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  1. Nope, I do not run any Third-Party-Addons in FF. IE gets the same issues. Sometimes, the decrypt link works. The error comes up if GS website is very slow. If GS website answers normal, the link is working.
  2. Hello, for a few days I have a problem with decrypting additional hints in Cache listings. When clicking on the "decrypt"-Link to read the hints the website jumps to the old search form. (https://www.geocaching.com/seek/#). My language setting is "German". Does anyone have the same problems?
  3. Yes, creating a .kml file is one option. But my problem is, that the trackable map page from Groundspeak has very poor performance. I tried to zoom in and shift the map to get where I want but performance is poor. So, It would be helpful to display only the last 1000, 500, 100 Caches (like the drop-down-field in Bookmark Lists) to speed up the page. I think, such an option would have the posivie side effect that the Groundspeak Servers have to handle less data.
  4. Hello, many Trackables have a long list of Cache visits. Our personal Geocoins which we let "visit" each found Cache have about 5000 log entries. Other Trackables which are on tour for a long time also have many entries. Many Cachers log "visit" for each Trackable they have in their inventory, so the number of logs increase. When viewing the map page of one of these trackables, the buildup for the page is very slow. Zooming or moving the map is nearly impossible (using FF). Is it possible to limit the numer of logs which are displayed, for example giving an option on the page to view only the last 1000 logs or so? I think this will speed up the page. Or is there a way to speed up the browser engine.
  5. Switched back to German languanges. Notification Mails are now displayed correct. Thanks for fixing this bug.
  6. I think database hacking is not nessecary to make fake discover logs. Take a small tool form the WWW, feed it with tracking codes (PC0001, PC0002, PC0003, ...) and start the script. So you can automatically discover all active trackables with this prefix. Tracking Numbers of not active items are ignored.
  7. +1 for me. Discover Logs for Trackables are automatically encripted in ROT13. Encrypt option is not set when sending the Log. Had to edit my log to deactivate encryption and log is ok. Tried to set the option field for encryption but doing this, the log is displayed as archived.
  8. I think it is an error in the mail template GS is using for German Notification Mails. For now, I switched my Speech preference back to English and all Mails are displayed right. Outlook and all Browsers are working. Hello Groundspeak, can you fix this bug????????
  9. In my webbrowser, the mail body begins with <![CDATA[ .... This is only displayed at mails titled "Benachrichtigung" Other mails ("Beobachtungsliste, etc.) are displayed normaly.
  10. A few days ago I noticed that notification mails now came in German, my preferred languages. But, all Mails titeled "Benachrichtigung" are unreadable with IE, FF and MS outlook. Only the green Geocaching Graphic bar is displayed but no body text. All other mails titeled "Beobachtungsliste", "Owner" or publish mails are displayed correctly. On my smartphone (android) all mails are displayed properly. before changing the titels to german, all mails were displayed completely. Perhaps there is a bug in the mail templates?
  11. No, I think Problem is made by Groundspeak (or advertisements). You can deactivate Active Scripting in Internet Options --> Security --> Internet --> active Scripting Checkbox disable. But then, site Looks very poor: No map, etc. is displayed. OTHER Websites run fine, Mozilla is ok. Has GS changed somewhat in advertises. Some Advertising scripts are running very poor on IE and are causing Problems too.
  12. So how difficult would it be to position the map with the "View Larger Map" in the spot where the missing "small map" use to be? Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing it just above the "Attributes" box. +1 from me. The actual Mini-Map is quite useless when a Cache is placed in the woods or in the desert. Even in towns it is not possible to get information in which area the Cache is placed. Scrolling down to view the map is also annoying. So please place the small map at the position of the "old" map and adjust the Zoom Factor to show a larger surrounding area. To view the exact position of the Cache "View larger map" can be used. I think a quick information in which area the Cache is placed is more important than a detailed map on which no one can see the surroundings of the location.
  13. Hi there, after the current site update I am missing a quite comfortable function on the trackable page. I have a list of Trackables to discover from a recent Event. I want to Change the date on the log page. So I enter the date of the Event into the date field and post a discover log. After this, I enter the next Trackable Number into the field below to log the next trackable. Before the update, the changed date appeared in the date field of the log until I changed it by myself, giving the possibility to log all TB's with the Event date as discoverd. After the update, date is switched back to the current date so I have to Change it manually every time. This is quite annoying if you want to discover a lot of TB's. Can this be changed, please.
  14. Yes, I got the same issue. I logged Caches and let our personal coins visit them. I got an email for every visit of our personal coins. Also, the sorting of the logs changed. Until today, the sorting on the Profile page was cacheLog - VisitLog - CacheLog - VisitLog. Since today, all TB visit logs are listed above the Cache logs. Log sorting is not annoying, but getting mails from visits is!
  15. Give it +1 for the missing Decrypt-Button. Please put it back again!
  16. In Print View of a Cache listing to button to decrypt/encrypt additional hints from ROT13 to clear text is missing. Is this caused by the new update or a bug?
  17. I also have serious Problems with accessing geocaching.com since December 2014. Other discussions in several Forums revealed, that many other users in Germany have the same Problems. For me, I can write down what I recognized: Accessing a Cache listing takes veeeeeeery Long, about 3 mins or more. Mostly, the site Header is displayed in the browser and "Waiting for geocaching.com" appears. If I take a look to the HTML-source code of the site, the site seems to be transferred completely, you can read the last lines of the HTML Code. But it seems that the browser does not get the command to Display the site, only the Brown Background is visible. If I go to the recently viewed Caches list, the Cache is listed as viewed, so I think, that the return path from gc.com to Germany is somewhere faulty.
  18. I tried to figure out if some Webservers from GS are causing the Problem but was not lucky. Sometimes, no answer Comes from geocaching.com. If I was lucky, only the Brown Background of the page is displayed but no Cache listing. Source code of the page was transmitted, I can Display it in another Window of the Browser (Right Click --> View source code) It seems that the page is transmitted, but the last few Bytes which say that Transmission is completed and page can be displayed are missing. Other pages in the US like nasa.gov or Seattle.gov are working fine. Ping Responses and Tracert protocols Show normal conditions throught the web. Also, the number of the webserver displayed at the bottom of the source code doesn't matter.
  19. Yesterday in the evening - same procedure as every day - GC Website Response was very slow or listing pages were not displayed. For a short time, the Website seemed to work fine, I first called the GC-Map around my homezone and then a few Cache pages. Response was fine. A few minutes later, I was not able to call up anything from GC.com, even the Forum pages were not available. I don't think the reason for this behaviour is from the Internet Connection from Germany to Seattle. Calling nasa.gov or Seattle.gov or other pages from North america works fine. So I think Groundspeak runs several web Servers for load balancing (at the bottom of the source code of a page there is a comment on which web Server the page was rendered) and the Response time depends to which web Server the user is connected.
  20. So, I - and many other users in Germany - have the same Problems for quite a while. In German evenings around 8pm the Website is not even slow, even getting Access to a Cache listing is impossible. If you log out, Login to the site is not possible anymore. I saw the following behaviour: You click on a link to a Cache listing and the browser (IE11 or Firefox or ...) tries to get the data from Groundspeak. After a while, a Brown Background ist displayes and a few minutes later, the browser stops (the "loading circle" on top is not circling anymore, but no Cache listing is displayed. However, when I callup the sites source code, all data seems to be transferred because I can read the last logs in the HTML Code. Perhaps the slowniness is caused by elements which are loaded from other Servers like Advertising or picturs? One time I tried to clear my browser Cache and History. After that, I have to log in again which was not possible. Getting on the Login page, entering my credentials and clicking on the Login button put me back again to the Login page. This issue happens every evening for quite a while. Meanwhile, In Germany it is impossible to plan a Cache tour or solve mysteries when you cannot get the listings in the evening. Only at daytime - when nearly everyone is at work - the site Performance is ok. Please get this issue fixed really soon, or many People who pay for the Service will be very angry!
  21. Na ja, die Mittagspause bot Gelegenheit mal etwas tiefer zu graben. Ich denke ich kenne jetzt den Namen der Firma, hier ist der Kreis der Möglichkeiten schon sehr eingeschränkt wenn man etwas genauer hinschaut... Für Firmen dieser Kategorie zählen halt die Dividenden über alles - und schaut man mal in den Kreis der Beteiligten wundert es einen nicht... Gut, da die Firma Eigentümer oder Besitzer des Waldes ist kann sie natürlich die Beseitigung der "Störung" ihres Eigentums verlangen und ggf. Schadenersatz. Sie kann auch nur etwas für ihr Eigentum fordern, nicht jedoch für das der Nachbaren. Da mittlerweile die Polizei beteiligt ist musst Du natürlich reagieren. Geh einfach mal zum zuständigen Sachbearbeiter und lass Dir die Anzeige vorlegen um alle Fakten zu bekommen. Der Eigentümer müßte dann eigentlich konkret angeben, welche Flächen er im Eigentum hat bzw. welche Caches er entfernt haben möchte. Da Du ja für die anderen Caches die Erlaubnis eingeholt hast sind ja anscheinend nicht alle Dosen Deiner Runde betroffen. Ein entspechender Schadenersatzanspruch dürfte im Sande verlaufen, da der Geschädigte ja erstmal eine konkrete Forderung stellen muß. Wenn die "tierischen" Dosen so versteckt waren wie Deine anderen sehe ich da kein Problem da an den Bäumen nix kaputt gemacht wurde - vor allem nicht gebohrt oder geschraubt. Da dürfte hinten eigentlich nix dabei rauskommen und es ist die Frage ob die Firma sich den Aufwand machen möchte. Da die Firma ja noch weiteren Waldbesitz in Nordbayern hat wäre es interessant zu erfahren ob andere Cacher auch betroffen sind und ob das Ganze eine konzertierte Aktion des Waldbesitzers ist. Vor allem bei der Polizei NIX unterschreiben, Fakten sammeln, drüber schlafen und nächste Woche entscheiden.
  22. Hier eine Kopie meines Beitrages aus dem GC-Franken-Forum: Was mich hier etwas stutzig macht: 1. Die Tatsache dass hier Briefe an die Owner der Caches verschickt wurden ist etwas seltsam. Wie bekommt die "Firma" Deine Anschrift heraus? Über Groundspeak? Hast Du die dort hinterlegt? Wie kommt es dass GS solche sensiblen Daten herausrückt? 2. Seltsam ist auch, dass das Datum bis zu dem die Dosen entfernt sein sollten immer gleich ist, also scheint es sich um eine größere Aktion zu handeln. 3. Da Deine Caches fast alle Mysteries sind müßte die Firma ja ein paar gelöst haben um zu wissen dass sie in ihrem Gebiet liegen. Da stellen sich dann folgende Fragen: 1. Hat die "Firma" das Hausrecht, also ist sie Eigentümer oder Besitzer des betroffenen Gebietes - oder hat sie nur ein NutzungsRECHT? 2. Wenn man den Brief von Steinhügel genauer liest fallen die Formulierungen "gehen davon aus" und "sollte dies der Fall sein" auf. D. h. für mich, dass die gar nicht sicher sind dass Deine Caches in "Ihrem" Revier liegen. Die haben den Brief nur geschrieben weil sie mal annehmen daß und anscheinend keine Beweise haben wo und welche Caches betroffen sind. 3. Auch die Tatsache dass Du auf Deine Rückfrage welche Caches betroffen sind keine Antwort erhalten hast untermauert meine Theorie zu Punkt 2. 4. Wer ist XXX? Da ich NA-Logs in meinen Notifications aktiviert habe hätte ich da ne Mail bekommen müssen. Ab und zu klappt das aber auch nicht. So wie ich das sehe hast Du dem Reviewer die Daten der Firma gegeben. Am Ende stellt sich noch die Frage: Ist der Brief an Dich überhaupt bei Dir angekommen? Briefe können auch mal verloren gehen (:-). Der NAchweis der Zustellung läge dann beim Absender....... Na ja, mittlerweile wissen die ja dass der angekommen ist. Das sieht für mich doch eher nach einem Versuch aus, hier Ärger zu verbreiten und die Cacher abzuzocken. Erinnert etwas an die Vorgehensweise der Abmahnindustrie. Auch dass der Reviewer beschimpft wurde ist das sehr verdächtig. Hier wird anscheinend versucht Druck zu machen. Da Du ja mittlerweile eine Anzeige am Hals hast würde ich auf jeden Fall einen Anwalt konsultieren. Aber spätestens bei der Anzeige müßten die doch mit ihren "Beweisen" rausrücken oder sehe ich das falsch? Welchen Straftatbestand werfen sie Dir eigentlich vor? Und: wer ist diese "Firma" überhaupt? Evtl. kann man da noch rausfinden ob die noch anderweitig tätig sind oder den Eigentümer des Waldes fragen ob die überhaupt dort Holz machen dürfen.
  23. Take +1 from me to revert the Mail Headlines to the old style. Before, you can quickly overview the list and see what log type was logged. But the log type is nowhere mentioned in the mails Body, so you have to go to the Cache page to see whats happened. The new html-Format Looks good, a Little stylish, but theres more than style: quick notification and Information. I, too, have not only publish logs on notifications but also enable/disable/NM/NA to get an overview whats on around me.
  24. So, I am experiancing these lags, too. I tried it aon various systems (IE9, Android 2.2, Android 4 with Google Browser or FF). The web site seems to be very slow in transmitting data. On Windows/IE the fellin gis that site buildup is slow. On Android, the page is loading about 75% to 80% than pauses for about one minute before completing the download. I can recognize that the is web traffic via WLAN during the pausing. These things occur since the beginning of November 2013. Before November, the performance on Tablet and Smartphone was very good. So, I tested my Internet Connection, video Streaming and loading other sites is fine and very quick.
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