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  1. A cacher found a puzzle cache of mine today, logged a find with a needs maintenance canned note posted from the new logging page. They expected someplace to enter the issue after selecting the option, but there was none. So they had to follow up with a message in the message center, and I'll have to follow up with a note on the cache page so others know the issue. This is not as intuitive as before and causes more work for caches and cache owners. Please allow people to edit the canned note.
  2. From the release notes, it would appear opting out is a short term option. So it doesn't make sense to make this an option.
  3. I posted the below in the older release thread. Reposting here where it belongs: The log page is a bit slower to bring up than the old one. I measure a pretty consistent 3400ms on the new page vs 2200ms on the old page. It's a bit unsatisfying to see the spinning circle while the page is loading resources or doing some ajaxy thing. Will performance measurements be taken and acted on? Thanks!
  4. The log page is a bit slower to bring up than the old one. I measure a pretty consistent 3400ms on the new page vs 2200ms on the old page. It's a bit unsatisfying to see the spinning circle while the page is loading resources or doing some ajaxy thing. Will performance measurements be taken and acted on? Thanks!
  5. I assume you know this, but the help center article is now wrong. It refers to the helpful formatting buttons that are no longer there. The "button" column in the help article should be removed so people know to format using wiki-ish style formatting.
  6. I'm assuming part of this release was to address the previously announced prevention of duplicate logs on the same cache. The site attempts to prevent you from doing so as if you log a find, then try again, you can't. But if you open 2 or more log pages in separate tabs before you log your find, you can still log multiple finds. This also means that using a script like tampermonkey would easily allow cachers to log finds multiple times, or by apps that scrape the site. Maybe more is to come in this area, but the security to prevent "illegal" logs shouldn't be in the web page.
  7. I was assuming the original poster possibly didn't have a smartphone and wanted to use SMS, but I didn't ask. When I wrote the HTML stripper, I was using the gmail app but wanted to strip out formatting so I could see more on a screen at once.
  8. I wrote something a couple years ago to do something similar. Read about it here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=336887&st=0&p=5561300&fromsearch=1entry5561300 I wasn't trying to strip out all the HTML for the same reason you want, but I wanted a more mobile friendly version, so the task is similar. I don't currently use it at this time, so it might need tweaking a bit.
  9. I like the hooks into search & lists for this. Since most of the backend work is done to create a GPX to send to the GPS from a list, would it be possible to add another option on the list page "Save as GPX" in addition to "Send to GPS"? I'd rather manage my GPX files on my GPS myself so I'd like to download the GPX from the list page and bypass the Garmin plugin. I can create a PQ from the list page, but that's a bit more cumbersome than just downloading the GPX from the list page.
  10. It was communicated to API partners and "ordinary" folk about the same time. I'm not sure how the order matters. API partners need time to fix their software to handle the error cases that will now result from logging duplicate logs or logs on their own non-event caches. "Ordinary" folk don't need any extra time. No matter what, any change will be resisted by some, welcomed by others. Everybody I know is very welcoming of this change. But we don't have any of these legacy caches in my area, other than one occurring event. I don't log any caches more than once, nor have I logged any of the ones mentioned in this thread, so I'll admit I don't understand the emotion behind this as I have no investment ... I'm a chicken, not a pig, in this matter (in the business fable sense.)
  11. The app is free. You pay only for membership. You can do so on the website, or from within the app (I think - I've never gotten it through the app.) Note that if you buy it on the website you *might* have to log out and log back in from the app to be recognized (this might have been fixed by now.)
  12. I'm surprised you would know that everybody there is a premium member. I've been to a lot of events, and I have no idea who is premium and who isn't. Nobody wears badges saying "I'm a Premium!" and I can't recall this ever coming up in a conversation at an event, unless you happen to be talking about one of the small number of features available to premium members only. As far as cliques, are they really exclusionary or just groups of people that know one another well and hang out? I'm not a real social person, so when I go to events I tend to talk with the people I know and have cached with these past 14 years or so. There are a lot of people in my area I don't know, and I will not strike up a conversation with them unless I recognize their name and have something to say about their cache or a log of theirs. I really don't believe there is anybody who pays money to purchase status. They pay money to get access to additional features and caches. Many people make their caches premium to reduce the chances of a cache getting taken in high muggle areas. I've made mine premium only when there are reports of cache theft, usually a temporary thing because some young kid found out about geocaching and wanted to be a jerk. Or they do it to reduce traffic so the cache owner doesn't need to do as much maintenance. If adding favorite points was available to all cachers, then cache popularity could easily be fudged by creating accounts whose purpose was to favorite one's own or friends caches. I could easily get 100 favorite points in an hour by creating bogus accounts.
  13. Are you using any software or network proxies to make your surfing anonymous? Many sites will reject requests coming from proxies known to be anonymizing. This could be a application on your PC, a plugin or proxy setting on your PC, or something your work connection is doing.
  14. I wouldn't worry too much about it getting stolen. They have very little value especially if some shots have been taken. If it's in an ammo can well hidden off the trail, it should last long enough. Used to be common to see them, but haven't seen too many lately.
  15. I know a few people that really like going out and finding benchmarks, the closest equivalent we have. They still enjoy it even though their find count doesn't get a +1.
  16. I have never felt the need to adopt any cache because it might be archived. Unlike Pokemon, you don't have to find them all. If they get archived, more spots will open up for new caches with cache owners who will take care of them. I would have absolutely no interest in adopting a cache because somebody got huffy and left, unless it happened to be a legendary cache that shouldn't get archived.
  17. That won't be the case after April or May. One GC#, one find. You have answered this very positively and very quickly. May I ask as a Moderator of a forum how much of the decision making you are privy to, or what other roles you carry? One would think on the two caches quoted that the Grandfathered rights associated with those caches would persist with all of the conditions with which they currently operate. Can you answer will grandfathered types continue to operate with conditions unchanged. I'm not privy to any decision making as a moderator. I haven't seen any mention of allowing "grandfathered" caches that have been logged multiple times to continue to be logged multiple times. I'd be surprised if this was allowed on any cache after that date, but I'm not involved in those decisions.
  18. That won't be the case after April or May. One GC#, one find.
  19. The geocache health score is just a tool. The automated notes are not nasty grams, they are just reminders that you might possibly need to check your cache, nothing more. Your cache will not be disabled or archived automatically, as a human reviewer (or dog in some cases) will look at the cache page and do the reasonable thing.
  20. You can't exclude cachers because of their sex.
  21. - Right click, open in new tab works fine - If you want the link the way it was, try loading this extension (Firefox only) ... it's not using greasemonkey, it's using webextensions which is similar: https://geotrailsw.com/gc/
  22. There are other checkers out there, that have more functionality. I think evince was probably the first, so I have a bit of nostalgia feeling for it. Wonder how many caches currently use it, and how many are owned by cache owners who are MIA and will never correct their cache page if they have to move to a different checker.
  23. It used to be people had to make an investment of time, money, and research to find out about geocaching, and start. You had to spend a couple hundred dollars or more to buy a handheld GPS. If you had the equipment and the knowledge, you were likely already somewhat committed to the game. Flash forward a dozen years or so, and now every 10 year old with a smart phone and no money can easily start. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. If I have a special cache, or difficult to maintain cache, I don't want people that have not invested the time researching the game going out and destroying my cache either accidentally or intentionally. Every so often we'll have a cache bandit go through the area, and we believe it's usually a young kid based on the notes they leave when they destroy a cache. Making it premium makes it harder for them to find it with the free app, as kids aren't going to invest $30 to go destroy boxes in the woods.
  24. That is one of the most ridiculous needs archived notes I've seen.
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