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  1. We are a team of three. We have brains, brawn and stamina. One is really good at solving word puzzles, one is great with math and one that loves physical puzzles. We also agree with caching in bigger groups makes it a bit boring and more of a numbers game. Many times we have waited while others sign. For those that know me can understand that in the rules of GC it states that we must not disturb nature or break trees etc thus the reason I don’t climb the trees(just a funny). As time goes on we realize the effort that is put into hiding and creating amazing caches and only when we have tried and tried and tried to solve will we ask for a hint. Guess it’s how you choose to adventure. Just want to say thank you to all the hiders because with out your brilliant and creative minds, we would not be able to continue with this awesome adventure. in summary I agree with not giving out final coordinates, I also feel that the goal is to get your cache found. Me personally would hate for someone to stop their adventure because it is too difficult for them. We all started somewhere.
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