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  1. I don't want to sound rude, but let me see if I understand: you have been caching for 6 days, and you hid your first cache 3 days ago (after 3 days of geocaching), and yet you say you "put a lot of thought and effort into it"? Were you putting thought and effort into it even before you got on Geocaching.com? Just wondering. It's dedicated to my mother that died from breast cancer.......Sorry if it offends you.
  2. I know I'm a lttle overanxious-I put a lot of thought and effort into it and I can't wait to share it with others.
  3. Look for some nearby caches that were recently published and "View All Logs". The reviewer will likely be the first log entry. Make sure that the box next to "Yes, this listing is active..." is checked. If it isn't the reviewer will not have seen your listing yet. It's there to allow you to obtain a waypoint (which you might put on your cache) and work on the listing until it's ready to submit for review. If you've already done that wait a couple more days before sending the reviewer email. He/She may just be out of town. When I place a new cache I do the following: Determine where I want to place the cache and capture the coordinates with my GPS. The first few times I reviewed the guidelines to make sure that it met the criteria. Fill out the form with just the basic information using the coordinates and uncheck the "yes, this listing is active" box. That'll give me the waypoint ID that will be used for the cache. Prepare the cache container with the name and waypoint ID in the log book and on the container if appropriate (it's the container is camouflaged I might leave that info of the container). Work on the listing until it meets my satisfaction. All my descriptions are in HTML, I might want to upload images, or if it's an unknown puzzle I confirm that the puzzle works correctly. Go out and navigate to the location where I'm going to place the cache and adjust the coordinates if necessary. Go back and update the listing if necessary, check the "yes, this listing is active" box,, and submit it for review. Thanks! Would it be rude to contact the reviewer?
  4. Hi, I know you probably hear this all the time but I placed my first cache almost three days ago and it is still awaiting review. It is active and there are no reviewer notes; is there a way to find out who my reviewer will be and contact them to be sure they have the information? I know they are volunteers and I'm trying to be patient; but it's my first one and I check on it about every hour to see if it has been published yet. Thank you Between 4:30 and 5:00 PST I will be driving home so I can't answer posts but I will check as soon as I get home and respond-I don't want you all to think I don't appreciate your advice!
  5. I agree. While extracting a cache should be done as quickly and stealthily as possible, trying to conceal something like signing in or re-rolling a log doesn't need to be hidden, and will attract unwanted attention if you try. A person scribbling a note on a scrap of paper won't get a second glance; a person doing so on the inside of their jacket lining will. Okay, Thanks for the tips! I really enjoy the remote ones where you can enjoy them without having to worry about being watched.
  6. Thanks, I would feel terrible if I ruined it for others....
  7. Hi there, I am fairly new to this. We found a cache yesterday that was right by a library and just off a jogging/biking trail. We tried to act nonchalont about it but with a nine year old girl all excited I don't think we passed it off. I feel bad that other people were around, but people would always be there except maybe at night. Should we have not opened it? We live close so I might go by and glance to be sure it's still there. Anyway, any advice on this or muggles in general would be helpful. Thank you.
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