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  1. I dont think that the eTrex "yellow" has a data cable plug in. And that could be a big drawback unless you want to enter all the cords. by hand. I would personaly by a geko 201 (like in the picture next to my name) for about 10 dollars more you get a smaller unit with more features.
  2. I would have to go with the Geko as well, but a GPS with a "Go to" button would be EXTREMLY helpful. The kids would simply hit the go to button to start off toward the next cache instead of scrolling to the menue page and then going through several other steps to select the next wavepoint. Unfortunatly the Geko does not have that feature.
  3. Well I would not call it a "fall back" you have 12 hrs. of battery life, and it is not that hard to fit 2 extra AAA batteries into your pocket or back pack. And it sounds to me that you should contact garmen at www.garmen.com and ask them about the isue.
  4. Well find out who the travel bug belonged to, then e-mail them and tell them what happened
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