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  1. Geluk Gerhard!! Groete!
  2. Gerhard ... Jammer om te hoor ... Probeer 'n "Mystery or puzzle cache" dan het jy tot 2 myl (omtrent 3km?) om jou cache van die plek te plaas ... Dis wat ek gedoen het aangesien daar niks wegsteekplek is waar die monument is nie ... Hoop jy kom reg!
  3. Guys, I think the people who committed to the allocated TD's should place and list their TD before or on a specific extended listed date which should be the absolute final date! Jammer ... vergeet ons praat hier Afrikaans vir 'n slag! Die rede vir my stelling is dat die nie-plasing gevolge het vir die res wat geplaas het en vir potensiele soekers: Dit is verwarrend as ons verwys na 18 en daar is net 14/15 Die TD eienaars moet hul aanlyn publikasies aanpas Die TD eienaars moet hul insetsels/beskrywings in die geplaasde TD aanpas Groetnis!
  4. This is nice if you go on an extended trip or holiday otherwise I only load the caches I plan for the day (10 to 20) as a gpx file under my Geocaching header and load a route (distance optimised). With caches for the day I don't create a tourguide with all the whistles and bells and only load them as a normal custom POI file ... Happy Hunting!
  5. batsgonemad and his squirrel ... You need to know how to load POI's onto your NUVI. You delete the same way as you would do for POI's. A quick rundown ... Create a folder on your PC where you keep all your POI's and tourguides IMPORTANT ... LOAD ALL YOUR POI DATA 1st ONTO YOUR SD CARD! You use the PoiLoader for this You also use PoiLoader to remove these files from your NUVI (SD card and GPSr)! FILES ONLY TO BE IN GPX FORMAT!! What this means is that every time you want to update your POI's you delete all 1st and load all together again ... Personal/Custom POI's, Road safety Data, Tourguides, etc ... IT takes about a minute or two to delete and upload. To prepare your files takes longer ... Garmap's SA website has excellent "How To" links as well as their forum ... Hope this help ... Welcome to e-mail me should you get stuck ... Have fun!
  6. I own a NUVI and do caching with it ... doing most of the things the link recommends/discusses. The only problem with a NUVI is high graphics sooo ... LOW BATTERY LIFE! If not used on the cradle I get 1.5 hours max ...
  7. I think you guys are far too patient ... I'll e-mail after 4 weeks!! If it's a racing TB ... after 2 weeks! Happy Hunting!
  8. I've been using my NUVI 710 for caching since I started. My caching routine is normally as follows: Planning: Create a pocket Query Upload the gpx file with POILoader Import the gpx into mapsource and create an optimal distance route Upload the route with mapsource At the cache location: Switch to pedestrian & off road setting Use the distance indicator in meters and walk as close as possible When really close go to the coordinates to get even closer to the exact spot Downside using a NUVI ... BATTERY LIFE! I only have about 1.5 hours there and back! So you can't really do long hikes! Thx pilotsnipes ... The macro is going to improve my caching life!! Happy hunting!
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    Echo answered ... Hie hie ... Hey there amaSoekSoek & Cincol!
  10. Tonteldoos XV - Hildebrand Monument is gelys en gereed om gesoek te word! Groetnis!
  11. Tonteldoos XV is reeds vanmiddag gestuur vir publikasie. Ek glo dit sal vannand nog gelys word en more-oggend gereed wees om te soek ... Nog 9 uistaande ... Groetnis!
  12. Hey ... I'm a newbie around here ... Furthest cache from home is 662.61 km and my centroid is 23.475 km from home ... BUT ... Watchit ... I'm on your tail!! ... He he My current centroid Happy Hunting!!
  13. Betaal of nie ... Daar is baie caches waar jy toegangsgeld moet betaal ... geocacher_coza ... as RedGlobe sy TB gekry het is myne seker ook al in die posbus sooo ... by voorbaat DANKIE!! TONTELDOOS XV is amper klaar ... nog net 'n paar klein aanpassinkies en "trimmings" dan is hy op die lug!! Groetnis!
  14. Moenie worry nie!! Tonteldoos XV is oppad! Gesukkel met wegsteekplek en het 2 moontlike plekke in die ongewing. Darling omgewing is plat vaal, sand en kluite!! Behoort oor die naweek geplaas kan word as ek al die lamineerwerk klaar kan kry!! Groetnis!
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    Hey there wazat ... Not much going on around here!
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    Congrats cownchicken on your 1200 - well done! Happy Hunting all!!
  17. Cape_Guy

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    Morning RedGlobe & geocacher_coza ... Cloudy in Cape Town ... No new listings for me to chase ... A normal caching day here ... Have an excellent caching day!
  18. Geluk Strider_SA & RedGlobe!! ... Ek sukkel nog met 'n groot genoeg houer, behoorlike wegsteekplek in die area, ens ... maar sal middel Mei 2008 publiseer ...
  19. Cape_Guy

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    Hey wazat ... wat's up?
  20. Wazat ... with a tazer you really have to be close to use it!! Nope I want to keep them at a distance!!
  21. RedGlobe ... Ek gaan net die volgende op die "listing" publiseer met my "Puzzle" en geskiedenis onderaan. In die cache gaan ek spesifiek die generiese inleiding plaas in Engels en Afrikaans asook die geskiedenis m.b.t. die area ... ------------------------------------------------------------- This is no 15 in the "Tonteldoos" series and contains one of the 18 clues to the final cache in the series to be placed in 2009. There are 18 Tonteldoos Caches all over South Africa and in every one you will find a clue in the sense of the name of a well known Afrikaner/Boer. These clues are to be gathered and during the Easter weekend of 2009, in the small town Tonteldoos, Mpumalanga, South Africa, every person who writes in as participant, will receive a code deciphering the clues. The code will give the coordinates of the Great Cache, which will be hidden in the vicinity of Tonteldoos. ---------------------------------------------------- Werk aan jul dose ... tyd raak min!! hehe
  22. Ouens … Ek het die generiese dokument deur 'n speltoets gesit … Kyk maar of dit jul goedkeuring wegdra en kan gebruik … --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Die Tonteldoosreeks / The Tondeldoos Series Hierdie is een skat van die Tonteldoosreeks / This is one cache in the Tondeldoos Series. There are 18 Tonteldoos Caches all over South Africa and in every one you will find a clue in the sense of the name of a well known Afrikaner/Boer. These clues are to be gathered and during the Easter weekend of 2009, in the small town Tonteldoos, Mpumalanga, South Africa, every person who writes in as participant, will receive a code deciphering the clues. The code will give the coordinates of the Great Cache, which will be hidden in the vicinity of Tonteldoos. The rest of the story follows: In the early days of our country, when the horizon was wide and open, south from the Equator the grass was green. At dusk, as the sun was setting and the herds of cattle were homeward bound, the call of the women, echoed across the land. From the west, the white sails of the ships came, asking of water and food, and to stay for so much more. And so the land that was once free, traded for the ghettos of the cities. Mother Africa held, in her belly, many riches of diamonds, gold, coal and precious metals. The people of the land becoming slaves, digging, tunnelling into the depths of this beautiful country, to get every bit of the riches it holds. Great open plains, fenced off, so that even the largest of Gods animals would bow under the might of the hunter and his guns. The silence would soon befall the country. Another century, the picture is much the same. Not long ago, in the land of Milk and Honey, the burgers of two lands, The Orange Free State and the Transvaal, free, happy and living in harmony with each other. The stories of the riches in these two lands soon befell the ears of the Queen of the Empire over the seas. Her people were sent to investigate and confirm the rumours of many riches. The Queen was soon to declare war on the burgers. Women and children died in their thousands from disease and starvation, as their husbands, fathers and sons died on the battlefield. Eventually the burgers were to bow down to the pressure, there was no other choice. The Queen was told to take the riches as her own. However the Queen did not know of one man, Paul Kruger from the Transvaal. He had hidden a large amount of the "Queens gold" before peace was declared. Likewise General De Wet of the Free State had took and also hidden a large amount of gold. These treasures of gold have to this day not been found. In the land of the old Transvaal, not far from where this gold is hidden, lies a small town, still living in peace and harmony as it was so many years previously. The small town of Tonteldoos, with its unique fauna and flora, farms and small holdings, peach trees and interesting people, this is truly a town that must be enjoyed. Every year a festival, with its own golden peach brandy can be found, so too this is where the Tinderbox Treasure can be found. Throughout the land of Milk and Honey, Tinderboxes are hidden, each containing a clue of the whereabouts of a final treasure. This final treasure will hold the gold that the finder shall give to the Queen. Breaking her thirst for the gold and finally ending the war against the lands of Transvaal and The Orange Free state. The search for this gold is on! Who will be the one to find the final treasure and bring the peace and harmony of Tonteldoos back to the land of Milk and Honey? O-O-O Daar is 18 Tonteldoos skatte regoor Suid Afrika en in elkeen 'n leidraad in die vorm van die naam van een of ander bekende Afrikaner/Boer. Hierdie leidrade moet versamel word en gedurende die Paasnaweek 2009 sal daar te die dorpie Tonteldoos, Mpumalanga, Suid Afrika aan elkeen wat daarvoor inskryf 'n kode verskaf word wat deur middel van die leidrade ontsyfer kan word. Daardie kode sal die koördinate aandui van die Groot Skat, wat iewers naby Tonteldoos weggesteek sal wees. Die res van die verhaal volg hierna: Toe die wêreld hier nog jonk was, en die horison wyd en oop, was dit groen hier in die halfrond, suid van die ewenaar. En in die skemer as die son sak, en die beeste huistoe loop, klink die roepstem van die vroue, oor die heuwels van die land. Toe kom die skepe uit die weste, wit seile oor die see, om te vra vir kos en water, en te bly vir soveel meer; en die land wat een tyd oop was, die land het ons verruil, vir die ghetto's van die stede, is ons koperdraad gegee. Daar was rykdom in die maag, van ons moeder Afrika. Diamante, steenkool, goud, edel metaal, en die mense word die slawe hier, want die mense word betaal om te tonnel in die aarde, elke greintjie uit te haal. En die groot en oop grasvlaktes, span dit toe met doringdraad; en van die olifant tot die gemsbok, al die diere moes kom buig voor die mag van die grootwildjagter, voor die mag van sy groot geweer. Totdat net die stilte oorbly. Totdat net die stilte heers… Ander milieu, selfde prentjie. Nie so lank, lank gelede nie, in 'n tyd toe die wêreld nog jonger was as vandag, ook in die Land van Melk en Heuning, het die burgers van twee landjies, die Oranje Vrystaat en Transvaal, vry, gelukkig en in harmonie met mekaar geleef. Daar was volop minerale in hierdie lande, en die stories oor die mineraalrykdom het die ore van 'n Koningin oor die see bereik, wie haar mense gestuur het om ondersoek in te stel of die stories waar was. Die Koningin het 'n oorlog teen die inwoners begin, en vroue en kinders het by die duisende omgekom van honger en siekte, terwyl die mans op die slagvelde vermoor is. Uiteindelik het die burgers geen keuse gehad anders as om 'n Vrede met die Koningin te sluit nie. Die Koningin was vertel dat sy dan maar die goud vir haarself kon neem. Die Koningin het egter nie geweet van ou oom Paul Kruger van die Transvaal, 'n hele klomp goud gaan wegsteek het, voor die vrede bereik was nie. Ook in die Vrystaat het 'n dapper Generaal de Wet met die Slag van Roodewal al die Koningin se goue ponde afgevat en gaan begrawe. Hierdie skatte van goud is tot vandag toe nog nie gevind nie. Nie so ver van waar die goud begrawe was nie, in die land van die ou Transvaal, is daar steeds 'n dorpie waar vrede en harmonie heers. Hierdie dorpie se naam is Tonteldoos. Met sy unieke fauna en flora, plase en kleinhoewes, perskeboomrye en interessante mense, is die dorpie inderdaad 'n avontuur om te beleef. Hier word ook jaarliks 'n Plaasfees gehou waar die streek se heerlike perskemampoer geproe kan word. Dit is dan ook hier waar die Tonteldoosskat gevind kan word… Regdeur die Land van Melk en Heuning is daar tonteldose begrawe. In elke tonteldoos is daar 'n leidraad wat sal lei na die Skat van Goud. In die een wie die skat vind se hande sal die goud lê, om aan die gruwelike Koningin te gee om sodoende die towerkrag te breek en haar dors na goud te les sodat die Oorlog teen Transvaal en Vrystaat vir ewig gestaak word. Die soektog na die Skat van Goud is aan! Wie gaan die een wees wat die skat gaan vind en die vrede en harmonie van Tonteldoos oor die hele Land van Melk en Heuning versprei? O-O-O
  23. Agreed ... fun is what it is all about ... the hike, places you would never have made the time to go to, etc ... But one should take responsibility for the caches you place, either maintain them yourself or put special arrangements in place ... It's part of the geocaching thing ... You take and put something back into the game. If the above is not an option and you don't see your way out maintaining all or some of them, then put it up for adoption by someone living close by ... Even better ... Only place so many you are able to handle! Have fun!
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