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  1. Though if it was Hoofocker, they ignored the obvious geocaching signs. I doubt it was as that cache would have shut down the whole highway, not just a side street.
  2. I'm not sure if there's criteria for a PM only cache, but I use it as a perk for those willing to pay for the game. On those caches I invest a lot of time/money to develop/hide/maintain, I set as PM only as I think if someone spends the yearly dues, then they're in the game for awhile a might approach a cache differently than someone just playing to get a feel for it. Now I know paying doesn't indicate experience or careful searching, as I know many experienced caches who are only basic members and many newbies get the membership right off. But to me, if you're willing to fork over the bucks, I'll make a more elaborate cache for you. Plus the audit log to see who, when, and how many times someone looks at your cache is really cool!
  3. NevadaWolf

    New attributes

    I went through and updated my attributes yesterday. I love the Fuel one, boondock Nevada, no fuel, no civilization, just you, a cache, and vultures! A huge huge huge thanks to Groundspeak for the Night Cache attribute!! You guys are awesome!
  4. Hi Angelina I'm not smart enough to figure out why its not installing, but I promise it works on the Touch Pro 2, as I had one for my first Wherigo. I was running WM 6.5 also. Once someone smarter than me helps out, I do know you'll need to disable the detection of the internal GPS just long enough to open the Player and manually set the com port and bit rate. Then turn on auto detection again to have everything work fine. Northernpenguin posted very easy and clear directions for that somewhere in here. The only downer is the program was designed for a different type of display, and so the layout is really bad. Lines are cut off, the direction arrow is below the task bar at the bottom, the text is squished into an offcenter box, and I was having a hard time selecting buttons. Someone in here posted a link to RealVGA on either XDA-Developers or HowardForums to get the screen to display right, but I couldn't get that working. :-( It does work though. Wish I could help on the installation.
  5. :waves: Hello from your friends up north!!!
  6. On that you will hear no arguements from me. :-)
  7. Have there been recent logs of someone grabbing the trackable? Or someone on vacation may have picked them up and not had a chance to log them. If they've only been missing for a short while, give them time. If they've been missing for awhile, the cache owner has the ability to clear the inventory by marking the bug missing.
  8. The simplest reason is because someone picks up a trackable and doesn't log it. They may have forgot to log, placed or lost the bug and no longer have the number, or at the worst, have stolen the trackable (usually coins) and keep it. Its a sad fact that trackables go missing. Lucky ones turn up eventually, but often when they do vanish, they're gone.
  9. Thanks for the instructions!!! I hadn't been able to use Wherigo on my HTC Touch Pro 2, but at Geowoodstock was told of this handy guide. It was entertaining sitting in Carnation, WA trying to get mine working while all the Colorados were breezing by us! Now to fix the bloody VGA issue... :-/
  10. I too have been receiving the response: "We were unable to complete your request. Please check your request and try again" But oddly, its going through correctly on gc.com Field Notes.
  11. Hurm, didn't know about the new attribute, but that was going to be my answer too. A quick pull over travel cache can be a simple LPC, or two stage multi where you read a historical marker, or the kids solve a simple puzzle. Types can be varied and different ones easily done off the Interstates. Good idea to make it easy to find but in this case, the attribute feature is the best solution. :-)
  12. Me too! Me too!! I loved INATN, using it for maps and the clickable D/T grid for my Fizzy Challenge. Thank you so much for all the work you did and giving us such a valuable resource.
  13. I might be the only one, but just in case not.... I requested a My Finds PQ this afternoon when I logged my 3K cache. According to the PQ page, it generated on 3/28/2010 12:57:30 PM* I've yet to receive it in my email. The other 4 PQs all ran fine and were delivered on time. It didn't come through as Spam, as spam gets delivered to me as an attachment. Anyone else run theirs and did you get it?
  14. The folks at http://nevadageocaching.com/ can help you out. I see you edited your original post. My suggestion, if he was available, would have been MooseMob as a fantastic guide. Enjoy your visit!!
  15. Aww, burst our wonderful illusion of supreme Moderators. Also, for those saying that they can't go caching anymore because the program no longer scrapes live data, there is a solution. Simply import a Pocket Query and choose Menu>Cache List>Prev Cache List. Viola, it works! You can sort by nearest, view on Google Maps, etc. It doesn't need a constant connection to work. I use that because everything is on my phone already. An where there is no data coverage, Offline Mode works out beautifully. Granted, the data is only as new as your PQ, but unless you're an FTF hound, its fine.
  16. I think that really crosses a line...... +1 +1 +100 Having met Bryan and knowing what a decent guy he is, that was uncalled for. As I read it, he's merely doing his job. I too have sought for a usable WinMo app, having upgraded from my XV6700 to my current Tough Pro 2 simply to abuse the internal GPS. While I admire, often envy iPhone users, I won't be jumping ship anytime soon. If the issue between Tom and Groundspeak is resolved to their liking, though not necessarily to ours, I take Bryan's statement as Groundspeak heard us and I hope will focus some of their attention on developing either a mobile friendly version of their site or a cross-platform app that everyone can use.
  17. The logs still post to your account despite the error. I discovered that when I ended up triple logging a cache.
  18. Hi NevadaLoons! Ohh a M&G in Elko would be awesome! And as they say: if you post it, they will come! I'll keep an eye out for the event and see if I can make it out when it happens. Plenty of places out your way I haven't explored yet, especially the Rubies and Lamoille Canyon!
  19. Do we need to form a J&J support group? Maybe with monthly runs out around Fallon to follow in the FJ tracks of our dear friend and find the treasures he left behind for us?
  20. I tried raw URL's last night, and ended up running into GC.com's habit of changing those into (Visit Link), which of course broke because of the <a href= tag. I left it as is, hoping for a quick fix, but did write a note underneath explaining what to do (copy/paste) while it was ugly.
  21. I've been getting the missing <a href= and </a on my logs/cache pages also. Started last night around 11pm and still happening now. Any one have a workaround that's consistant or at least a temporary hack until the bug is squished?
  22. Yep, got the first PQ tha was processed last night, plus all the notices. Fun FTF run on a 17-hour delayed notification. Great times!! Thanks Groundspeak!!
  23. Add me to the list. Ran 4 queries, including My Finds, last night just after 8pm. Received My Finds at 8:11, the rest never showed up though it says they generated between 8:13 and 8:15. Everything sent to Account Email and nothing caught as spam. Figures I would clear my GPS first...
  24. Ditto here, and my father - separate accounts. I did run it during the glitch a short while backwhere hitting the button multiple times didn't do anything until hours later. But this morning I find the My Finds in my inbox.
  25. What is it with the Moose Mob and feet? First your GJTB, then you, now poor Nina! You even get whtwolfden by proxy. I think Moose and Letty need to watch themselves ...
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