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  1. I am pretty new to this too, here are a few simple pointers: * The GPS accuracy may drift some, and sometimes it will say "accuracy to XX ft" basically thats the radius you will be looking in. * Look in stumps, tree hollows, and any pile of rocks that look like someone might have stacked one or two of them. * look in a pile of pcks that might have had a hole and someone might have covered the entrance. * the containers could be almost anything... but usually they are an ammo can, tupperware/rubbermaid containers (sandwich or sm caserole sized) It will say on the cache page its size (micro = film canister or smaller) * Try to pick ones that have 1 or at most 2 stars * when you look up a cache, click the "gallery" for some pics, (some have them some dont) * If there are some in a local/town park try for them first. They might be easier and just off a footpath. I am sure many others with more experience will be able to help you more. Once you get one or two you will get a better idea and have more fun doing it. Good hunting.
  2. Its on my list of places to hit, just not into humping waders for the river crossing, but I think I found that small parking spot on U av. Just gonna be a good hiking day.
  3. Or... put a piece of PVC pipe into the ground right near it, and cap it off. Then you are not doing anything to the structure itself and you should stay out of trouble. You could make a stopper inside so cache container doesnt slide all the way down (nail/screw from outside, fill with foam. wood dowel, etc...) There has to be some soil near enough to hammer a short length of PVC into, Leave it stick up a foot or so...that way it isnt considered "buried" ?? JMO I just like MacGuyvering stuff
  4. Nah just kidding, as much as people would love to believe in some grand conspiracy or some unknown beast, it is only a woodpecker. You have to remember; they have the patience and this is all they do to live, so I am sure they have developed a technique to remove wodd very effectively and it may even have a thought out pattern (when seen by humans) I have seen these before in the woods, and finally sawa woodpecker doing it, even then I didnt want to believe it, but allas, only bird doing all that work.
  5. Thanks, I went through that book, no joy though. I have pretty much been through every brand book that is available on the web, yeah many many hours worth. I have even tried searches for what the brand might stand for - martini, cocktail, etc...ranches/livestock/cattle companies. Also I have tried searching by various brand descriptions= DOT IN WINEGLASS, WINEGLASS WITH DOT, DOT IN GLASS, ROCKING DOT LAZY T, and so many more, if anything, I got a bit better at reading a brand LOL. Thanks for the help, maybe, someday, ya never know.... someone might see it on way to McD's or something LOL
  6. Here is my idea....... make your cards up, you can get magnetic tape at hardware/Home Depot stores (it is sticky backed, but only as strong as a fridge magnet) then get the heavy duty laminating film (office type store)...the heat sealing kind, then you can cut to fit, the thin self sticky kind you find most every where doesnt hold up to weather and handling as well, put the magnetic tape onto back of your note, laminate and use a clothes iron to seal it. Might be better to stay attached than a glued on button magnet. they sell different precut sized envelopes of that laminte, like ID badge maker supplies in different sizes, even use those, and keyring a magnet or clip to hide the clues. hope this helped ot at least gave you and idea ot two, I am a bit of a MacGuyver LOL
  7. Oh .......... I thought the little "r" was to specify something like "GPS-Radio" like a Rino LOL Ya know how some people get about brand or style of their toys LOL (NOT knockin anyones toys...heck I want a Rino, and when I can afford them then I will look into the reviews)
  8. Just a bump up, cant wait for the weather to warm up some.
  9. Sounds cool, I have been tossing around same idea. (nice horses in those pics BTW) And good point was made.... "would it be 5 star difficulty..." because of horses as special equipment? I guess it would technically. One idea for a "mixed" event (riders and ground pounders) would try to have a place where you could do "cache loops" in different directions, so as not to follow/lead to caches at same time, that way the groups would pass in opposite directions. OR--- teams/individual cachers can draw a random order to do the caches out of a hat or something. Then meet back at start for lunch/BBQ/story swapping etc... JMHO
  10. I bought a big baq of Cowboys & Indians (army guys size) and I engrave my username on them "KidRipley" also, some of the other swag toys and TBs I carry to drop off/trade...But, I dont take a swag/TBs and label them though, just the stuff I bought.
  11. Only a matter of time before they grab little Timmy waiting for his school bus to get at his PB&J in his backpack.
  12. Does anybody know a place that has a cow? Deb We have cattle (calfs) at the stable where my horses live LOL some even escaped from others in area during team pennings LOL Just remember...never milk a cow that has only 1 utter LOL
  13. cool thanks, I will check them out.
  14. A pets allowed area would be great (dogs and horses) Maybe even camping allowed. Pioneer theme works for me.
  15. Agreed, basically, they are just rock piles on the edge of what used to be a field, not even a property line, or anything as grand as some would hope (a great Revolutionary War battle) more like somewhere to put the rocks and hopefully they would keep the cows in/out. If you have a backyard garden.... and you take out stones to make the soil easier to plant.... does your rock pile now have signifigance? LOL For those who have not been to New England, here is what a typical stone wall looks like. There are thousands of miles of them in the woods. They are not rare and most have no real historical value and go unnoticed. These stones were the bane of farmers who dug them up with their plows every spring and dumped them along these walls. What amazes me every time I see one is the size and weight of some of the rocks and how strong those farmers must have been...Their true significence may be that because of the difficulty of farming in New England and dealing with all these darned rocks, it helped encourage Westward Expansion to the more fertile (and less rocky) farmland in the Midwest. These stone walls are all in various states of decomposition anyway and I really doubt caching will cause any major destruction of these walls. Agreed with as above, Where I dont think disassembling a wall to hide or find a cache is nessecary, or even smart. An obvious wall feature ( change in direction, obvious high spot, an opening large enough to hold a cache - w/o disassembly of stones, a tree growing out of center, etc) might be an OK place to hide. The biggest threat to the walls, and the enviroment they are in is ...... low-life developers. Crappy low quality yuppie eyesores known as"Rural Towne House Condo Communities" ...>kaack!< "I want to live in the country....but yet still have neighbors I cant stand living so slose next to me with walls so thin I can see through them..." DEE DEE DEE!! (oh and never actually go outside into the "wilderness") anyways I digress...LOL I come across them all the time and usually have to find a safe place to cross, which means; riding back and forth to find a safe enough place to let the horse cross, this usually means, a spot where ATVs tore a spot in the wall and it has worn down or a natural opening. But the idiots who "would tear it apart if I couldnt find a cache..." WTF is wrong with you? go play sudoku if you are that OCD. Do you also pull shingles off a building for a micro?? You would get about 3 of the smaller stones off and quit, blame muggles in the log, or move on to next cache in your "power run". IF YOU CANT FIND A NATURAL FEATURE IN A WALL TO PLACE A CACHE WITHOUT ANY DISTURBANCE...KEEP GOING UNTILL YOU FIND A BETTER PLACE FOR A CACHE. There that is an easy enough guideline. (((oh and Btw....I have built fieldstone walls, repaired field walls, cleared stones from fields/grounds, If you are in the Northern NJ area, -Montclair and surrounding areas--- most of those stone walls where built by my Grandfather and Great Grandfather {not just them, thier company LOL} It aint an easy thing to do, most of them would crush a cache, maybe even an ammo can too. just dont be a back end of a equine... dont destroy just to hide your tupperware full of keychains OK?
  16. Hi, I was wondering if anyone is near or on a cattle or horse ranch and might have seen a brand I have on one of my horses. I made it the "missions" of my TB's to hopefully track down the ranch my horse came from. I have been searching for years now, but now that I have gotten into geocaching it struck me that if anyone gets out to see things, it's gotta be cachers. Even if you have just seen the brand in a state please let me know, so at best I know what brand book I might have to buy, or brand researcher(s) to contact. The most I have been able to gather is it is from somewhere in the South West. Thanks for any help.
  17. I saw pretty fresh tracks last week In Norvin Green SF near and on way to/from "Buck Moutnain Overlook Cache" a few days of weather above freezing and they usually come out for a bit. I have seen tracks near my stable too.
  18. Now it is on my mind did Pofe actually get hurt? or ya'll just bustin' chops? (Like accident or illness) Isnt a Grue a monster from "Zork"?? The whole thing was that it said somewhere that if there was no response after 72 hrs and no reviewer notes, "see forum for..." and/or email, no big deal I wasnt pouting or anything, I didnt know if maybe it got lost in the system or some other glitch and I should resubmit thats all.
  19. I have left laminated versions of "stache notes" as swag/trade and maybe replaced items into a new zip baggie if the one there was worn out, maybe leave a new pencil too. I would definately make it known to the owner if the container was compromised and needed to be replaced, but I wouldnt take it on myself to do it. If it was really bad and needed to be weatherproofed, some duct tape over a crack or hole, and if it fit, I would put the whole cache in a large zip baggie .
  20. It isnt a ruling more of a suggestion........ this is from the "Hiding a cache page" Step 2 - Preparing Your Cache First, you need a container. Anything water resistant, snow resistant, etc (depending on your climate), will do, but geocachers have had good success with plastic buckets, tupperware (or rubbermaid) containers, ammo boxes, or unused sewer pipes (really!). You'll also want to invest in some zip-loc baggies to put the items into in case your container leaks. Whatever the container, make sure to mark your cache so that someone who doesn't play can figure out what it is. Most folks mark the container with Geocaching.com, the name of the cache, and any contact information they feel is necessary. More info is better than less. Next, you'll need a logbook and a pen. A small spiral notebook does the trick. Make sure to put a pen in the cache as well! The author always forgets to bring one when searching for a cache. (If you are an an area where the temperature dips below freezing, make sure to bring a soft lead pencil to place in the cache. Pens tend to freeze and are rendered useless .............
  21. yup got published thanks.
  22. I put a cache out on the 22nd of Jan, it has been 96+ hrs and it is not published, nor is there a reviewer note of any kind? No emails either. How do you find out who are the reviewers for your area? It does show up as "not yet reviewed...." even when I search for its waypoint name. I have clarified its location, it is on public property, it is 900ft + from 2 nearest caches. Any ideas? hopefully nothing bad has happened to my local reviewer. A cache by KidRipley Hidden: 1/22/2008 Size: (Regular) Difficulty: Terrain: (1 is easiest, 5 is hardest) Cache Issues: This cache has not been reviewed yet. Once it is published, it will be listed on the site. Check the logs to see if the reviewers have left a note for this listing.
  23. Penning is kinda slow right now everywhere. When the weather warms up they will start happening again. To look up any caches in those areas...just search the zip code, and pick any of them, then use the map to pan around untill you find the area you are looking for, zoom in or out if there are too many or too few. Get one of those "helper stirrup" thingies.... there was a bunch of discussion of them on NJ-Horse forum, Hope this helps.
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