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  1. I see new cachers placing caches in areas that they are excited about. Maybe their coordinates are off, maybe the container is not water proof. But I'd much rather find a cache like this from a newbie, than wait until they get corrupted by the bulk of lousy caches out there and decide hiding a lamp post cache is what people want. I hid my first cache a couple weeks after I started, after only having 6 finds or so. 13 years later it's still there (after being maintained a few times), and people enjoy the 3 mile hike to get it. I'm glad there was no such rule when I started.
  2. There have been no plans announced that I've seen to change from using HTML in cache descriptions. That will stay HTML, and I'd be very surprised to see any future plans to move that to markdown. There are plenty of plugins available with firefox and chrome to give you the ability to turn text input fields into WYSIWYG editors. You can do that now without any site changes.
  3. Sorry, I'm not following. How does the ability to add links or formatting relate to TFTC logs? None of the changes with Markdown impact your ability to write a log as unique as possible, conditions, etc ... Sure you can't add rainbow colors to your log as far as I know, but nothing else has really changed.
  4. Only 1 in 20 logs would have any formatting. Most of these have very little use of it. Seeing a few random formatting codes "raw" is unlikely to detract from your reading experience. Maybe I'm in the minority, but when somebody strings together a bunch of their logs via links I'm extremely unlikely follow them. I can see if you were following a friend's adventures and they made links from one log to another it might be interesting. But this is pretty rare.
  5. Yep. That's my objection in a nutshell. Those who only log TFTC (or object to being asked to write even that much) won't care. I try to contribute in the form of logs that people actually enjoy reading. Ugly detracts from that. Edward For logs people wrote last month or last year, barely anybody would ever notice the raw formatting codes. Yeah sure some get read, but the majority of logs read are very likely only the most recent. Very few logs I've seen make any extensive use of formatting, so if I came across a few random bold or red or whatever format tags, it's unlikely to detract from the experience of the reader. Going forward, the markdown syntax gives you pretty much everything you had before, so you can still write elaborate formatted logs if you desire. I don't disagree that a way to keep legacy logs looking the way they do would be preferred, but if that's not in the plan then not much is lost.
  6. Your links will still be there, but they will look like <a href="http://somestatspage/.....">My Stats</a> or [url]http://somestatspage/...[/url] Not pretty, but if the challenge cache owner wants to verify, they will have everything they need, they just can't click the link they have to copy/paste it instead.
  7. I don't use any styling, so I wouldn't want my logs to accidentally go through any transform. The best option, though it would require some additional work, is to add a manual migrate tool to the site. Those small percentage of users that care about formatting, could select the migrate tool and it would identify the logs that have html/BB formatting in them, and then present the logs in their before/after, with an option to just go ahead and approve all. If it messes up logs, it only does so for those that went through the process after a confirmation.
  8. Technically MacOS is a customization of BSD UNIX, not linux. Linux is an independent distribution of a UNIX system. BSD predates linux by about 15-20 years.
  9. I prefer not to bring the bathroom graffiti reading crowd to my caches. Every year I put out an "Ornaments" cache, where I place about 60 home made geocache ornaments (ranging from little wooden ammo cans to light posts and movable lamp skirts.) Because I have a limited supply of ornaments, due to limited time, I want to make sure my friends get a shot at them first. So I list the cache on our "breakfast club" facebook group for a week or so before publishing it for all to see. Others release caches in various ways for various reasons, all personal choice and ethical.
  10. Your local drug dealer? Seriously, I bought mine at amazon. Lots of sizes. And cheap.
  11. You don't need a cell phone. When you go to http://www.geocaching.com/notify/ to set them up, you enter an email address. The email address can be your regular email address, or the email address of your phone (format varies by provider.)
  12. Greedy, really? Yup, the New England Patriots are greedy for continuing to beat everybody else. Darn Brady. They should stop trying so hard so the Buffalo Bills have a shot some year. No, he's a guy that wants to "win" this unofficial competition called FTF. If the FTF hounds didn't try, then there would be very little fun in beating them. How does that take the fun away? I'm pretty sure he's not taking the caches away preventing people from finding them. If you play the side FTF game, then you have to play with the big dogs.
  13. It's all about, in my opinion at least, finding the boundaries of what makes or doesn't make a good challenge. If benchmarks are ok, then so would the Canadian equivalent: http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=ebb67127-d531-4798-9d17-c6b77f235c49 There is no way this survey could list the complete exhaustive list of challenges, so it looks like they have categorized the basic types.
  14. Seriously? I think the survey is an attempt to gather information on categories or types of challenges. What applies to states would apply to provinces.
  15. iOS and Android devices have accessibility options built in. On Android, I can triple tap if I have the option to zoom in on the screen by quite a bit, and scroll with a two-finger drag. I tried this with the geocaching app and was able to make the font quite big. I assume that the iOS geocaching app would work in the same way. Basically - it should just work. The OS platform takes care of this already, and apps should behave nicely without any additional work.
  16. I'm more concerned with people going out every day to buy groceries.
  17. ChileHead

    Fake finds

    I've had a few trackable codes get onto some scumbags list that gets passed around at events, and then they get logged a bunch of times, and then I have to delete. I have no idea what game those people are playing, it's not what I'm playing. Why log something you've never seen? I just don't get it. There's an opportunity for HQ to come up with a selling a trackable tag that can only be logged via their app by using a cheap NFC tag. That would be pretty cool and much harder to cheat at.
  18. I've seen it mean one of two things: - a couple feet of snow won't be a problem when looking for the cache - the area is accessible during winter, meaning the roads aren't closed Best to always read the cache description just to be sure.
  19. It's unlikely that they would get adopted out without his permission. In the case of death the family can give the ok for adoption, though I would be very surprised to see HQ want any part of this situation. Best to be archived.
  20. 1. Yes per their facebook page at least. The event is usually published 6 months before it occurs, so look for it to be listed in December.
  21. You don't need confirmation from the CO. Just log it.
  22. Same here. I've been geocaching for over 12 years, and the only times I've heard of people getting hurt is if they are climbing a tree or slip down a cliff. As far as I know there has never been an incident of somebody stalking a cache waiting for a random victim to come along. This is no different than walking, biking, running, walking your dog, kayaking, shopping, etc ... The only difference is that somewhere along the way you'll stop to look for a container. I think it's reasonable to be concerned about geocaching alone, but only if you were concerned about being at the location without geocaching. Bring your fiance along sometime, he might like it. If not, find a local geocaching organization and find some geocaching friends.
  23. http://www.geocaching.com/notify/default.aspx
  24. If you don't want NVMs finding your caches, instead of making them PMO you can make sure the terrain/difficulty is rated high enough so that they don't show up in the intro app to non premium members. For my lower D/T caches that did show up in the intro app, I made them premium. While I welcome new cachers, I don't welcome those that don't take the time to use the website and validate their account.
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