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  1. 24 geocachers found this geocache on Disney property before the bomb squad and said NOTHING.
  2. The treasure is 10,000 US mint one-dollar coins. http://www.welostourgold.com/
  3. Congrats to the whole team. I know how much fun you all had.
  4. The cache owner deletes any negative logs on this cache.
  5. Thank you for your wonderful macro and easy to follow instructions. I have been using a 650 for a couple of months now and this past weekend followed your tutorial and used it for geocaching. It worked great. I'll be following this thread and the other nuvi threads for future updates. Thanks again!
  6. Another example. Someone brought a bag of bugs including 10 JTBs to be discovered only and the bag went missing. GC16AAN http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...04-b552a48d9ccf
  7. Because people don't use the logs to say just how disgusting it is to look for a cache near a toilet. This cache was hidden inside a public restroom under the sink. GCMGX1 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&numlogs=
  8. In case anyone is interested http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...57-627db54bbc15 It is in a park, potluck and you have to bring your own chairs. Where did all that money go?
  9. Marty, I guess you missed this earlier post?????????? I'll say it again....I could really care less who uses the 4x4 recommended or 4x4 not allowed attribute. In the thousand or so 4x4 caches that the So Cal 4x4 Geocachers have looked for I have never looked for a single cache because it had the 4x4 allowed attribute. I take the time to read the cache pages and logs, I create topo maps of the area, I check with BLM or USFS or National Parks or whatever agency manages the land that we will be on, and then decide from that information whether or not it is a cache that the So Cal 4x4 Geocachers want to hunt for. Any less effort would be irresponsible to the group. We have members that have invested tens of thousands of dollars in specialized equipment and they deserve more effort than me simply deciding to attempt a cache by checking an attribute.
  10. Okay, let's see here... is this thing on?... Anyway... Why is there not a blacklight attribute? I maintain a public bookmark list which alerts my fellow blacklight cachers when a new cache is approved that requires a blacklight. I have to look at each and every cache approved and read the description thoroughly before I can add it to the blacklight bookmark list which I attempt to update weakly. There ought to be an easier way! Lately cachers have been falsely adding to their descriptions that a blacklight is necessary. I had to search through pages and pages of falsely described caches to find a blacklight cache. I had to drive over 750 miles to get to the nearest one. Obviously, there was a lot more care to be taken in checking and packing gear than if it were just another cache. Blacklight cachers have to spend significant effort planning and executing their blacklight hunts. People polluting the "blacklight necessary" in their cache description only make it that much more trouble, and for what? The labeling of non-blacklight caches as "blacklight necessary" makes the cache description less suitable for the use for which it was intended, and it does so "by the introduction of unwanted factors", even.
  11. Yes, you would be remiss using your analogy and thinking it would be logical. That is the first logical statement you have made.
  12. I really could care less about the attributes. I don't think I have ever decided to do or not do a cache because of an attribute. I don't think I ever will. I think a huge majority of geocachers have never used an attribute as their defining reason for finding a geocache.
  13. You are criticizing the selection process because it doesn't fit in with your opinions on how the contest should be run. Other folks from all over So Cal think the selection process is just fine, including a many of the San Diego cachers who have sent emails or told us in person at the mega event that we should just ignore the few bad San Diego apples spoiling the rep for the whole group. Well said James. Thank you.
  14. You must get lost easy. I'm not sure even the best GPSr can help you.
  15. SoCalGeocachers.com has been running the Best of So Cal awards for a few years now. FullOn (Rich) asked ShowStop (Tyler) to coordinate the awards last year and Tyler did it again this year. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to coordinate these awards. Tyler has been asking for input and help since September. It would be nice if some of the most southern of the So Cal Geocaching community would be a little more appreciative of all the time and effort that Rich and Tyler have put into these awards.
  16. Looks like Mike manages his sock puppet accounts about as well as he manages his coin sales.
  17. Just exactly what was karstic discussing if he wasn't discussing the topic of the thread? Tommy CHOSE to leave geocaching. Nobody forced him out. karstic is one of the MANY So Cal geocachers that have put up with Tommy's antics for years while the rest of the geocaching world had no clue as to what was happening. When speaking of bad apples why don't you ask Tommy how many thousands of discovered logs he deleted before Groundspeak told him to knock it off?
  18. Why did Tommy feel the need to announce his geocide on the geocoin forums. <image removed by moderator>
  19. If you're gonna help flog a coin at least make sure that your link works, It was such a beautiful coin and he was so proud to be the new owner that he rushed to his computer to activate it. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/Default.aspx?id=865903
  20. You are more than welcome to altigenman, I believe the sales tables at the event are $200 each The quote was in reference to the coinfest event in February and it is no joke. If Altigenman wants to sell his coins at coinfest he will need to pay $200 for a sales table.
  21. jerrytcher is a member of IECachers.com, IECachers.org and IECachers Yahoo Groups. The only reason IECachers.com has 60 registered users is that Mike forced all of you to become members of his site to get information on the IECachers.com coin. Maybe Mike should invite both mods to the IECachers Yahoo Groups and let them see first hand just how few people were involved in making decisions about the coins.
  22. Mike, You are the OP. My only posts in this thread to were ask questions or to respond to misleading statements made by you in posts on this thread. Everything started with you making public statements on this thread.
  23. Are the 50 in gold and black the limited edition? The spinoff was after you booted members off your Yahoo Group. Yes there were hard feelings and you answered questions back then about as truthfully as you are answering them on this thread. I have been caching in the Inland Empire since July 2003. We were calling ourselves the IE Cachers long before you ever joined geocaching and before you ever started IECachers on Yahoo Groups and before you started IECachers.com. You got them all and answered a few. repeated becuase they don't get answered. There are 2 leaders of IECachers.com. They are Mamaloo (Katy) and Altigenman. They have a few loyal followers and the coin sale profits seem to benefit Altigenman and Mamaloo. They keep their Yahoo Group private and many cachers from the Inland Empire are not allowed on the forums at IECachers.com IECachers.org was started by James aka "Mr. Wisearse" as an free flow of information alternative to Mike & Katys IECachers Yahoo Group.
  24. I have emailed Mamaloo twice and asked for an accounting and I have not received a response yet. And what would that good cause be?
  25. Do you ever answer questions directly? I could care less how much you try to sell you coins for. If people are willing to pay $16 a piece then kudos to you. I do care that you misled folks that the coins were to support expensive events in the IE. Could you please answer my question. With the trophies donated, the raffle items donated, the park and the food cost zero.....Where did you spend hundreds of your dollars to make the event happen?
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