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  1. When changing location of a UTM coordinate from way point manager I go to change location. I enter 10 S 0580000 4175500 When I come back to this screen the coordinate has been changed to 10 S 0579999 4175500 Also on the map the location is not correct. It is off by about 200-300 feet. Am I doing something wrong or is there a fix for this? Thanks , any help would be greatly appreciated. Ps I am just learning to use a GPS
  2. In changing the location of a way point from waypoint manager, I go to change location. I enter 10 s 0580000 as the first utm coordinate and then 417550 as the second. When I come back to read this coordinate it has been changed to 10 s 0579999 4175500 Also It is not showing the corect location on the map. Is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. I really can't see my Oregon 400t at all with my polarized sunglasses, even with the backlight on. If i turn the Oregon Sideways it clears up a little. Any one else having this problem?
  4. The colorado is water resistant but it does not float like the 76csx. So if you were to use it out on the water with your jetski you would not want to drop it.
  5. It has no problems. It is brand new in the box.
  6. Because we had more than one. This one never got opened or used. You Interested?
  7. I have noticed a problem with the trip odometer on my OR 400t I did a road trip last week and noticed every time the trip odometer got over 1000 miles it would go crazy and start reading 9000+ miles. This happened three times on the trip. Every time the trip odometer went over 1000 miles it went crazy and started reading in the 9000+ miles. Anyone else have this happen?
  8. FS: Garmin Colorado 400T Brand New in Box and Topo U.S. 2008 DVD $450 + shipping
  9. FS: Garmin MapSource City Navigator preloaded microSD/SD Data Card - North America NT 2008 $80 shipped
  10. Is is allowed to make such an advertisement - or is it not correct I think it is a bunch of BS. Garmin should NOT be be making it out like the Oregon looks like that out in the day light.
  11. Yes I agree. What really gets me is that they are trying to advertise that this is what you will experience out in the field. When in all actuality it looks nothing like that out in the field.
  12. Can you say photoshop. Mine looks nothing like that out during the day They must has taken a pic of the screen at night and then photoshop it in.
  13. I have had WAAS turned on since the first day i got my Oregon and have yet to get any D's. But when i brake out the Colorado and compare it with the Oregon is shows a lot of D's.
  14. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these. This is what i have been hopping for from Garmin.
  15. WOW a glitch. I hope they don't try to stop it from allowing the tracks to record in a firmware update. But i do hope they add the ability to import track data and store it on the unit. With topo on this unit and the Macro to allow paperless caching i really like my 255W Thanks you for the info.
  16. The 255W will create tracks. I have a 205W and I've uploaded the tracks to Mapsource. However, don't you want to upload Routes, not tracks, from Mapsource to your 255W? I know the 255w will create tracks and upload them to mapsource, but i was hopping that i could download tracks that i have on mapsource to the 255w. I thought i read somewhere, that someone was able to take tracks from mapsource and put them on the 255w.
  17. I have a Nuvi 255w and would like to upload tracks from mapsource. Is there a way to do this? Thanks for your help
  18. Where is this "reroute offroad/onroad" option on the OR i can't seem to find it? Thanks EDIT: I think i found it go back to main screen and select where to, then then select recalculate on or offroad
  19. Thank You Thank You Thank You I have the Garmin Colorado And the Oregon And I will be putting them up now and using my Nuvi 255w To go geocaching with instead. Thanks Again. This Rocks!!!!!
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