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  1. That's such a cool story. I wish geocaching was around when I was in the military... imagine all of the cool locations I could have smilies in...
  2. I wouldn't call this one particularly creative but it is true and it still make me (us) laugh when I think of it: [Whoops! This should be dated for 01 July 2010] [Didn't read the cache page prior to looking for this one as it was loaded into my GPSr on the quick. Had I read it before hand I would not have made an attempt to find as one of the logs stated that someone had found the log book on the ground but no cache container, still I have to log this maintenance log for the following reason:] While searching enthusiastically with MR. Geowyrm right at ground zero we happened to stumble upon a nice couple on the other side of the tree (gz) that were taking time to enjoy the spot and the beautiful sunshine along the riverbank for a bit of al fresco loving. Mr. Nature Lover jumped up to block our path but we didn't immediately clue in until Mrs. Nature Lover jumped up behind him and quickly pulled up her trousers. I don't think that they or we really knew what was going on but since during this awkward moment Mrs. Geowyrm informed us from the nearby path that the previous logs stated that the container was gone Mr. Geowyrm and I looked at each other with silly grins and headed back to the path. This was a first and hopefully last for me (unless the next couple happens to be a lot less "previously enjoyed" looking...
  3. I met up with a bunch of kids while caching one summer and I was really impressed by their enthusiasm and love of the sport. Besides, the smaller ones had eyes at just the right level for a few of the finds that day. Welcome to a whole new way of seeing the world around you!
  4. When I first started caching I did so primarily by myself up until the 22nd find or so. Well, being new and lacking the advice and experience of other cachers i looked and looked for hours for a particular cache near my house only to come up with nothing despite a very thorough and exhaustive search. As can often happen in Alberta in late April/early May a sudden snow began to fall and I decided to call it quits and accept what would be my first DNF and then moved on to another cache about a click away. It was now around 2000 hrs (8 pm) and still dark for that time of year and by the time I had driven the very short distance to the second cache the snow was falling very, very, heavily. I spent another hour or so searching the spruce trees for the cache and making many rabbits unhappy in the process. The temperature was dropping steadily and I was getting wetter and wetter from crawling around on the ground in exasperation and I had to call yet another one quits. Two DNFs in one outing and both being the first and second of them. Very frustrating. After getting home and having a nice hot shower I decided to log the dreaded DNFs and accept defeat. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up the listing for the two caches (by the same owner it turns out) and found that they had been archived/removed a week prior to my outing... From that point on I always, always, load caches a maximum of two days prior to an outing. Lesson learned. Dumb act number two: Failing to wear proper clothing for winter caching. It gets cold up here and you'd expect a former soldier who's been to the actual Arctic would know better. Pure foolishness on my part and thankfully no thermal injuries were sustained although my pant legs were comically stiff from being frozen due to cache hunting in deep snow.
  5. My latest story can be found here. This time I was not the only one to catch the frolicking...
  6. I was paced while caching in the woods at night. When I stopped so did the pacer. It's footfalls were different than mine and would last a step or two after I would stop. Having spent six years in the army I knew that it was definitely not my imagination on a dark night getting the better of me. It was kinda creepy but fun too as it got the adrenal glands going.
  7. Thanks for the link info for the actress, I totally missed it on her bio page. I don't recall fighting for any handbook either (though I did get a teeny little bible when I joined up ).
  8. I'm terrible with recognizing Hollywood types though I do know a few myself, but this one has me clueless... Can anyone put a name to the face for me?
  9. I recently did a cache in a cemetery, an old rural one, and found it very enjoyable. The cemetery was full of rich history and i could only imagine the real stories behind the depression era deaths... Then again I like cemeteries for exactly that reason, they exist so that the dead can be remembered...
  10. Please don't replace your cache with a micro or nano. There are some many beautiful and promising greenspaces that are essentially ruined by micros. By ruined what I mean is that a cache like yours would be far more enjoyable to find in a park than a micro in a tree with another micro in a tree at the minimum allowable distance away followed by yet another when just a little creativity in the cam and concealment of something capable of holding more than a slip of paper would make the park and the hides far more fun to visit for cachers. Micros also make it hard for cachers like myself that currently lack personal transportation to drop off travel bugs and coins due to nearby locations reachable on foot being saturated with micros and nanos. They have their place mind you and some are quite inventive and well worth the effort which makes for a memorable hunt but most are just dim memories and numbers for me. Even after weekend long event where it's a 24 hour race to find the most caches hidden specifically for the event and the smallest cache allowed had a volume of one litre (thus no micros and nanos), I can still recall each and every cache we found, even generic lock and locks, but the micros found just two days ago are all but forgotten. Sorry for the rant, but this subject seems to come up a lot in my area and we were discussing it at length the past two days. The advice I can best give, without seeing your location, is to place another similar sized cache in the same area but far enough away from the previous location and have the coordinates updated. Also, perhaps try some new or better camouflage for it. Hopefully that helps and I really hope this one experience doesn't prevent you from placing others.
  11. Well, nearly a month later and I have met one of the three goals and very nearly two of the three. I have surpassed 50 finds and am nearly at my first 100 with only 8 more to go. Unfortunately I was not able to make a hide for the aforementioned event due to life getting in the way but that goal will be met and surpassed by a good margin soon enough. The best part of all is that I have met some really good people thanks to local events, put faces to names seen online, and made some inseparable friends along the way. Those things beat any numbers goals in my book hands down. I guess my new goals will be 200 finds, and adding another province, territory, or country (likely the US thus also getting my first state) before the year is out. I have no doubts about getting 200 finds, probably before summer, so I hope that one gets replaced real soon.
  12. Hi, The next event in Calgary that quickly springs to mind is this one next Saturday (15 May): WWFM VII Beach Hat Mob Hope to see you there!
  13. Feline? Nearly sprayed soda all over my laptop when I read that... Awesome.
  14. Never actually seen one... but it bears a striking resemblance to my Garmin 45xl... size and weight to boot. Glad to hear you liked (and escaped from) Camp Boredom... that was sort of home base for our training when I was in reserve/militia during the 60's and again for when I joined the Cadet Instructors Cadre thru the 70's into the 2000's ( last in 2006). I was RCEME (we fixed things the 'real' engineers and everyone else messed up), later on with the Air Cadets (occasionally other services) taught range and flying theory, survival and navigation amongst other things. Doug Oh, I only did 3 long weekends. As I said, it was a Militia (or reserves in the U.S.) thing. We trained with the Hamilton Military Police Regiment. There were only like 15 of them, and about 125 of us. I do definitely remember the skies being filled all 3 weekends with Cadets being towed around in gliders. I lived in Borden for 5 years. But that was when I was a kid. There was precious little for a kid to do there in the 70s. Can't imagine what it must have been like as an adult! I recall the Rod and Gun Club fondly... Spent a lot of time there when I wasn't too busy studying at the CFMS School.
  15. D0kt0r_D


    I agree, I am quite happy with my pair and I may just pick up another set. Too bad my local stores only sell the ones that you have to cycle through all settings to turn them off... other than that they are great!
  16. You know you love your wife when you'll pick cactus needles out of her bum in the great outdoors.
  17. Your log for Deadhead made me laugh so hard that tears ran down my face!! I too have come across woodland frolicking at times and as another poster said "the images of those butt cheeks is forever burned into my mind"... Luckily I haven't been caught by the frolickers as of yet and just quietly turned around and chose another route or rode on past when on my bike. Haven't been the subject of a story yet either to the best of my knowledge but we did earn our smilies...
  18. I found a rather well used but broken bong near a cache in the woods with a really nice view of the city. The spot was entirely hidden from view as well.
  19. My first GPSr was a Garmin eTrex Venture HC that I picked up at Radio Shack for around $150 iirc. I got it mainly for geocaching as well as having always been a fan or map and compass since Cub Scouts and then much later in the army as well. The eTrex served me well even though I didn't get to do a great deal of caching (due to a series or unfortunate events) and I still have it even after going paperless with an Oregon 550T in October. I really like the Oregon for a variety of reasons and my only complaint against the Venture was the lack of expandable memory. The story about how I found out about geocaching is probably the geekiest cacher origin story in all of Groundspeak...
  20. Maybe Yogi just needs to get somewhere in a hurry and forgot hid driver's licence at home? In Canada there is an awful lot of wilderness but the only folks packing weapons are rangers, law enforcement, and criminals. Carrying a weapon here is a quick way to become a guest of the Queen... To get back on topic though, I have yet to meet any grumpy muggles, though grumpy drivers are a different story entirely.
  21. Why on earth would you go about armed?
  22. I'm sorry for your loss. My best buddy Samwise (Sam) had kitty cancer and had to be put down in February. He would come caching with me on occasion but would usually stay in the car unless there was no one around. He looked like the cat above except his leash was red. His brother and sisters miss him just as much as I do. Maybe I'll get a dog in the next year or so as it's been 15 years or so since I last had one. I would take one of my mom's chihuahuas with me but they are both afraid of their own shadows...
  23. What a great story!! Give your kitty a big hug from me, after he's had a bath of course...
  24. Sweet!! Looks like one of my furry cachers.
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