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  1. Hello, There is a geocacher here in Korea that has stirred up a lot of controversy recently by placing caches using their own account, then adopting it to another account, deleting the adoption log, and renaming the owner of the cache to the new account. Then he logs ftf. When he was caught, Groundspeak had him readopt all of those caches and then locked the other account. But then, he has now adopted those caches to a third account and archived them. In every instance he has deleted the adoption logs to cover his tracks and make it look like he didn't do anything. It's the second time he's done this in ten years sometimes adopting a cache 6 or 7 times before finally archiving it. So I guess my real question is... Why can adoption logs be deleted in the first place? It seems like an important log akin to disabling or enabling a cache, logs which cannot be deleted. It just seems to me that allowing the deletion of adoption logs enables this type of cheating to be hidden from the community.
  2. You shouldn't have any trouble in Hong Kong or Macao. Those places are a bit different from mainland China. I assume as long as you stick to the tourist routes in Mainland China, you shouldn't have a problem with GPS either, but I'm not really sure. I hope someone else can give a better answer for mainland China
  3. Hi Viajero Perdido! I've seen your name both in Busan and up Gwanak, I also just missed you at Harrycho's event when you were here last. Hopefully we can head out hiking next time you are here. Gwanak is my favorite mountain worth the hike even without the geocaches. Next time you're here let me know and we'll get some awesome Korean BBQ.
  4. Are you a Korean geocacher or want to geocache in Korea with other geocachers. Let's organize and work together to make Korea a great place to Geocache! Who else is here? 여기에 다른한국 지오캐셔가 있나요? 지오캐싱 행사 가본 적 있어요? 나중에 만나서 같이 지오캐싱하면 좋겠어요.
  5. I don't think there is much of a geocaching community in Okpo, but there are a few cachers in Busan, Daegu, and Daejun. Most of us are either in Seoul or around Pyeungtaek. Look for events every Saturday in Seoul if you decide to travel up north.
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