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  1. Just ran it. I get both schemes, depending on where I run it from. If I click on the map with identify, I get what I posted. If I search from my home coords, then I get the almond color for my caches.
  2. Inconsistency example: In this image, the first 3 are gray, meaning I found it. The next one is white, which means nothing. I need to look at the big "mine" arrow to see that it's mine. There is a white one later one which I haven't found. That's why I say colors don't mean anything. Further down is a green one, which again means something only if I look to see it's mine. So - gray seems to say consistently I've found it. White & green don't say much.
  3. I take that back ... you can. But you can't tell by color alone. You need to look for the red "mine" arrow.
  4. I don't understand the animosity here. I've only found one letterbox, and that was by accident. I was camping in a park that I didn't get cache listings for (duh - that was stupid). So during a hike I would look around for a good hiding spot, and I found a letterbox. At first I thought it was a geocache, but after reading the logs I realized it wasn't. I contacted the owner and she seemed very nice. She didn't mind a geocacher finding her letterbox!
  5. - as said earlier, hiking with a purpose. - finding new areas to hike - an escape at lunchtime from work - an early morning jaunt - seeing how creative people can be with a hide (not just a box in the woods) - the silliness of being in a swamp at midnight, and meeting up with people who also had nothing better to do - the FTF competition (let me tell you - it's rough in Rochester, NY!)
  6. My kids (5 & 8) enjoy it to an extent. But for some reason they don't want to get up at midnight to get a FTF in a swamp. I just don't understand them sometimes!
  7. The problem with the alternating colors is that you can't tell from the color anymore if it means found it, own it, or need to find.
  8. Along those lines, I'd like to be able to download a gpx file, not just a loc file at this point. I could set up a pocket query, but I won't get the results in the gpx format until it runs on the night I specify. There isn't a way to get a gpx on demand, is there?
  9. I was hoping to see a response from Jeremy on this odd inconsistent color scheme ...
  10. Glad it wasn't just me who noticed that!
  11. I'd like the ability to customize the colors for other users so they have a surprise next time they log in.
  12. I don't care for the colors ... if one color means I've found it, another color means it's mine, why have alternating colors for everything else? It's very inconsistent. Doing a search, I see sometimes my caches are in white, sometimes they are in green.
  13. I love it ... certain directions I'm more likely to go than others, especially for a FTF.
  14. Another mozilla user here who can't see the tooltips.
  15. Everybody has their own rules, and there is very little right or wrong. Some post a find without actually logging into the cache (there's thecache, p the tree - I'm not climbing it though). Some post a find without even visiting the cache (yes, I've heard of this). Some post multiple finds for the same cache (revisited with friends - and hey! I found it again!) Some post notes. Do I care? No. Not until they start giving out prizes!
  16. Remember that it is far better to come back another time or post a DNF, than to compromise a cache. There have been countless times I've visited cache sites and decided there was no way I could search properly without being compromised. I simply come back at a later date.
  17. A real cacher would have hobbled over to the cache, signed the log book, and then go to the ER. Just where are your priorities?
  18. And here I was happy with myself with I did 40 on my 40th birthday last week. Guess I have a long way to go!
  19. Not that the numbers mean anything, or that I'm obsessed, but I thought it would be fun to find 40 caches in a day when I turned 40 last week. Yes, I'm officially old now. I was successful, and 40 in a day beats my previous record of 21 by quite a bit. I know I'm not even close to a record, but what is the most number of caches you've heard being found in a day?
  20. Who cares? We're not having a contest, are we? I enjoy seeing my own find count go up, but I don't really give a dadgum if people want to post finds on their own caches, or post multiple finds on caches, or even if they want to post a find for a cache they never even visited! If people make mistakes, then no big deal. After they cache for a while they'll probably figure out their posting mistakes and fix them.
  21. I haven't been back to check the cache, but a couple posters have noted there are a lot more votes than log entries. This could be because a family might log once, but vote 4 times (one per family member). I'd be upset if cachers are voting multiple times (even if it's for *my* guy) ... I mean really ... this doesn't count for anything. It's not an official polling station!
  22. Ah, that's Wheely's thing. He posts all his finds as notes, for exactly the same reason as previously noted about it not becoming a numbers game. I would think that would make it hard to keep track of which caches you've done and which ones you haven't, but to each his own. I can't tell you how many times he's beaten me to a FTF though!
  23. I've also thought about putting out two caches nearby one another, "Bush 2004" and "Kerry 2004", each filled with appropriate political stuff for the cache. While the caches themselves are political, they would balance each other out. It would be interesting to see if people would not visit one or the other!
  24. I would agree with that. A "George Bush is better than John Kerry" cache, however, would be ok.
  25. Interesting concept. Would never work in Florida, though. I've got a punch, and explicit rules against hanging chads. If you can't figure out how to punch a hole, then you have no business voting!
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