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  1. From the OP's assertion...that screen would be the last one that he had ever tried: "...I have used a 76CSx for the short duration of my caching career, so I expected this new GPSr to behave in a similar fashion....One big disappointment I found is that Garmin chose to use a backlit TFT display that is not TRANSFLECTIVE. The 76CSx has such a screen, so Garmin knows about them...Outdoors, the Colorado needs the backlight on in daylight to be seen. If the ambient is too bright, you cannot see the screen details since the contrast becomes too low. The backlight is not bright enough to provide the contrast necessary. With the 76CSx the screen is usable in full daylight, even near dusk, without any backlighting whatsoever..." Again, I don't have a Colorado or indeed know if any of this is true...just that this guy claims to have used the 'latest' 76csx and is simply comparing the two in terms of readibility (in his opinion).
  2. The OP mentions his 76csx having this screen also...do our Rino 530Hcx's have this type of screen? I am continually told that this model is nothing but a 60csx (or maybe even 76csx?) with a radio.... AFAIK, ALL Garmins use ONLY Transreflective displays, so George's post was news to me. ...I also strongly suspect your Rino is based on an eTrex, not the 60/76 family. Easy to check, go to the website and compare the display size and pixel H&W: Rino/eTrex/60/76. A 76csx (latest model) looks like this: Display resolution, WxH: 160 x 240 pixels Display type: 256 color transflective TFT The Rino 530hcx specifies this: Display resolution, WxH: 176 x 220 pixels Display type: 256 level color TFT I think that the Colorado simply specifies "Transflective TFT" with obviously more pixels involved yet. My comments in regards to the Rino530Hcx being very similiar in many ways to the 60Csx (I put a question mark behind the 76 version) came from my conversation with somebody in customer service at Garmin. This is one of the reasons that I ended up going with the 530hcx; as what are you truly losing (latest technology-wise; save what the new Colorado brings to the table) with so many more features to boot? The crux of this matter seems to be the OP's last assertion (see previous post) that has remained unchallenged: "...As far as being ignorant about the topic, I have spent the past 27 years working with lasers and electro-optical systems including high resolution space based CCD imaging systems. I know a bit about this stuff but never claim to be an expert. Some differences are quantitative, others are qualitative. Screen brightness is qualitative. I would like to see ALL the detail on the screen. It takes brightness and contrast to do this...." If the average human eye just isn't picking the details up in comparison to other displays already out there....then the OP's observation seems to be a valid one at this time.
  3. Sorry to hear it; yet thanks for letting us know and the suggested link. How do you like the carabiner?
  4. The OP mentions his 76csx having this screen also...do our Rino 530Hcx's have this type of screen? I am continually told that this model is nothing but a 60csx (or maybe even 76csx?) with a radio....
  5. What do you think about these? I just picked up one (with another on the way) and am very happy with them in comparison to the older 120 version (probably improved by now also). Very hard to find other Rino owners out there or forum headings dedicated to the newer units (about like finding fellow side-by-siders!) FRS is very clear; weather radio is excellent; peer-to-peer positioning and static compass are very helpful. Garmin support is first-rate with a phone call...so what's not to like beyond the obvious?
  6. If you Google "Garmin topo usa 2008" up pops a bunch of sites using the word 'torrent' in its address and (apparently) one heck of a lot of activity surrounding this product. What is this all about? (thanks).
  7. Thanks for the link and ordered there also; yet watch for the $5 minimum on orders less than $80 and the minimum 1# charge of $9.25 from Texas to Michigan via UPS (I was quoted more than $11 over the phone by UPS over the same route). It sure would be nice to find someplace that gave decent deals on these items as I'm satisfied enough with the 530hcx just received to pick up another. About the only thing that I don't like about these units is a (perceived) lack of discussion regarding them on the net. I am assuming that this is one of the most versatile units out there and that in fact nobody else makes one...yet there seems to be very little interest in discussing the actual use of them! I still have the original (which in my opinion, was a dud and waste of some hard earned cash) yet this model seems to actually live up to the hype. I wish that it would run on separate lithium-ion or even lithium primaries ideally (in addition to alkalines) yet the Li-ion standard pack is indeed a breath of fresh air. The waterproof standard is good work, the user interface is night and day better than the original and the weather radio/GMRS combo with text capability are the nost wide-ranging features in a GPS on the markets. Why this unit is treated like a red-headed-step-child on the forums is beyond me; yet I believe that it is one of the most valuable toolsthat one could have in their home at any given time. Thanks for having me and congrats on building such a nice forum.
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