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  1. So sollte es eigentlich sein. Leider habe ich selbst schon einige EC's besucht, bei denen es vor Ort nichts zu lernen, zu finden oder zu untersuchen gab. Die Antworten mussten / sollten / konnten vollständig im Internet recherchiert werden und teilweise wäre nicht einmal ein Besuch vor Ort notwendig gewesen. Es wäre wünschenswert, wenn das Review des Listings zumindest in diesem Punkt um einiges strenger wäre. Macht auch mehr Aufwand - ist klar. Frank
  2. I cannot move my regions of germany coin into a collection. It worked for all of the other coins I own without any problems but this one has not the "Move to collection" option in the logtype-drop down box. I marked it as collectible of course as all my others, but this one did not work. Is it a bug or a feature?
  3. Of course you cannot maintain the site but you need to maintain your EC listings and tasks. It happened recently with one of our EC listings that we found a webpage where some information was published that could only "found" at the site as the listing was developed / published. It's not a big issue because this affects only one task but it's not nice anyway. Actually we are thinking about replacing this task by a new one. Does this require a new review because the new tasks and answers will not longer match these that gsa knows? Another question I have is: Sometimes it happens that visitors of our EC's misunderstand some tasks (doing something completely wrong; Example: Task is to determine the height of a feature like a rock or a dune and they determine the height above sea level.) It's not a problem if this happens from time to time but if this occurs quiet often, do you prefer to explain the task to the visitor via mail (afterwards) or do you rework your EC task to have a better prepared listing for next visitors? I follow this forum since a few months and never read something about EC maintenance. That's why I started this discussion. In your experience how often do you maintain your EC listings and what triggers you to do some changes? I invite all the EC owners here to share their experiences. Frank
  4. Does anyone from overseas (europe) have an idea how long it takes to receive the physical pins? We got our platinum level approved anywhen in october (gold level a couple of months earlier) and still did not receive any pins. Is this a usual time frame we have to wait or are the pins lost in space? Frank
  5. I guess it's not approved that the review process is based on the german version only. The cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= was recently published with english description only, the german description was added later. Well, the english description seems okay to me in this case, but this is an example where review was not based on the non-english version. (Oooops, doubled negation, should mean review was made on the english description). As discussed earlier anywhere else I share your concerns of non-understandable translations and I have my own experiences in regard to this issue that are similar to yours. Frank
  6. I have not yet used it. I am, however, a bit concerned by the fact that a separate reviewer will handle earthcache submissions from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. While the guidelines still ask for an English description, I am concerned that the decision on rejection or approval will be done on the basis of the non-English version and that as a consequence thereof the quality of the English version will deteriorate considerably on average. Given the huge workload of the reviewers and the fact that geoawarede most probably will not be a native speaker of English, the chances that the English version will be looked at carefully will decrease. I am concerned that a large number of automatic translations will slip through in the future. This would do away with the strongest asset of Earth caches from my point of view, namely their internationality in contrast to most other caches where it gets more and more popular to offer the cache descriptions only in the local language. Cezanne Seems like a valid concern - but then again - I am sure that geoawarede is an experienced EC'er and geologist. So that should help. Keep us informed. I must confess my english is not the best but i'm convinced that checking of english spelling and grammer was never part of the review process. We visited EC's in other countries and therefore we rely on the english description. What we could read in some cases was haar-raising and sometimes we did not had any idea what to expect before reaching the site. I think in this way the new system is as good as the old one and i'm not sure if geoawareDE will review on the local language description. Her / his profile contains a picture from anywhere in norway so i guess he / her comes from there. btw: I submitted 2 EC's yesterday morning and I've heard nothing until this morning. Well, reviewing a couple of days is still much faster than a couple of weeks.
  7. Any idea why they don't keep the old system open as long as the new one did not work?
  8. Hope gc.com will finish development soon. Yesterday I saw that a traditional cache was published at "my" EC-coordinates. Some information are contained in the listing that I asked for in my EC tasks. So I reworked my listing and hopefully I get my EC listing published anyway (proximity).
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