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  1. According to the guidelines, each cache owner agrees to "Delete logs that appear to be false or inappropriate." What more do you think Groundspeak could do about armchair logs? Your point is well taken. However a cache taken is isolation is unlikely to show up any problem. I became aware of the above mentioned user because by coincidence I was watching two caches that were more than a days travel apart. Just seeing my own would not have shown up any problem. In any event if I had logged 50 armchair caches and had only one or two deleted it wouldn't affect me. I believe Geocaching.com need to be more proactive in this regard. The solution is beyond me hence this thread. Thanks for the comment.
  2. Since Planetary Pursuit was instigated presumably to encourage a enhanced geocaching activity, I have become aware of a considerable number of geocaching finds that appear to be "armchair finds" As an example one paid up member recorded finds in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, in one day (today) and yesterday recorded finds in Australia, Iceland, Christmas island, Indonesia, and Guam. The day before that in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Antarctica, Saudi Arabia, UAE, I could go on and on.... Even given the some time logging errors this seems impossible. As our numbers increase it seems more and more are "armchair finds" I wonder what other geocachers think. Are we policing our activity correctly indeed is Geocaching.com doing enough in this regard Finally should we have a name and shame column or even a scan code on geocaches to verify finds. We have a great hobby shame that some (ab)users are miss using it.
  3. Thank you cincol. Good caching in SA
  4. Just Found the post. Easier to find caches-me thinks. Thanks for the thought.
  5. Sorry for a basic question but I am new to the game. I live in the UAE and my question is how do you obtain (your own) trackable items, do you HAVE to buy them and if so can you get them locally somewhere. Thanks for any Info.
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