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  1. CQ de HAM Radio 2008, GC1BFAB
  2. Nice coin, would buy one
  3. Looking for: 2Dolphins 2LuknF8 2LuknF8 Jeep Ammo Box CVC/RCGDS Braking Down The Wall First Finders Dance Geo Jamboree 4 Geowoodstock Groundspeak Lackey Haughton's Hunters hobo dude Jan and the Percey Boys Japan Geocoin Jeeocasher Jeeptoysrus GeoJeepGirl LZ33 Moun10Bike (all) Moun10Tyke mtn-man's Admin Brick Geocoin Partners In Caching Pdxmarathonman Rubicon Brothers Southern Ontario Cachers Team Myth The Blind Acorn for Trade: * Anthus Firefighters * CITO 2006 Geocoin * English Geocoin Group (Egg) * Finnland * Frozen Bone Kupfer * Frozen Bone Nickel * Geocat Coin * Geocoin Town LE * German Geocoin Gold * German Geocoin Silber * I Love Geocoins 2006 * JeeperMTJ Personal Geocoin * Made in China Geocoin * Michigan (MIGO) * Not Another Micro * Not Another Micro Camo * Personal Geocoin Manituela * Rokop Personal Geocoin Silber * Scotland 2006 * Skirtlifter round coin * Tennessee Mirco Goin 2006 * World of Geocaching Serie 2 * Michigan 2006 (Port Huron) * Psychochicken Geocoin Silber * Psychochicken Geocoin Gold * Team Thorny Geocoin nickel * Arkansas Geocachers Assoc. 2006 * Worldchamipionship 2006 Germany Canada California 2005 DNF GAA Logbook Geocoin Maine's First Geocache 2005 The Bard of Avon 2006 * = trackable GL Lutz, DL3BZZ
  4. Tnx, Paid for silver es gold puzzle coin.
  5. I would be interested in one of each. Lutz, DL3BZZ
  6. Hi, nice coins, PayPal'd! GL Lutz, DL3BZZ
  7. Hi, nice coin. Ordered and payed for two. GL Lutz, DL3BZZ
  8. Nice design, sent email for 4 GL
  9. Hi Carsten, supi, sieht nicht schlecht aus. E-Mail ist unterwegs für 2 Coins. Schönen Gruß aus Frankenberg Bis denne Lutz, DL3BZZ
  10. Interesting design, count us in for a couple.
  11. Great looking coin. Paid for 3 via PayPal. Thanks!
  12. Hello fellow geocaching hams, for alle visitors of HAM RADIO-fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany: On Saturday, 24th of June, 7 PM starting, we are holding a HAM RADIO Geocaching Event. Location: N 47° 41.645 E 009° 26.542 It is the restaurant "Krone" in Raderach. Nice food, nice drinks! Details: see GCT352 or CQ de HAM-Radio 2006 We are happily awaiting ham-cachers from everywhere. Contact: see AGCW-DL booth (A551), ask for for Lutz, DL3BZZ. cu and vy 73, Lutz, DL3BZZ
  13. Me Too.... ditto... DITO
  14. Ordered 2 Gold and 2 Silver. Thanks! Lutz, DL3BZZ
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