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  1. I have a pocket query that runs once a week to check for new T5/D4 caches within the state. It is not unusual for it to return no results. This is the notification e-mail I receive when there are no results: Today, for the first time, I clicked on the "search" link in the e-mail (only because I couldn't remember all the options that I had chosen when I set it up), and it took me to a page saying: The problem is that the "search" link in the email refers to "bmquery.aspx" instead of "gcquery.aspx".
  2. @stebu, I think you're onto something here: Mapquest maps always work for me; OSM always fails if the map has been scrolled in the least. Mapquest maps makes its request of geocaching.com; OSM makes its request of openstreetmap.org. How did you, and what element did you inspect? I'm wondering how that request changes when the map is first scrolled. (I'm using Chrome too.)
  3. I have been able to consistently provoke the behavior using Chrome, and have NOT seen it using Firefox (Beta version 14.0.) I just ran a test wherein I: Clicked on "Map It" on my "Your Profile" page Selected the OpenStreetMap layer "Grabbed" the map, and scrolled it (as little as 1 pixel will do it.) (Note: Steps two and three may be done in any order.) After these three steps, in Chrome, on mousing-over a cache icon, the mouse cursor doesn't change, the tool tip doesn't appear, and clicking the cache icon does not pop up the cache info bubble. In Firefox, everything works as expected. Both browsers were being served by WEB16. As I reported before, after provoking the problem in Chrome, switching back to the MapQuest maps restores the full functionality.
  4. @John, What browser are you using? Are you still having problems?
  5. It seems that the bubbles disappear whenever I scroll the map. But it now appears that they only disappear if a map layer other than the default MapQuest maps is being displayed. I am able to get them back (most of the time) by simply reselecting the MapQuest maps. (Of course, they disappear again as soon as I switch back to any other maps layer.) [edit] This behavior was observed using Google Chrome 17.0.963.56 m. The same symptoms were displayed by IE9. I just installed Firefox 14.0. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO REPRODUCE THE PROBLEM WITH THIS BROWSER! (I just may have to switch to Firefox until the problem is fixed.) [/edit]
  6. I think I figured out MY problem: My e-mail registered on geocaching.com contained an uppercase letter, and either Yahoo mail stopped stopped ignoring case, or Groundspeak stopped lowercasing e-mail addresses.
  7. These caches published within the last day with no notification received. Or Priscilla GI Blues Jailhouse Rock Blue Hawaii Elvis or Jerry ? Never even liked Elvis! Hound Dog Viva Las Vegas
  8. I am set up for notifications of any new caches within 50 miles of my home (25 miles for traditional caches.) I noticed a week or so ago that it seemed like there were very few caches being published. Within the last week, there have been 39 traditional caches published within 25 miles, and 7 other than event caches within 50 miles. I KNOW that I haven't received 46 notification e-mails!
  9. I had the same problem yesterday. I was unable to get one PQ to run. (Even several copies of the same one.) I finally got a different PQ to run, and therefor changed my geocaching plans for today to an area for which I was able to get a PQ. This morning, I checked to see if the PQ had finally run after I went to bed last night. It didn't. When I went in to edit the PQ, I saw that the "Days to Generate" was not checked! I tested on a couple more PQs, and found that checking a day in the list view did not always (maybe never) resulted in the PQ day being selected in the PQ's full view. Likewise, selecting a day to generate in the full view didn't always get reflected on the list view page. @Groundspeak: Glad to do your debugging for you.
  10. They changed the stylesheet, so you will have to do a full reload (I think it is done in Chrome by holding down the Shift key and pressing reload). Otherwise, clear your browser cache and reload the page. A simple F5 reload worked for me. (Actually, I did a Shift-F5, which didn't produce a visible change, followed by F5.) It looks much better now.
  11. My Nüvi is as accurate as any GPSr that I've had my hands on. The trick though, is to set it for off-road navigation. Otherwise, as you say, it will only get me to within about 30 feet.
  12. Hmmm. It's working again. Never mind.
  13. I found a fleeting hint of a mention of this problem in the thread "Google maps broken for IE8 now...?", but otherwise I can find no reports. I used to be able to print a Geocaching Maps page which had the right-hand column to the right of the map. Now it overlaps the map, so that the top part of the right-hand column is hidden. (With the exception that the checkboxes show through the map.) I see the same behavior With IE6 on Windows 2000, IE8 on Windows Vista, and Firefox on both. I'm pretty sure I've seen the same thing using Firefox on Ubuntu Linux.
  14. I was hoping that your Southwest mapset would cover Southern California too. It looks good. It's just too small.
  15. Is this working for anyone else? I can pick my manufacturer "Garmin" but the device list does not populate - the little spinning gif keeps a spinning though. Worked for me!
  16. Yay! (Yep. I asked for this two years ago: The My Finds Pocket Query Can Only Run Once Every 7 Days.)
  17. Once a cache has been archived, Geocaching.com will never find it in a search. (That's been my experience, anyway.) Try a Google search for the title (or the GC number if you know it.) It may be that somewhere on the web someone has posted a link to the cache. (For example: a search for "PaRaDoXiCaL AmEriCan ToWnSHiPs" found this page which links to the archived cache page.) Also Google Desktop is able to find cached pages on your computer. (Assuming you have Google Desktop installed.)
  18. Ditto. Same error. I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed yet. <Bump?>
  19. You're right. It's not that big of a deal. It's just not working the way I think it should. (If I were designing the system.) I just wanted to help the Groundspeak guys make their site even better.
  20. The "My Finds" Pocket Query may only be run every 7 days -- TO THE MINUTE! This means that each week, my submission has to be done later and later in the day -- until it's no longer on the same day! You should allow a grace period of perhaps five minutes or one hour -- or allow the submission at any time within the same day of the week.
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