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  1. Doesn't this forum, and a facebook group already fulfill this function?
  2. From what I can make out, that is the actual cache that was reported as a grenade. It doesn't look like any grenade I've seen either. I think the shape could almost look like a smoke grenade but you're right, they don't normally come in camo.
  3. http://m.echo-news.co.uk/news/14303411.Basildon_park_put_on_lockdown_after_dog_walker_finds_toy_grenade_and_calls_police/ Geocache mistaken for a grenade!
  4. Is it possible that this person could be an established cacher in the area who you have fallen out with? This could be a sock puppet account that they use to steal other people's caches. I noticed that on the other cache that they found they also wrote "found it forever" and that hasn't been found since. (It also hasn't been DNF'd either.)
  5. First off. I never said I dont want a bug on my car, I am talking about the little icons on the GeoCaching website. Also, that bug might not be as famous as you might think. If you travel to the eastern part of Europe, it is the lil' gekko that 'rules the world'.... Btw. I did find a cool icon and an even cooler decal. Check this out : http://www.mygeocoin.de/en/Cachemobile/Cachemobile-Set--Coin---Label.html Cheeeeeeeers..... Jecepede I'm getting one!
  6. No. But if you combine all the tracking codes, at some point in the list you will find the text of the script for Hamlet, sans spaces and punctuation. I thought it was Macbeth? On topic, the first 'trackable' I ever found was just a business card advertising a Mega event not too far away. It had a TB code on it and I wrongly assumed that it was unique. I grabbed it from some cacher in Romainia and cursed (privately) them for not logging it properly! I then dropped it in another cache. It was only when I found my second TB that I realised that the first one was a bit different. I think it's a great idea what you're aiming for but I'm not sure a single TB code is the best way. I have also found one of the non-GS trackable sig items. This was also confusing as I had no real idea how to log it. I found the site that I needed to log it on but I couldn't work out how to do it, and I'm quite literate when it comes to this kind of thing. I ended up just trading it for swag further down the line. I'm currently in the process of designing my own sig items but they wont be trackable. My plan is to just release as many as I can and get very excited if I find one in a new cache that I visit. Keep us informed on how you get on with this, I'm very interested. RDB
  7. I suppose I am in the opposite position to the OP. We started off as a family caching under one account. There have been occasions when out of the 3 of us, only 1 or 2 have been present but that is always annotated within the log. My daughter is 7 in March and we are planning to buy her premium membership for an account of her own. I've done the maths and of the 211 finds the family account have, Rosie was present at 175 of them. So I'll go through the lot and add a log for her account before I present it to her. I really wish I'd thought of the geocoin idea to track when Rosie was there, it would've saved a lot of time! I should add that I'll still be running the admin for her account until she is old enough to take it on herself.
  8. Although having said that, the owners (at least the original ones) consider it to be a PT: Maybe the definition in the UK is different?
  9. Powertrails are also all about the numbers... IMO, this is the most important part of any definition of powertrails. I personally don't consider walking or cycling trails to be powertrails, because it takes "too long" to get through them and thus isn't the most efficient way for someone to rack up the numbers. I consider the ET Highway to be the poster child of powertrails and the one that defines the term: identical containers hidden in an identical manner every 0.1-mile along a road you can drive. Thank you both for the clarification. In that case, I don't think we have any in my area. There is a trail nearby that will get you over 100 caches but it covers 15 miles and you are required to walk it. So I don't think even that can count.
  10. One of the first multis we found took us in circles around a small town nearby. It was really fun learning about the history of the town but when we arrived at the cache not only had we already been past there twice but it was a magnetic nano. That was the frustrating part. If the cache was larger I think we would've felt fine about already walking past it. We felt like we'd wasted an hour when we got to the end. I would place your larger cache, I don't think people will mind if they've already been past it.
  11. I'm not sure if I have the definition of a power trail nailed down. There are a few 'trails' near me, I would call them walks, that are 4-8 miles long. Some of them have about 30-40 caches whereas others, of similar length, might get you less than 10 caches. Would these be considered power trails? I should add that one of the walks will get you 30 caches over 7 miles but within those are multis, field puzzle and traditional caches. I'm not sure this would be a power trail?
  12. I am fiercely anti-religion, but I would never delete a log because of a religious quote. Each to their own. Unless of course it was one of those parts of the bible that promoted slavery or such things.
  13. Doesn't the "Needs Maintenance" function currently fulfill this role? No as Needs maintenance logs are not sent to the reviewer and moreover needs maintenance is used for so many different purposes. Some cachers e.g. post NM if there are no parking coordinates, if the questions to be answered at virtual stages are posed only in the waypoint section, if a bicycle allowed icon is set for caches that are hard to get to with bicycle shoes etc I see. So we need something that isn't as drastic as NA but still gets the reviewer's attention. Wouldn't that increase the burden on volunteer reviewers?
  14. Doesn't the "Needs Maintenance" function currently fulfill this role?
  15. I think it is down to ownership. Technically the cache belongs to that CO, it is their property. It isn't Groundspeak's cache to give away. RDB
  16. I've seen this a few times around these forums, as a 'noob' myself, what is the difference?
  17. I've posted a number of DNFs in my short time caching and on each one I've tried to add a little context. On some I have suggested (possibly inappropriately in hindsight) that the cache is no longer there and if there have been a string of DNFs then I would follow up with a NM. On other caches that have just beaten me I have tried to make that clear too. There is a responsibility on each cacher to post a DNF if they didn't find it but also to add context where needed.
  18. But our gun laws are slighty more 21st century so make sure you leave your weapons at home too if you visit.
  19. All good advice, thank you. I'll give it a good while before I take any action. I've just released a new TB today and I made a little card to go with it explaining that it belongs to a 6yr old girl and it wouldn't be very nice to keep it. Hopefully this one might last. Especially since it is in competition with a TB from a friend of mine. RDB
  20. I'd give them at least a month/6 weeks or so.... How big is the TB? We found one not long ago, the bug itself was a tin, about 300mL volume, we had to wait until we found an ammo tin to drop it off..... It's a zombie lego minifigure. In hindsight I regret putting him out there because he's quite collectable and I'm not expecting him to last too long. Although I have come across a few minifure trackables that have been travelling for years, so there's always hope.
  21. I have my first one in circulation at the moment. He hasn't been logged for about 2 weeks and I'm a bit worried for him. He's in the hands of a cacher with about 60 finds but who hasn't logged onto the site since October. What is a reasonable amount of time to wait before nudging the current holder is appropriate? RDB
  22. Rather than quoting a lot of above threads: Thank you all for the positive feedback. In hindsight and with the benefit of these replies I can see I was being a bit precious. I'll take that forward and try not to take things so seriously. Which is odd because in most other aspects of life I'm quite relaxed about things. I'll also remember to remove caches from my watchlist that I have already found so that I am blissfully unaware of other folk's activities. RDB
  23. Recently a new cache popped up 3 miles away and we were on our lunch break so Mummy Bear and myself went out and managed to get the FTF: A nice log if I do say so myself. Then the CO posted: Ok, if I get chance I'll pop back and try to verify them for her. Then this happened: Wow, bit harsh, I found the cache in less than a minute even with the very slightly inaccurate coords! But then this happened: Oh! I think it's pretty clear that she's getting at me here. I subsequently sent her a private message explaining that I thought she was getting at me and that she really should have sent me a private message rather than posting that note, although I wasn't quite as polite as that. She has since deleted the post but now I feel that my cards have been marked by big numbers cachers in my local area. I actually don't think I did anything wrong although I'm sure this forum will correct me if I did. Please discuss... RDB
  24. On a cache that I recently DNF'd (as had 3 cachers before me) and according to all previous logs it was a quick and easy find. So it's fair to say that this one has gone missing. I went back a few days ago to check again, still no sign so I posted a NM. The very next day this pops up from a cacher with circa 10'000 'finds': Brilliant.
  25. As nice as the sentiment is I think it's a pretty big shout for the TB to achieve all that. There's a pinned thread in this forum that gives great advice on how to keep your TB going as long as possible. RDB
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