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  1. It wasn't their geocache handle, but I guess the guy's name could be Bob. Never thought of that.
  2. Can anyone tell me what "-B" means. The full message was TNLNSL -B. I understand the first part, but have never seen -B before. Thanks!
  3. I own what I thought would be an "easy" one, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...fe-b890d9c7d5f3 which was hidden August 2, 2003 not too far from Steamboat Springs, CO and still no visitors!
  4. For snow, you should have gone to the Stultz Trail cache, they got three feet up there...what a storm, we almost didn't make it down our road. Hope to get out caching later in the week.
  5. When I went back to look at it again, it had fallen out, almost in the water, so I thought I'd take it with me to photograph...so far nothing bad has
  6. While searching for (and not finding) a cache in south Denver, a bizarre object was found...see pic. It is a papier mache mask, which was attached to a riverbank with six inch spike. The spike holding the mask to the riverbank was through the eye of the mask. Anyone ever seen anything like this? What in the world is it?
  7. How do I post a picture (.jpg) to a forum post???
  8. Does anyone have experience in moving a cache? One of our caches was getting a trail worn to it, so we decided to move it farther up the same trail. I'd checked the guidelines, and saw no mention of this in them. When I tried to enter the new coordinates (about .61 miles from the original location), I got an error message that my coordinates had changed too much, and to contact the site. I did so, and am waiting for a reply. What are the rules with respect to relocating a cache?
  9. The least visited has got to be one of mine, Bruce's Box near Steamboat Springs, CO. I put it there last summer, just off a hiking/snowshoeing trail...nobody's ever visited except me to check on it. I'm going to pull it and move it elsewhere pretty soon; I've given up!
  10. Puritan Pest made it from Colorado to Plymouth Rock with no problems...he's still going strong, trying to jump the puddle to Plymouth, England now.
  11. I visited one of my caches yesterday after a long winter, and found the area at the trailhead (Wilson Creek Trail) on the BLM totally trashed: a big firepit full of half-burned beer cans, vodka and related bottles all over, and half burned paper scattered around. We're lucky there wasn't a huge fire. A partially burned Biology book from Canon City High School tells me who the culprits were. I was very disappointed, and cleaned up the mess as best I could. I also called the BLM ranger for the area, and he indicated he had just dispatched fire trucks in Chafee county as a result of another teen drinking binge. I know not much can be done, but I just wanted to vent my frustration with the despoiling of this lovely area.
  12. Guilt is the answer...I write them an e-mail and politely ask if they would like me to put the TB in the TB Graveyard. It seems to bring a positive response. I've found that this usually happens when the Geocacher gives the bug to someone else to place.
  13. Only once have we hit a trailhead which said "no dogs" and had to turn back, but they still liked the ride in the car. I've seen a few caches which ARE for dogs; full of dog toys and treats. Ours found one cache we couldn't locate, so they are fully participating team members!
  14. I re-logged in, and that time it worked...I'll be danged. Sub-space interference, Captain?
  15. Hurray! Now if Colorado State Parks would only follow suit. I know a couple of the BLM Rangers here, they're fine with it as long as you stay out of protected sites, which you should anyway.
  16. For some reason, when I click on "Edit Profile" from my own page, it takes me to a blank for setting up an account, rather than editing my current profile. Anybody else notice this, or have an answer???
  17. We planted a cache which is just off a snowshow trail near Steamboat Springs. The cache is called Bruce's Box, and is on "Bruce's Trail" on Rabbit Ears Pass. I would suggest possibly planting one at Steamboat Lake, but you would need the park's permission, as I understand it. There are a lot of trails in the area, however.
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