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  1. Ive never insulted you, I use to have premium membership, but let it expire, I do like the numbers, it might only be $30.00 to some people, but its still a little hard to scrape up, Ive been idle on the finds lately, but with fall coming will get back started, would love a membership to get back going, if not so be it, but it would be nice.
  2. I ordered 100 and only drop one in a cache that I like, unusual, etc. If Im in a new area I also try to make sure a couple get dropped off regardless.
  3. If logger stated they broke the speed limit going to the cache, would you delete that log?
  4. FTF means First To FIND, not first to log, not first to find and log, just first to find.Sounds like FTF finder had a good reason for the delay in logging. fact is, in the bigger picture of things, the only person that the numbers matter to, is yourself, same as me. I have one FTF, and the only one that that matters to is me, just as yours matter to you.
  5. Fox Tactical appears to sell to wholesalers ONLY....... I take it you purchased the bag elsewhere? I got mine from a local Army surplus store.
  6. Trust me, there's more things more worthy out there to get mad about. so they claimed a FTF and didnt sign the log? no big deal. Who's going to know? I can say I have 50 FTF (I only have one) and who will that affect? no one's going to go back and check. what I'm saying is if you play the FTF game (and there's nothing wrong with that) and you found a empty log after they claimed to find it, go ahead and and claim FTF. in this game, the one that it affects is YOU. If you know your FTF, claim it. remember were really playing a game with no rules how we play, just like the power trails with the droped containers when they cant find one or they split and find every other one and claim a find on all of them. They can play how they want, I'll play how I want, (but I do form a opinion of them).
  7. What GPSr Make and Model do you use? Garmin oregon 400T On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 10 (best) what would you rate your GPSr? 9 What is the best feature of your GPSr you like best? Paperless What is the worst thing about your GPSr? None that I can think of And finally If you were to get a new GPSr, which one would you want next? Another Garmin product, maybe the new Montana
  8. Hmm, Not knocking power trails, but why not a mix of caches, use caches to bring people to the state for reasons other than a powertrail. Why not hides in differant state parks, this would attract cachers to the state parks. Thats just one way, I just think theres other ways to use Geocaching.
  9. There not all gone, you just need to go to Brizil (I know, Ill never be able to go, so it might as well be all gone)
  10. Congrats on having one complete it's mission without dissapearing.
  11. But if they re built the leaning tower of Pisa, would it be the same?
  12. Hmm... dont look good, from the stats on the person that last logged it, "Longest Slump 620 consecutive days without a find from 10/05/2009 to 06/16/2011"
  13. I use Vista and have never had this problem.
  14. Just asking, why should they errect a plaque at the site? It's not the last APE cache. Everyone throws the plaque at the original stash as a example,apples to apples, where is the plaque for the 2nd stach hid? Same concept. Now if Brizil (The last APE cache) goes missing...maybe.
  15. Mr. Yuck, my hats off to you for back peddling.
  16. 2nd for the fox bag, I have it and love it!
  17. [ What makes you say it's a tourism based account? looks like CO has 76 finds in 5 states, with 39 hides. regardless, owner of NANO cache was not responding to needs maintance logs, or Groundspeak. Because the account name is "Explore Florida"? There's one needs maintenance log. Anyone can drop a needs maintenance log on any cache. The finders after that seem fine with the condition. The guys cache was archived after receiving (and yes not responding) to an email saying it was on private property when the last two posts to the cache page from people with boots on the ground say it wasn't! So this scuba cache can be published? "Bad Form", as one of those poster's said in their log. 4 needs maintance logs this year, thats more than one a month. When I signed up for a account, I wanted "candleman" but someone already had it, I make candles as a hobby, would that make my account a commercal or tourst account?
  18. I didn't have time to look at that archived cache in too much detail when I made post #34 to this thread. Now I have. Let me tell you what, if the last finder and the last note poster are correct that this cache was on public property, and Groundspeak used strong arm tactics to eliminate it, so this commercial cache by a tourism-based account could be placed, that is a complete crock of you know what, and I ain't afraid to say it. Of course we don't have the full story, but I'd love to hear it. What makes you say it's a tourism based account? looks like CO has 76 finds in 5 states, with 39 hides. regardless, owner of NANO cache was not responding to needs maintance logs, or Groundspeak.
  19. no business name, why is it considered a commercial cache? I've paid fees to enter state parks, whats differant here? As far a a cache being archived for this one, owner would not answer questions or perform maintance on their cache. given a chance, I'll try for this one.
  20. I can almost guarantee you, when she finds the cache (and she will) She wont be the one upset, it will be all the people who DNF it because it;s muggled. I still say its good manners to let homeowners near a cache know about it. We have a long driveway and have a cache at the end of it, we let our neighbors know about it. My next door neighbor loves watching others look for it, but it could be another story if he didnt know about it (and he does have a gun).
  21. Why ask? If you dont want to put other cachers in danger, pull it! I would hate to be the owner of a cache that someone warned me about a angry crazy lady nearby and I didnt pull it and someone got shot later.Think of your fellow cachers. Of course, It wouldnt be a bad idea to make sure neighbors know about near caches and that there OK with them.
  22. Looks like a puzzle cache, where you have to solve a riddle, find clues, etc. to get the digits for the letters. What is the GC code?
  23. So I should dip it in the cashe local to me. Thanks!
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