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  1. I didn't have a problem with the individual field notes, it was the notifcation message on my profile page that wouldn't go away after submitting all of the notes as logs. The pending field note list was completely empty and I was still getting the notifcation message that I had field notes to submit. Probably just a tiny bug. Clicking the X on the notication made it go away.
  2. I had a notification popping up this morning that said I had pending field notes when there were none currently active. The notification kept coming up when I visited my profile until I clicked the little red X button to remove it. Do you have to manually acknowledge or close the notification to get rid of it after logging all of the caches, or should have it gone away on its own? Just something I noticed this morning.
  3. I own a Garmin 400t and have been caching with it for a while now. One thing that I have noticed when loading pocket queries into the GPX folder is that the child waypoint file loads as normal waypoints. When I delete the PQ and child waypoint GPX files, the geocaches are removed, but the child waypoints are retained in memory. I can't simply delete all of my waypoints since I have quite a few that I have generated that get mixed up in the child waypoints. Is this just the way it is, or is there a simple way to delete just the child waypoints that were loaded when copying the GPX files onto the device?
  4. A premium membership costs less than taking my girlfriend out for dinner at a decent restaurant or filling my jeep up with gas, and I get to enjoy the benefits for a year!
  5. I have a black felt pen that seems to do the job well, not sure how badly it will bleed on a wet log... Maybe I should save up for a better pen
  6. I purchased a Vista HCx recently and picked up the Topo maps for around $70 on amazon, and a 2GB micro SD card from bestbuy for $35. They have quite a few roads on the map, but you can't autoroute to a destination like you can with the city navigator maps. I was more concerned having my unit show the correct location of waterways, instead of displaying that I was in the middle of a river at work. I use a nuvi 200 for getting me there by vehicle, and the vista finishes the job. Oh, and the topo maps don't have an unlock code, so you can use them on multiple units. The city navigator maps are limited to a single GPSr.
  7. That's where I got mine from too... paid for 1 day shipping though
  8. Am I correct in saying that the "x" in HCx means that the unit has a micro SD card slot, which means the HC unit does not have expandable memory? I remember reading that somewhere.
  9. Good advice, I dropped mine yesterday and put a nice scratch on the top right corner. Oops
  10. I've had a Garmin Vista HCx for about a week now, and the only place it loses signal is in the giant metal building I work in. I've never come close to losing signal outside or in my vehicle.
  11. And I have the 8 to 12 hour charger... and 8 sets of batteries
  12. I'm using the Energizer 2500 mAh AA batteries, and they seem to be working well. Takes a lot longer than 15 minute to charge. I'm sure I'll get my moneys worth out of them before they're toast.
  13. '99 Jeep Cherokee. Couldn't ask for a better cachemobile. I'll be getting the old mountain bike out this summer too.
  14. I simply decided to purchase a ton of rechargable AA batteries and use the backlight all the time.
  15. Bought a nuvi 200 last week and went searching for my first cache the next day. Setting it to pedestrian mode as well as offroad mode got me to within 10 feet of where I needed to be. Unfortunately it was too dark and I never found what I was looking for, but the gps did the job. I was really worried dropping it in the snow, since it is rather fragile. Since I had a little money left over after christmas, I ended up purchasing a Garmin Vista HCx the next day. The nuvi gets me close by vehicle, and the vista finishes the job. One thing I didnt' like about the nuvi was it didn't have ability to save tracks or routes, which makes it a little difficult to hike with. You can mark your vehicle, but it simply gives you a straight line back to it with no bread crumb trail. I also picked up a 2GB micro SD card and the 2008 topo maps. So far it seems to be a killer setup.
  16. Had a dumb question, and while typing it up on here I figured it out on my own. I purchased Garmin's Topo 2008 maps for my Vista HCx and couldn't figure out why dry land was yellow and all the water was white. Water should be blue, right? Turning marine colors off did the trick. I'm smart, and had to share.
  17. Forgot to mention... premium membership paid for this morning.
  18. This is my first post in the forums.. so yay for that! Went on a trip a week ago out of state and a friend of mine let me borrow his dashtop GPS to navigate around Pennsylvania. I had never used a GPS and was immediately impressed with how it worked. On the way back home going through Detroit I stopped at a Target store and found a similar unit with a nice touch screen. Bought it on the spot. (Probably should have waited and saves some money via Amazon.. but it was too tempting ) The next day while playing with it, a friend of mine asked if I was going to do any geocaching with it. I had read into it before but never felt like dumping the money on the required equipment. I figured, why not.. it could work. I was happy to find that I could enter in coordinates manually, so I picked a nearby cache and went after it on the way home from work. It worked very well for getting me there on the roads, but was a little tricky to use on foot. Ended up not finding the cache due to the 8 inches of snow on the ground, but it was a good test. According to the GPS I was within 2 feet of where the coordinates were, which matched the description on the website. It got dark so I went home. The next night I described what geocaching was to my girlfriend and she was unexpectedly interested in going out right then and there to look for one. I picked a couple of small caches in the middle of a wal-mart and home depot parking lot. Drove to where the GPS told me to go, within 10 feet and found two caches. Too much fun. We're both hooked now. Yesterday I decided that this is enough fun to dump some money a decent hand held GPS. Did quite a bit of research on the forums among other places and picked the one that seemed perfect, and was within my budget. It'll be arriving later today via UPS and I've already got a road trip planned to grab a few caches. I was glad that I saw the tip about taking a pair of tweezers. Makes it much easier to retrieve the log in those little micro caches. I've also dug out my old palm pilot and will be getting that up and running over the weekend. List of Equipment So Far - Garmin Nuvi 200 (For getting me there on the roads) - Garmin eTrex Vista HCx (For finishing the job on foot) - Palm m130 (Going paperless!) - Tweezers (Good tip) Hello new hobby. Goodbye checking account balance.
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