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  1. Thanks much for reply. I definitely try some event and I hope I find some friends also in advance, It is always good to plan activities in advance when you have 3 pre-school children :-D. I am also not on FB.
  2. Hi, we are family from Czech Republic and we are visiting New Zealand from December 2018 to February 2019 with our three children (6, 4 years and almost 2). We would like to find some family with small children, who would like to spend some time with us. We would like to become acquainted with locals and also mediate some friends to out children. And also find some nice caches, sure :-). Is there anyone? Doesnt have to be geocachers :-), but we prefer to spend time in the nature, we sleep mostly in tent. We can then invite you to Czech Republic! :-) Markéta
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