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    Asia maps ?

    Forget about the worldwide base map. It's utterly useless, even more so in 'exotic' countries. The best maps that I have found for Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are from rotweiler: http://rotweilermaps.com/ Most of these are not only detailed, but recently updated as well, and with a LOT of POIs. I just love them.
  2. Looks like you lost your virginity in real Bangkok style: not 1 but already 3 caches placed! Congratulations. Please don't forget to go hunting a bit. There are over a 100 caches in Bangkok itself! The left bank of Prapadaeng is a real treasure fortress, and good relaxing too. Good luck! Alfonso Sri Lanka www.geocachinglanka.com
  3. Hi! Would like your opinion to start a forum dedicated to all countries of South & Southeast Asia: India - Maldives - Nepal - Sri Lanka - Bhutan - Bangladesh - Myanmar - Laos - Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam - Malaysia - Indonesia - Singapore. The whole region is still rather 'small' in hidden caches (about 600), but is gaining popularity fast, particularly in those areas frequented by tourists (Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka). It seems that geocachers from Europe and the US/Canada are spreading the caching virus, and the local community is catching up eagerly. It would be excessive to start a forum for each country. But for the region, it could offer a real benefit, as traveling within this region becomes increasingly popular with the local population too. Just respond with your opinion. If enough of you out there support the idea, we can give it a start. The Sri Lankan website is currently being constructed to cater for all above countries too with additional and regional information. In Sri Lanka we're already organizing intro-sessions, where geocaching is 'learned' with both GPS and topographic maps. As GPSr is not yet very commonly used in many areas, working with a good map can be a valid alternative. With a 1:50,000 scale map, it is possible to pinpoint the cache position within 20 meters. And after some experience, it turns you into an expert map-reader. Often a serious extra, as a map gives you a much superior feel for orientation, if only due to it's larger size. If you want a copy of the 'course notes', just send me a mail. best regards alfonso www.geocachinglanka.com
  4. Thanks, Peter, for the publicity. We're trying hard to get geocaching off the ground in Sri Lanka. One of the main objectives for 2008 is to place another 50 caches over the island, in all main and secundary tourist places. This should give a chance to all visitors to combine a interesting and relaxing holiday with some geocaching action. BTW, I was thinking to extend the website to the surrounding countries, but while developing this, I received further requests from adjoining countries. Finally, the website is going cover the whole South and Southeast Asia region: India Nepal Maldives Bangladesh Bhutan Laos Myanmar Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Singapore Vietnam Philippines (... hope I did not forget any). Preparations are being made. IT WILL NOT DUPLICATE the info on geocaching.com (too much), but tend to provide additional info, like - a general map with cache locations ( so you know in what part of the country the caches are concentrated) - (wherever possible) a detailed map of the cache area for each cache With over 600 caches hidden in the region, it will take some time to cover all in detail. First to come are the two 'main' places: Thailand and Singapore. Maybe it's time to think about a dedicated forum to, catering for the whole mentioned region. Alfonso www.geocachinglanka.com
  5. I don't see any more replies. Did it solve your problem? If not, and as the text is long, I tried with an automatic translation, and did some corrections: Hello, I am my little boss's newest cache. As so many caches in this area. I also start from the "centre of leuven". BUT I got cache-napped by Nibla Cemen. The bastard blindfolded me. I feel that we sit in a car. My internal compass says me that we drive to the east . I start count quietly the seconds and count up to 363. Underway I hear Cemen curse concerning the speed restrictions of leuven but he drives never faster as 50 km/h, but does not stop for any traffic light nor to yield priority. We stop.... I can see now something, the blindfold got a bit loose. We are in front of a church, I see something of kwin???"and we continue now by foot between 2 houses on a small alley. "gaming is our friend", I hear him still say. We cross the street and enter the woods through a cobbleroad. Cemen difficulty with this path as it is pretty steep. Once up the hill we return to the fields. At my right I see a large water party. We arrive at a road. "Ha," says Cemen, "I must remember this spot; here I cannot park with my heavy material", After a signboard we turn to the right. At the end of this path we turn to the left. Where we encounter a signboard " duck pond - eendepoel", we go to the left. Panic ? We sit on a bench. He doesn't know what to do no more. It's not going to last much longer, I think. I see at the left-hand side a house with number 71. a little further, in the bend (there is sometimes blue), Cemen makes a mark in an oak tree. 15 steps further, deeper in the woods and at another oak, it becomes all of a sudden dark around me. Can somebody get me out of here? Good luck.
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