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  1. Caches get placed inside and outside businesses at times. The key is to talk to your reviewer. Explain your intent and the situation with the business. The reviewer may even want to contact said business. Most reviewers will work with you to make sure what you intend to do will fall within the guidelines. Personally I don't like going into anything other than a library to find a geocache. Have had some negative experiences before, but also some good ones. Talk to your reviewer, and good luck.
  2. I think in Canada you have to log them through Waymarking.com
  3. let me know if you want someone to test the Mac version specifically. I use BC Backroads, but can load this on the backup GPS and let you know if there are any issues.
  4. Gona have to check this out
  5. Update the firmware. I had the same issue, and now it calibrates fine after updating the firmware. Now I have to figure out why it shuts itself down when I log a cache and choose 'find next closest'
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