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  1. Costco has a brand new gpsmap 62s for 199.99. I can get a refurbished Oregon 450 with warranty for 179.99. Will be using the unit for geocaching and hunting. Where should I be spending my money? Thanks in advance!
  2. A must if using the gps while hunting.
  3. Yah. Same here. Emailed almost as soon as it was posted but have not received any info back. Would be nice to know if it is gone that way I can place a bid on eBay or look elsewhere.
  4. Lol. Ok. Cool. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Any scratches on screen? Manual and cords included? I sent an email to you I believe. If all looks well, I will take it.
  6. There is a youtube video explaining how to capture a high res image from google maps satellite. If I am only hunting in say a certain area, where I would need to see only features in that small area, could what I typed earlier be done?
  7. What about creating a custom map? Can you use an image from google earth or google maps of the area you will be in, then download this image, create the map and then save it as a kmz file and put it into basecamp to then transfer to the device? I found directions for creating custom maps and putting them into basecamp by either scanning maps on a scanner or by downloading them from internet. Although the website was not using a downloaded satellite image for the instructions, could it not theoretically be done with a sat image following the same directions?
  8. Thanks for all the help everyone. Decided to go with Oregon 450. Will be selling my Vista HCX and a GPSMAP 76 that I have to help pay for it.
  9. Mineral. Which clutters up the screen? Using birdseye alone or in conjuction with topo? If you had to pick one, would you go with just topo or with birdseye on the screen? Thanks!
  10. Hi all...Just curious if the Birdseye subscription is worth the cost. I will be using my GPS (Garmin Oregon 450) for primarily two things; Hunting and geocaching. I already have the free topo maps installed on base camp so was just wondering if the satellite images would be anymore beneficial for hunting. Is there a way to have the satellite image overlayed with topo? I could see that maybe being useful. Thanks for the input and happy caching......
  11. Hi have both an avatar and profile picture set up. I also have a signature set up for posting in forums. However, when on the forum, neither my profile pic or avatar show and my signature is not appearing when I post. Thanks for the help!
  12. Oh...ok, good to know....So, it looks like I've narrowed it down to four choices. I will primarily be using the GPS for geocaching and then for backcountry big game hunting once or twice a year. Hunting is why the Sight 'n Go is important to me. I can mark location of downed animal and then get to it if I am unable to follow a straight line. Im guessing that it is gonna come down to a personal preference for the last three. All seem to function the same with biggest difference being screen size and fact that eTrex uses GLONASS. Thanks again for all the advice. 1) eTrex 20: Use as primary gps and use my semi-broke Vista for electronic compass and sight 'n go; Cheapest Option 2) eTrex 30: Probably most expensive option. Maybe too much for my needs listed above? 3) Oregon 450: Refurbished units can possibly be found for much less than the 30 4) GPSMap 62s: Older unit. About same price as eTrex 30. Maybe too much for my needs? There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter. Ernest Hemingway
  13. What about the Gpsmap 60csx...seems to be highly rated but alot of people complain about the compass re-calibration...
  14. I was looking at getting the 20 and using it as my main gps and then using my vista for the electronic compass and sight 'n go feature (which comes in very handy for big game hunting). But I was able to find an Oregon 450 for same price as others, so maybe I will go that route instead? Will also look into the 62. Thanks for the advice everyone...
  15. My eTrex Vista HCX recently bugged out. When ever I connect the usb cord to the unit, it shuts off. Searching the internet, it appears as if it is a problem with the connectors in the unit's usb port. Am I able to put waypoints onto my SD card via Basecamp and view these in the unit? From reading some other posts here, I am getting the impression that I can't. Is there another way to get the waypoints onto the unit? Any other way to transfer them from the card to the units internal memory? If not, can I possibly fix it myself by purchasing a new usb port and taking the unit apart and putting the new one in? If that is not possible, is the 90 bucks to fix the unit worth it or is there a newer, better model for not much more than the 90 bucks that I should invest in? Thanks in advance for any help and happy caching.
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