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  1. Had the same problem about nine months ago. After searching the forum for quite some time I struck gold. The answer was an app named ICab Mobile. I downloaded it and have not had problems since. This app does a tremendous job of reducing the image and then posting the picture to the gallery of the Cache. This may solve your problems if you choose to use it. Good luck!!! REMOH47
  2. UPDATE: Seem to be working fine now. However you may want to stay tuned!!!
  3. Great to have an old friend back!!! Unfortunately, they only worked for a short while. This AM was able to view Cache locations (symbols) both on street maps and satellite views, on my PC. The smile on my face did not last long however. Soon the symbols disappeared from both street map and satellite views. Tried reloading the maps, searching using different methods and searching with my IPAD 2 without success. Great to see an old friend however he just doesn't seem like the old buddy I once knew. Anyone experiencing similar problems? Any solutions? Groundspeak can you hear me???
  4. I too are having problems with my IPad and Groundspeaks beta maps. I love the idea however if they are not functional for all they are trash. With tablets coming of age I believe this is an issue Groundspeak should send to the top of its priority list. If not, I have no problem using the older maps!!!! REMOH47
  5. Groundspeak is aware of the issue and is working on it. Hopefully a patch is just around the corner. I guess resizing is our only option for the moment. REMOH47
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