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    We are talking with the creator of Wherpigo on Wednesday night at 9:30 PM EST on the Geocaching podcast. http://geocachingpodcast.com/live if anyone wants to join
  2. Yeah, I think Geocachingpodcast.com is good. You don't hear about them much (here in the forums I mean), because none of the 3 co-hosts spends any significant amount of time here. Nor would I blame them. Ya i only spend a little time here in the forums! too much flaming!
  3. That is correct we are not an OFFICIAL (Groundspeak) podcast. we produce a podcast about geocaching! -XpunkX ( host of the geocaching podcast) http://geocachingpodcast.com
  4. I hope i dont miss them....I have been waiting all day
  5. any updates on when this coin will be ready
  6. where do we stand here. how is the coin coming?
  7. thanks again pengo's for doing this
  8. pengofamily is the die artwork done! i am interested in seeing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I cant wait to see mint artwork!!!! we will buy 3 maybe four of the coins!!!
  10. Yup Micah-boy and Eli-Dangerous are spelled correctly
  11. We would like to add our sons micah-boy (2 years old) eli-dangerous (6 months old) thanks
  12. When creating a new Instant Notification i see that there is an option under type called "Geocache Course" any idea what this is? it just errors out... is this a new feature fro GC. HMMMM any one know
  13. I found the same thing and blogged about it http://andylehman.blogspot.com/2007/08/another-view.html
  14. you cant download GPX files if your not a premium member. just the LOC
  15. This is a good one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...61c2d&log=y
  16. i would go but i dont know how well it would survive
  17. Two problems with geochecker.com. One, it only checks coordinates, where I would like something that checks answers to puzzles. A very, very simple example would be something like. "All ______ lead to Rome", and the finder would be able to put in "Roads" and get a reply. Two, its an outside website. While it might be ok for geochecker.com, because it is only verifying that you got the coords right (you still have your answer), but for going beyond that it potentially becomes a problem. Again, using the example above, entering "Roads" might get your a reply that is the coordinates to the cache. But what if the website is down, or the owner decides to shut the site down, then the cache becomes broken. My original intention was to create my own website for people to use to do this, but the above issue was mentioned, so I thought that since it was a pretty simple idea that it could be incorporated into GC.com's features. in reality all you should need to know is if the coordinates are correct.... if they are not recheck your puzzle....
  18. or just use wap.geocaching.com it is nicely formated to fit a cellphone
  19. yeah i read all that so what your saying is just upload the picture like you would any other log....that just is so different from the Jeep TB's
  20. for me there isnt a "lame cache" if you will....there are caches i wont find because i have had a run in with the hider and i am not fond of them! i wont name any names and there is only one name on my list. And there is one other one in my area i wont log because i think it is kinda lame but it is my choice i know it is there and it is not one i like so i just dont log it
  21. I have my TB and i was wondering how to log a picture for the contest!
  22. Where on Earth can you hear from the horse's mouth about such things (and before it's even ANYWHERE on the GC.com website)? Oh, yeah! Here! YUP
  23. it is a true promotion. we heard brian from Groundspeak talk about it! I signed up for mine..... I cant wait to help! my guess with the password thing is because they only want to hand out one to every cacher and so to make sure you are who you say you are they require it....like said before unite.geocaching.com is a subdomain of geocaching. so it DOES come from GC
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