) and included how-to. In a few minutes they responded that they had just completed the process to adopt the cache to me. I have not received the usual notice via email - even after several hours wait - and when I enter the GC# in the adoption tool, it says I haven't been asked to adopt it. Now what? VVP
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