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  1. 1. Participating - check 2. Received Name - check 3. Mission Complete - check 4. Package Received! - check! Just before Halloween received a package from Canada with some GREAT coins in it! Particularly love the shell-coin & suncatcher. The sender also included coins for my niece who caches with me. She was thrilled to get them, and has already started them out on a 'race'! I'll post pictures soon, and I'm embarrassed that I don't have the name of the sender with me (escapes me at the moment!!) But THANKS!!
  2. I didn't get details either, but if for some reason my name has dropped through the proverbial cracks & I'm not already matched up with someone, then I'll just pass on this mission. have fun ya'll!
  3. Beautiful! Could you tell us what the meaning of the symbols is? Thanks!
  4. 1.) Participating - I'm in! 2.) Received Name - Got it! 3.) Mission Complete - On it's way... 9/27/08 4.) Package Recieved
  5. Count me in for 4th Quarter! email sent
  6. Same with mine, gipsie... had no idea Internation Mail could take so long! That's assuming it's still sitting in transit... could be the recipient is on vacation? No clue!
  7. 1. Participating - Email sent - YES 2. Nick/destination received - YES 3. Outgoing coin mission details attached - YES 4. Outgoing coin released- YES (and moving well!) 5. Incoming coin-YES (yay, finally heard from my gifter! Coin is activated & will be in a cache in Copenhagen on its way to Texas soon! 6. Incoming coin picked up GC???- Thanks so much for the Mission, butterfly... can't wait to see if the coins make it both ways!
  8. Pictures ROCK... can't wait to see the next set!! What a fun idea.
  9. The mission I sent out hasn't been received either, but I understand packages can sit awhile in customs, so I'm trying to be patient!
  10. Still waiting on contact regarding a coin coming my way to Texas.....
  11. replied with address... thanks!
  12. The geocoin forum address book... or is it some private-clique-thing (if so, just let me know & I'll figure out something else )? I'm fast becoming a coin addict, and recently did my first coin-mission (way fun, and in the middle of my second!) Why are these things so addictive? Shiny goodness, I think!!
  13. Could someone pretty please send me an invite, or whatever it is that's needed to get to "the list"? There is someone I want to send a special gifty to that has helped me out with something, and I want to do it stealthily! Thanks muchly.
  14. I'm from deep South Texas, where I see one of these at least once a week (albeit mostly squished). I MUST have this coin! I'm not good at keeping up with the forums, so please please email me when they go on presale!!
  15. 1. Participating - Email sent - YES 2. Nick/destination received - YES 3. Outgoing coin mission details attached - YES 4. Outgoing coin released- YES (7/9/2008) 5. Incoming coin- 6. Incoming coin picked up GC???- Coin can be tracked at TB2BMDQ... crossing fingers it makes it to the final destination!
  16. Turns out some mails had crossed each other... my coin has been activated! So.... 1. Participating - Email sent - YES 2. Nick/destination received - YES 3. Outgoing coin mission details attached - YES 4. Outgoing coin released- 5. Incoming coin- 6. Incoming coin picked up GC???- Will get the coin out as soon as I fix up a mission-sheet for its coin-flip. Now just waiting to find out who has me!
  17. I contacted my person long-ago, but haven't heard back, and the coin has not been activated. They've logged in since, so I just sent an PM through the site (used direct email before). Hopefully I'll hear soon! ...I haven't heard from whoever has me yet though.
  18. Thanks SO much to Elle77 for the fun package all the way from Stockholm, Sweden!! Your personal geocoin is great, and the nerd was a super-fun bonus!! Loved all the little tidbits from the parrot (which is missing from this picture) to the Texas Hold 'em game & all the fun stickers & such. What a great, fun first mission for me!! Here is a picture of the package (minus plastic parrot which has found a home on top of my computer & forgot to fly down for this picture).
  19. 1. email sent - yes 2. name recieved - yes 3. mission sent - yes, finally!! 4. mission arrived - yes! Got my mission in... it's GREAT!!! I'll post pictures later today. Finally got my package off to New Zeland, after real life attempted to thwart me at every turn! This was a fun mission (my first!).
  20. Got my moose in the mail!!! Was probably there awhile, but I was gone on vacation, then sick, so didn't make it to my box until yesterday. It's GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks again so much for the cointest! Not sure if I'll be releasing this one... think I'll just keep it in my hot little hands to admire. Ya know, I really didn't "get" this coin-collecting thing until I had a few in my hands... they're so.... shiny!
  21. I was trying SO hard to get my mission in the mail today (it's my first mission; took awhile to figure out what to send!)... but it just didn't make it before the post office closed. Heading out-of-town on vacation, so won't be able to send it out until I'm back in a week... sorry!! If you're in New Zealand, this may be you... expect a delay. I'll put something extra in for the slowness!
  22. Oh fun... count me in! 1. Participating - email sent 6/9/2008 2. Nick/destination received - not yet 3. Outgoin coin mission details attached - not yet 4. Outgoing coin released in cache GC - not yet 5. Incoming coin picked up - cache GC - not yet
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