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  1. Hi, Could someone please tell me what's the largest capacity SD card an Oregon 450 will take? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have for sale a Garmin 76 CSX for $265 + Shipping. I have everything that came with the GPS including original box. Never dropped and never really taken in "the field" This GPS was used as a flying instrument on my paragliding setup so it sat on a flight deck. If you interested you can email me at: jorgeduranonline@me.com Thanks!
  3. So out the window goes that "feature" Ok, back to the drawing board Good thing I haven't bought the GPS just yet
  4. So I went to REI and played wit both and settled on the 450. My reason is that the 450 has these "custom" dashboards that combine like Compass with Altitude Profile in one page or Driving Computer with compass, or compass with Altitude Profile, etc. They look like hybrid pages that combined two individual pages into one. This actually helps me have more visually available information for paragliding. I am not sure this is a software thing or something exclusive to the 450 series but the 550 did not have the hybrid screens as an option.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I think I am going to go with the 550. I have 24K Topo Maps on SD Card for the Pacific Northwest that I think are better than the 100K included topo maps. If as you said the screens are the same I might as well get a camera out of the deal for just $29 extra dollars compared to the 450
  6. So I was checking the price of the Garmin 450 ($399) which is not yet available at Amazon (I have a gift certificate) but then I saw the Garmin 550 at $429 and the 450T at $499. Besides the obvious lack of Topo Map and camera on the 550 is there any other difference between the Oregon 550 versus the Oregon 450T? I'm inclined to get the 550 but I read on this forum that the 450 series may have a better screen readability? Thanks
  7. Yea, that definitely sounds good. For me, all I really need is a laynard attachment so the Nuvi 500 won't fall off from my flight deck while I am paragliding
  8. Could you please post a picture or explain how you developed your homemade holder? Thanks
  9. I do it all the time from a G5 Mac desktop and a newer "Intel" Mac laptop. That's good news, but do you mind explaining the process? I assume it's with GPX files, but how do you use them to overlay Google Earth? Just open your .gpx files with Google Earth. Ok, all my waypoints come in, in fact EVERY waypoint came in, but tracks aren't showing up. I saw a track flash briefly on then off, but I can't get a track to just show. It even looks like the "bread crumbs" imported. The way I do it is I use GPS Babel and set the input coming from the Garmin GPS. On the Output I ask GPS Babel to output the file as a KML (I don't remember right this minute what the initials stand for but it is a preferred Google Earth format file). Once the file is converted by GPS Babel just double click on it and it will show up on Google Earth. At least that's the way I do it with my Paragliding tracks using a GPSMAP 60CSX. Hope it helps...
  10. I noticed you have a laynard on your Oregon, can you tell me where you got it? I am trying to find/buy one and can seem to find one anywhere.
  11. Thank you all for your responses. Tomorrow I will be on my way to REI to purchase the Topo 24K Maps
  12. Hi, I just bought an Oregon 300 and I am planning on loading some Topo Maps. I am mainly using the GPS for Paragliding so in reality the area of Washington (where I live) and Oregon will suffice. But my questions is can you really see that much detail on such a small screen? I could get the entire US for $100 on DVD which I can load on my computer at 100,000 or I could get the 24,000 topo on a micro SD which probably won't be loadable on the computer and only for Washington and Oregon for the same $100. Is it worth the extra quality and detail of the 24,000? Can it really be appreciated on the Oregon 300 screen? Thanks
  13. Hi and thanks for your reply. How does your license work? Can you only load it into one GPS? r can you load it into multiple handhelds?
  14. Hi, I am taking a trip to Europe and I was wondering what's the difference between the NT and the "non NT" I noticed that GPS NOW states that the NT version has 222 maps and the "non NT" version has 600 maps. They both cost the same though, so what's the advantage of getting the NT if it says it has less maps? Thanks
  15. Does the "one license to one GPS" deal also apply to the City Navigator Europe?
  16. How much are you looking to get for a 60Csx? I am interested in purchasing one. Thanks
  17. "What new update software for 60csx ? ALL I WANT IS SIRFINSTATFIXII" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I should have clarified, I was referring to the update offered for the Colorados. I was wondering now that the Colorados are becoming less "buggy" whether the divide between the "robust" 60Csx and the Colorado somewhat "new and buggy" software is becoming less of an issue.
  18. Hi, I know it has been asked before and beaten to death, I am asking this question once again just because my money comes after a lot of work and a lot of time saving so I want to make sure I purchase the right GPS that would last me quite a while. I am undecided between the 60Csx, the Colorado 300 and the 400t. I should probably point out that I don't Geocache (at least not yet). I mostly needed it for setting in my instrument tray on a paraglider to monitor where I am and to see the Altimeter page with two fields relating the Glide Ratio and the Glide Ratio to Destination. I will like to use the GPS to also do auto-routing, since I don't own a car unit and I don't have enough money to purchase two units . I have heard that if I were to purchase a Colorado I should get the 300 and buy the Topo Map separate so I can have it on my computer. Any truth to that? Is the 60Csx still a good value now that some bugs have been fixed on the Colorados? What about the screen issue (or lack thereof)... Thanks in advance for any advice. Regards
  19. This is quite dissapointing. I was about to purchase the Colorado 400t for paragliding, the occasional hiking excursion and for some road navigating when needed. I like the hardware with the exception of the screen. Of the software, let's not get started on that . I don't geocache so I was ok with many of the issues other people have complained about but the screen issue is a major one for me. I guess I am purchasing a 60CSx and waiting a couple of years prior to considering the Colorado again.
  20. But the details that you mentioned (like major cities and borders I believe) are only available on the 300 not the 400t, right?
  21. Do you agree, that for the cacher who would still use the Colorado for trip planning every so often, that the 300 would be best because it now seems to have more internal memory. Unless somthing has changed you can't place GPX files on the sd card and read them...right? I am also wondering if cache descriptions are being viewed more quickly now with the updates. Thanks for the input on the board..it has been helpful! I have also read somewhere else in this forum that the world basemap on the 300 has more detail than the 400t. Is that true? If that's the case it may definitely prove better once you add the Topo 2008. You may not even need to purchase City Navigator....
  22. The FAQ linked in my signature has this question answered in detail -- see the General Information section. But in summary I think it comes down to this: 1. If you already have Topo2008 or don't need Topo2008 it makes sense to purchase a 300, otherwise 2. It is a trade off between these two items: * If you want the ability to manage maps and plan trips on your PC then you should by a 300 because you can use the Topo2008 DVD on your PC, the 400t maps don't support this. * If you want to have lots (> 4-5GB) of map or other data loaded on your Colorado (particularly Topo2008) then you should consider a 400t because of its larger memory configuration. There are other minor But I thought the memory difference between the 300 & 400 was know irrelevant since Garmin decreased it with the new chipset differences as pointed out in the FAQ but I think these are the big differences. GO$Rs
  23. If that's case regarding the memory reduction why not purchase the Colorado 300 + Topo 2008 Maps? At least that way you can have them load on your computer as well... I think Garmin drop the ball with the 400t and this reduction in internal memory.
  24. ???? The screen is a thousand times better than a 60csx. Removing the battery is simple. Some people don't like change. Hi, when you say the screen is better I assume you are referring to the resolution, right? I do know the resolution is better but apparently it is harder to see without the backlight on. If that's true then the 60csx does have an advantage. I have a 60csx but I want to upgrade to the Colorado. However, if I am going to have to keep the backlight on at all times with the exception of sunny days (I live in Seattle so definitely I will be using the backlight quite a bit) is going to cost me a fortune in batteries
  25. Could you elaborate a little on the screen being dark? That's the only thing that's holding me from choosing a Colorado over a 60csx. I haven't been able to put them side by side in sunlight (I live in Seattle ) but I have heard the 60csx does have a better screen as it relates to being able to see it in direct sunlight without having to use the backlight and as a consequence drain the battery....
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