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  1. No devil coins. Those weren't mine.
  2. 14 coins left now. I've had a few people ask about them but only two people have purchased them. Sending a message through the website seems easiest.
  3. I responded to all of the messages I have received. I've got about 20 left.
  4. I have a few geocoins for sale. They are $10 each and $2 shipping. Just email me direct on geochaching.com They are team coins from Iraq. I made them trackable to offset the cost of the cost of the coins. Basically everyone on the team got one and there are a few I released into Geocaches. Most have been stolen by now.
  5. I keep receiving the following error when I use Mapset Tool kit. I am trying to load the IMG maps to my Mapsource. What am I doing wrong? Error PE11: Preview Map has to be less detailed than any IMG file in the mapset. Change level definition in the [MAP] section to a less detailed.
  6. Look up the tracking numbers below to see the new coins. TB2KN68 TB2KNE2
  7. www.goleaddog.com They have a complete street map of the entire country for $380
  8. I live in Thialand and work in Iraq. I had picked up 17 Geocoins and TB's in Thailand. I placed them in Iraq but it looks like the Geocahcers on base have left. If they don't move soon I want to mail them to somone in the states. I know that it is not the best way but I will not be leaving here for another two months and I don't want them just sitting here waiting t be muggled.
  9. Johnnny13


    I was up in Nong Khai and Sri Chiang Mai on the Thai Laos border about three weeks ago. I thought about setting out a few caches but thought it just a waste. They are mostly in Pattaya and Bangkok.
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