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  1. Kiddo (left) and Quentin (right) Kiddo is a bossy girl.
  2. Hi- I was just wondering if there was a more efficient way for us to geocache. I feel like I may be missing some features of the 60csx or not using it to its full potential. Here is how we currently do it: 1) Pick an area to cache in and do a PQ for that area. 2) Put the files in GSAK and distribute to the 60csx and the notes to the iPod. 3) Use to 60csx to auto-route to the first cache (this is often off and we end up driving around looking for an entrance to the park or something similar) 4) Find a spot where we think we should park and stop the autonavigation. 5) Switch off the City Navigator Maps and switch on the Topo map 6) Select the cache again and see how far we are from it. 7) Walk around until the distance away starts to go down 8) If the distance starts to go up, turn and make it go down 9) Repeat until the GPS says we are close 10) Find the cache 11) Write down the name in our notebook 12) Profit! It seems like switching between the topo and nav maps may be a little overkill. I cant seem to figure out how to use the arrow that I am guessing is supposed to point in the direction we are supposed to go. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Matt
  3. I noticed a couple people saying the site was working earlier. Is it down for everyone now?
  4. Our two: Kiddo Quentin They are both from the shelter. If anyone has guesses on what they are mixed with I would love to hear them. We haven't been able to figure it out.
  5. I had a similar question. I found two rusted AA batteries in a cache. Would you all have disposed of them?
  6. If they are legal, you are good to go. I don't know the rules on fan recordings and most folks won't. So a note with the CD would be advisable. It would not hurt to put that note inside the CD itself so that someone who passes it along without the note can find it. I may try it a few times and see if anyone comments. Thanks everyone!
  7. Not really other than the piece of paper that would be given with the recording explaining the taping policy and the notes from the taper as the example below: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds 2007-03-10 Paradiso Amsterdam The Netherlands Taper : BNZ Source : at831 - SP-SPSB-8 (Bass Roll-off at 107 HZ) - Edirol R09 at 44.1 Khz Transfer : SD card > SDslot > PC > Soundforge 8.0 > Cdwave > Shorten > SHN Total Time: 149:54 min 01. Bartender [09:22] 02. Stay Or Leave [04:53] 03. Save Me [04:52] 04. So dadgum Lucky [06:27] 05. Old Dirt Hill [06:17] 06. Lie In Our Graves [09:03] 07. Smooth Rider [05:28] 08. Crush [08:06] 09. Grey Street [05:22] 10. The Maker [05:21] 11. Little Thing [05:18] 12. Jimi Thing [07:34] 13. Tim Solo [05:42] 14. Gravedigger [04:52] 15. Grace Is Gone [05:29] 16. Oh [05:15] 17. #41 [06:31] 18. Crash Into Me [05:54] 19. Dancing Nancies [11:27] 20. Some Devil [04:54] 21. Still Water [02:32] 22. Don’t Drink the Water [07:59] 23. Sister [04:02] 24. Two Step [07:13] Do not sell, do not convert to lossy formats, do not remaster ect ect. Enjoy !!
  8. I am trying to find more legal info on this.
  9. I am the original poster (matt95z) I didn't realize I was signed on under my old screen name. I know it is a strange concept to most that have never heard about it but it really is cool. I have been to quite a few concerts where bands allow taping. When you go you see microphone stands sticking up in the air 12 or 14 feet. It really is a cool thing to see. The biggest things the bands are concerned about is the selling of the music after it is taped. That is the big no no of the whole situation. I am an avid searcher of eBay for these bootlegs that people try to sell. I find them and report them. Edit: Fixed spelling mistake.
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