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  1. There are other ways, building upon what was already said here. I usually get a new cache within 1-2 hours of it being posted, assuming I'm free to go. Of course, if I told you how I'd have to kill you.
  2. I'm not too worried. In fact, I'm typing this right now on my blackberry after getting a cache on an Adirondack peak. There's no way the mountain lions will make it this far east. I mean, after all - what's that? I hear something in those bushes! I gotta get up and r
  3. That would be great. I don't care if it's a log entry or a field on the cache page that only I (and approvers) can see. We probably need this anyway for multis, as whenever I submit a multi for approval and don't put the intermediate waypoints, I get asked anyway for them. May as well keep it persistent.
  4. While a useful tool, anybody could see this sensitive information if they were to view the source for the cache page. You wouldn't want anybody to have access to coordinates for multi/puzzle caches, or hints. Actually I have a puzzle cache which can only be solved by looking at the source, as the cache coords are in HTML comments.
  5. You're talking about emailing the owner. I want the ability to post an "owner's log note" to the cache, just like any other log entry, that stays attached to the cache, that only the owner can see. This would be an option available only to the owner of the cache.
  6. ChileHead

    Owner Notes

    Often I'd like to attach information to a cache that only I (as owner) can see. Generally this would be: - coordinates of all the waypoints of the cache, so when I perform maintainance I can jump in the middle easily - hints for myself and/or others, so when somebody is stuck I can refresh my memory - info about problems others had so when I perform maintainance, all the info is together Currently I keep all this type of info in mailnotes or files on my PC, but it certainly would be nice to keep it all consolidated together. What are the chances of getting an owner only viewable note type added? Thanks.
  7. I also enjoy them, especially the ones in the very large & old cemetaries. When placing a cache in a graveyard, I always try to be respectful. Usually I make a multi where each waypoint has the coords of the next carved in small numbers on the back of tombstones. Then the final cache is generally put on the roof of a crypt, where it is unlikely to be muggled. Very seldom do I bury the cache in a graveyard; but when I do, I make sure to indicate to bring your own shovel as the caretakers may not want to part with theirs.
  8. If that happens, we'll probably want to repeal the ban on food items in a cache. Food items would be a good thing then!
  9. Sounds more like a cache attribute. See http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=83421
  10. There was a new cache posted this morning that I posted my find on. It no longer shows up in my unfound query, but when I go to the cache page my log is not there. Clicking refresh doesn't seem to make a difference. I've seen this in the past with one of my own caches, where it seemed to take 10 minutes for the cache page to update. Is the old page getting cached (no pun intended) somewhere? I don't think it's a local caching issue, as when I saw this before there were multiple people who could see the page with no logs.
  11. Just sent you some money via paypal for make-a-wish!
  12. I'm happy when people pick up my bugs and get them moving, so I don't care how it occurs!
  13. I have a cache, GCKY3J, that mysteriously was changed to a subscriber only cache. I didn't change it, at least not intentionally. Any way to check who changed it, or if I did somehow?
  14. Medication? That doesn't seem appropriate for a cache.
  15. Looks like this is a REALLY old thread (look at the dates). Those users must not be around anymore.
  16. I guess the reason that you are able to do it is because the owner(s) of the cache have the final say if anyone can claim multiple finds on it, not this website or anyone else. I post multiple finds on event caches because (1) it's convention, at least around here, for the few event caches I've been to anyway (2) it allows you to post separate comments to distinguish between the different event caches in the logs. (3) you get credit for the work you've done searching for caches (no, "it's not about the numbers", but I like knowing how many caches I've found for my own personal reasons). Yes, it's true that many wouldn't meet the ordinary standards. Sometime's that is what is fun about it! At one event, there was a temp cache set up "That's just wrong", which was set up < 50 feet from another cache, contained food items, cache container was a paper bag, bag was set up on a table with a chair in the woods, etc, etc ...
  17. Was removing the option to find an event cache recently removed and replaced with "attended"? Often we have temporary event caches set up, and an unofficial protocol is to post a "find" for each of the event caches you found (meaning you'll have > 1 find on the event cache). Now you really can't do that anymore, but I suppose you could attend the cache multiple times.
  18. Why would you place the cache after it was approved? That doesn't make any sense to me. If a cache goes online, I'm usually there within the hour if my schedule permits it. I'd be really po'd to find out that the cache wasn't actually there!
  19. I get mine from armysurpluswarehouse.com ... $1.79 each. Search for "plastic box", not decon.
  20. By all means, if this is your favorite type of cache then please hide some for the rest of us to find. I plan on it. I'm waiting to find enough caches with the 100 dollar bills that I can use as the initial contents.
  21. I'd love to see the list of pocket queries (probably in a list box) shown on "My Cache Page", rather than just a link to go to the pocket query section.
  22. Now that the winter season is approaching those of us in the snowy North part of the country , it would be really nice if there was an attribute on a cache indicating if it was winter accessible. I'm not sure the best way to define this, but in general a winter accessible cache is unlikely to be covered by snow. Last winter, I generally went by last found date to see if a cache is accessible, or waited till there was a melt down of snow. My DNF rate was much higher in winter than summer!
  23. My favorite type of cache is one that I open and contains stacks of 100 dollar bills. But that's just me.
  24. ChileHead

    Ftf Stat

    As mentioned earlier, putting this information in your profile, if it's important to you, is the right way to go. I keep the stats in my profile for my own personal enjoyment. Personally, I play the FTF game. I enjoy beating the other hard core geocachers to a new cache, or getting to a cache and finding them already there searching, or reading that I was beat by just a few minutes (which happens all too much). For those who don't play the FTF game, there is no reason to post "FTFs: 0".
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