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  1. Several good starter units come to mind from the Garmin eTrex line to the Magellan Meridian and eXplorist line. Get into the gorges and wooded type areas like Letchworth and you will want something with good reception.
  2. First, let me offer my condolences with regards to your coisins passing. It is never a good thing to lose a friend or family member. I think a commemorative geocoin and even the geocaching event make perfect sense in a case like this. While I am not sure what the out come would be here at GC as far as listing is concerned, There are other sites that would consider the listing. Maybe even get Today's Cacher to do a write up if they would be willing.
  3. Yes< I can see where a business would really take offense to someone directing customers in their direction.
  4. Well as for the 'staleness' of the data you complain about, that was his main reason for the change a few weeks ago. While I would hardly call his (Ed's) concern 'suddden' it also was not something that took 4+ years. His concern has been there right along (to the best of my knowledge) and he has been trying for quite some time to work out a reasonable agreement to be able to keep data used up to date, but eventually you have to accept that the other party is obviously not interested and do what you have to do I guess. I think it is probably a disappointment to those who would have liked to see otherwise, it should not be a total suprise to any one that has been following the situation.The second issue would have also required more cooperation from others, though I can not say he had plans to offer such a feature in any case.
  5. My appologies, something most have gotten lost in the editing and I have corrected that post.
  6. I don't think that would be such a bad thing! Since it was Buxley's decision the remove geocaching.com caches from his website, maybe you should be complaining to him instead of here. And you forgot to include this part "Why? Well I only want to show caches on my maps that I know are both accurate and up-to-date and I can't do that anymore." The problem (as I understand it) was that without cooperation Ed (Buxley) could not continue to provide accurate cache data from this site. Now like all of us, he would prefer to keep his content up to date, so while it may have been 'his decision' it is not like it was his first choice. After all had he really wanted to take such action, I am sure it would have been done long ago.
  7. I generally would not do this, but would like to have my say in some mis-information from Camo-crazed in This Thread It is 'assumed' by this party that because they applied for an account on my site that they were suddenly subject to SPAM. While I feel bad for anyone that has problems with SPAM (that would be most anyone connected to the internet) I would hope that prior to an assumption and statement like this, they would have the courtesy to investigate and verify there suspicions. Had this party done so they would easily have been able to determine that we were not responsible for the problem. Perhaps some education on SPAM and email address SPOOFing used in most every SPAM message sent today would have opened this parties eyes to the fact that they were sadly mistaken. We do not send any email to members outside that needed to maintain the site and share member info with no-one. I guess some just feel it easier to assume and accuse than verify! PC Medic Team Navicache www.navicache.com
  8. (Former) Medic HQ & A Co 3rd Med Bn / 3rd Inf. Div. "Rock of the Marne" (Current) Senior Support Specialist (PC Medic)
  9. This was also quite possibly the result of an 'unusual smell' (bleach, oxyclean, human scent) and not the scent of food. Many animals such as Raccoon and Bear are very curious by nature and may have just been investigating this odd smelling item and not an item that had the smell of food. Just a possibility.
  10. While I have not seen anything official on this (USCG or USNO sites), I do know that there has been some very high solar flare activity the past few days including a powerful X2 Class flare just after midnight on New Years. It is possible that this may have caused some brief anomalies in reception. As far as the earth wobbling on its access after the quakes (that caused the devastating tsunamis) last week. The earth always wobbles on its access and while I have seen reports that maps may be inaccurate for that immediate area, the GPS network will correct itself almost immediately.
  11. I would hope so.... Ed (Buxley's) has appeared on the show on three seperate occasions over the past few years. Anyone in the area checked the coordinates to see what it is all about ???
  12. I do not think its being a replica makes it less unique and to some it just may be the one end-all be-all statue regarding Native American heritage. Statues (like other works of art) all inspire or touch people in different ways. What may not 'WOW' an approver just may WOW someone else. This particular piece may have added WOW factor to some due to what it represents (Native Americans). As for it being only a replica of the original located in CA that may be, but perhaps there are some in the region of this proposed virtual that would love to see the original, but will never make that trip to California. They are attempting to make this somewhat of a commercial venture to keep it going. I hardly think this is an attempt to make this a commercial venture. Their is a very well known monument in DC. It is a wall to honor those that gave their lives for our country during the Viet Nam War. Recently a replica of this wall (now touring the country) was set up here in my area. We went to see it and the related displays. At each end there were large cans to drop donations to help keep the wall moving. I do not think there intent was to commercialize on our fallen sons and daughters. To me the questions should be... is it unique to the area that the the virtual cache is looking to be approved? Would it possibly be of unique interest to the people of 'that' particular area. I say yes on both and agree with RK and GEO.JOE ... the submission was well thought out, provided good background on what you were seeking and gave you something to admire and reflect upon. I will give it another thumbs up vote.
  13. I'm pretty sure it was.... IF you take something Leave something. Not being picky though. You are correct. What a difference a two letter word can make.
  14. I am not trying to "Dictate" how to play the game. This Quote is taken from the FAQ from Geocaching.com http://www.geocaching.com/faq/ What are the rules in Geocaching? Geocaching is a relatively new phenomenon. Therefore, the rules are very simple: 1. Take something from the cache 2. Leave something in the cache 3. Write about it in the logbook I am saying there is a way the game "Should" be played. Doesn't get any plainer than that. If people decide to do thing different, of course it is their choice. However, it is not "Geocaching" Well as pointed out in another thread, according to Dave Ulmer (Who did after all invent the game) there were only two 'rules' if we must call them that. They were If you take something Leave something (Actually I think that is only ONE rule) No mention of logging it at all. Just because it does not follow true to how you think it should be done or even what the GC.com FAQ has to say is hardly cause to say it is not Geocaching. What it doesn't get any plainer than is that if you have a GEOgraphical location and you place a CACHE there it is a GEO-CACHE. The game has taken many twists and variations over the years, some folks like some variations that others do not, does not mean it is not Geocaching.
  15. There is also the reason that some are in it for the challenge of the hunt, not to trade trinkets. As long as it is not TSLNSL then I hardly think they "robbed everyone after them".
  16. Removed as posted twice after SQL error returned.
  17. As RK has pointed out, generally speaking geocaching is permitted on lands managed by the BLM. There are always exceptions to the rule however such as most wildlife refuge under their jurisdiction. Like any other park, when in doubt ask the manager of that particular park. For more info you can also look HERE
  18. Well .LOC and .GPX are both open standard file formats and while GC uses a proprietary namespace in the GPX files they generate, the GPX format itself does not belong to them. So using either of these two formats or several others available would be quite possible given the proper interface. The percentage of cachers showing interest and using his site and the number of maps Buxley's serves up would seem to indicate (as does this and several other threads) that a large number of geocachers find his maps to be a very useful resource. Well, with cooperation this is not an issue as a flag set in the database to show the cache has been archived and when the data is polled this would cause the marker to also be removed from Buxley's maps. As for someone wasting their time planning a cache hunt for an archived cache that still erroneously showed on his maps this would not be the case. Remember, he does not pull down the listing and description, only the name and needed information to link back to the original cache page on the hosting site. So, if the cache were already archived on the hosting site, when someone clicks the point on Buxley's map they would be taken to that page and it would be quite clear to them. I thought this thread was about the hopes that a solution would be found to benefit all involved. Perhaps I did not read into it something that was not here. Not sure I see the similarity with the Wally-World and K-Mart analogy, but I thought these forums (just like those on other geocaching sites) were to discuss geocaching related topics????? Any way, Jeremy seems to have pointed out the best solution to be sure your caches get posted on Buxley's maps.
  19. I agree. Good article that puts a very positive light on the sport and shows we aren't a bunch of crazy folks running around digging up the country side (well OK.... some of us may be a little crazy! ). Where ever they decide to call home, hopefully it will introduce others to a great sport that the whole family can enjoy.
  20. If I am not reading more into this than it says, it sounds to me like you have been given the go ahead by the property owners/stewards. If that is the case and you list as you described, I would certainly say it should be approved.
  21. A good reason for a Stash Note in every cache that says "please do not remove container from this location....", or is this a case of over zealous finders not opening the container till they got to the radio station!?
  22. Hmmm....while there is crtainly a possibility of a spelling error, I would hardly say it is rampant as you imply. Care to point them out we would be happy to fix them. Have a Happy Holiday!
  23. First, every time I've bothered to write an email with link of the now archived cache, Ed has been very happy to remove its dot. Second, all the links to retired/archived caches I've found were on gc.com, never navi... Can you find one? If you do find one please let us or Ed (Buxley's) know and we will get it corrected as soon as possible. We have always worked with Ed to insure 'Retired/Archived' caches do not show on his maps and in fact the data he pulls from us contains a flag to show the cache status so that if it is Retired it will/should drop off his maps.
  24. The thing is Buxley's has never gone offline. He continues to operate just as he did before gc.com blocked his access listing those caches from others that also chose "other options". With the lack of dialogue I can understand your giving up hope on this end however.
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