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  1. Hi All I am trying to colour in the county of somerset on the geocaching map and done GCZCF4 Motorway Mayhem M5 J25 – Blackbrook, Taunton which on the map is in somerset but when i do a gsak macro it does not colour in the county of somerset:( I have also done M5 J27 And these do not fill in the county. So if anyone has done a cache just of the M5 that colours in the county of somerset can you let me know please,we have also done caches in weston-super-mare. thanks in advance kev
  2. I will replace wet or full logs for cache owners that appreciate it. As for wet and soggy logs if i replace them,then it is a case of in the bin as the co would not be able to read the names anyway. If you also get into the game of posting the co logbook back to them then this can be costly over the year.The trouble also is that there is far more cachers out there now that like to set trails but not maintain then. that's my two pence worth. kev
  3. Hi There This trail will tick all the boxes for you as there is also some challenging hides GC2R65D FD's Trail. There's also a nice extreme cache to show them and a earthcache close by.
  4. The only way would be to reinstall an early version from your itunes back up I think, Otherwise your stuck with it
  5. How funny I had two pairs have the metal stud come away from the boot. I think it's time to go somewhere else and avoid sports direct as suggested thanks all for your replies.
  6. Hi All, What are the best walking boots you have had and were they really waterproof ? I have had several pairs of Karrimor KSB boots that seem to keep leaking and have had to return them on several occasions to Sports direct. Please List the boots you have and the price you paid. Thanks in Advance Kev
  7. Don’t you just hate it when you go out and complete a trail, then the owner a week later or a couple of weeks later add some more caches to the trail. Why don’t they just wait until they have put the full trail out before submitting them Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. With the price of petrol and then doing the walk again to get the caches that were not published before is so frustrating. Or is it just me that thinks like this. What are other people’s opinions on this?
  8. Well Paul all I can say is we love your trails and our dog Abbey loves them too So please keep doing them and they are not just chucked in the hedge they are pleasant walks. So thank you
  9. I have been waiting 26 hours at the moment so 11 minutes must be good
  10. Thanks very much for your reply ... We did as you suggested and it has worked a treat Lorri & Kev
  11. When I log a cache the cache submit button is not working. It was working earlier and now has stopped. All fields are filled in, Is anyone else having problems.
  12. If anyone is on the Isle of wight or visiting shortly my Miss Mabel Chicken seems to have got very comfortable in Northwood Park GC1E05E ! If somebody could move her along I would be most grateful
  13. Yes download the Garmin POI_gpx gsk Macro then run it as normal. Once downloaded go into the folder that your exported file goes to mine is Garmin poi on my desktop. Then once your garmin satnav is connected open up the folders. Then drag and drop the exported file you have just downloaded to your garmins satnav GPX folder. This will then show the treasure chests on our satnav I use the nuvi 1300. Hope this helps. Kev
  14. Accommodation Booked tonight for this event, we will be staying in Windermere Now that's keen for you LOL
  15. Is there anyone that lives near GC19NGZ as our travel bug has been there since April we have e-mailed the owners and asked them to move it on without any reply. We would really like this to start moving again as we would like to be reunited with it one day. Thank you in advance Kev
  16. Thanks but the above does not have my model. When I run this it does not put the treasure chest Icon on my garmin so I cannot see a cache in the distance,that i otherwise would not know was there,
  17. Hello all, Does anyone know how I can get the cache symbols to appear on my Garmin nuvi 1300 so if I was just driving down the road with it on I would be able to see a cache say in the next street to me ? I used to have this but it has now disapeard and is really annoying when you realise later that you had driven past a cache that you have not done. I have tried several macros but cannot find the right one. Thank you in advance Kev
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