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  1. I'm constantly getting this when trying to upload photos with my logs. It's very frustrating as I write my log with "see photo attached" and then I can't upload the blooming photo. If I don't put them on soon I will forget and the COs will think I'm stupid.
  2. It isn't there on my PC but is on the app on my phone. Hate the geocaching app. Usually use c;geo instead as it's much more user friendly.
  3. I'm afraid I didn't test the new map for very long - because within a few minutes of using it, I couldn't do what I wanted to do, which was to create a Pocket Query of what I could see on the map. I use that a lot as it is the easiest way of creating a Pocket Query that I know will include all the caches I want. So I had to go back to the old map.
  4. Yes, changing the date is a major problem. At first glance it doesn't even look like you have an option to change the date at all. It still does it the old way for me, once I've changed it on the first log it keeps that date till I change it again, like it always did.
  5. Not as far as I know but Herefordshire falls in West Midlands area so try West Mids Ceocaching facebook group: My link
  6. Another female here who prefers North up for everything - maps, sat nav, GPS. I don't like it when I get "maps" on tourist leaflets and they aren't North up. I have to keep turning them round - most annoying.
  7. We certainly have: I'd never been to a Mega before Cartmel, but having been to that one and seen what had been achieved, I now know we have our work cut out to match (and hopefully better) it. Thank you for the offer of help, Lilian, it will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Rescued by our fine Northants Fire Service - several of whom are also cachers... Northants fireman filmed in action while placing new Pylon cache (Large, 5* terrain). Anyone want to extend this new "Pylon Paranoia" series?
  9. The difference is that you do have to believe in GAGB to be a member. As with any organisation, if you join it you demonstrate your agreement with its aims and ideals. Please could you tell us with which of the GAGB's aims and ideals you disagree? Surely the way to influence any organisation is to become a member and change things from within? Must say I agree with Dr Dick, though - I don't necessarily believe in ALL the aims and ideals of EVERY organisation I belong to. (The RAC springs to mind for a start.) No-one is compelling anyone to do anything. All that is happening is that there is a suggestion that cachers who want to use the GAGB forum become members of the GAGB. I'm struggling to think of any other organisation that runs a free forum for non-members. Please tell me if you know of any. As for Mary Whitehouse - you've lost me there, I just don't understand what you mean. I haven't seen GAGB trying to get books or television shows banned because they think they offend moral values. Exactly.
  10. Heard on the news recently that a hot air balloon crashed into a pylon. They were hanging there 5 hours before they got rescued. Maybe if there'd been a cache at the bottom of it, a cacher would have been on to the emergency services for them and they'd have been rescued a lot quicker.
  11. Don't come caching in Shropshire then unless you like soggy holey socks.
  12. "Guide to Hosting Event Cache What usually occurs at an Event Cache? Geocachers meet and greet, eat, play games and share stories about geocaching. Geocaching events should be free to participate. If you are hosting an outdoor event, make sure to ask land managers about any required permits." But I cannot eat unless I hand over some dosh to the pub/restaurant, I doubt many places would be happy with my turning up and eating my own butties. So the one statement contradicts the other. I've always thought it a bit odd that events are listed as caches, now that we have a separate list for "Challenges" maybe events should be dealt with in a similar way. I have the specialist equipment to attend a camping event and fortunately my health & fitness level is good enough for me to be able to attend and camp, so I do. I would not expect to not camp at a camping event as that, surely, is the whole point of a CAMPING event? There are some events listed which I am excluded from because I do not have a good enough health and fitness level to attend them. The organisers of those events don't have to jump through hoops to make sure that I can be airlifted to the top of a mountain so I can claim a smiley so why should the organisers of a camping event have their hands tied in such a fashion?
  13. When I'm doing drive bys I sometimes get asked if I've broken down or am lost. I just explain that I'm on a long journey and it's good to get off the main road and take a break every so often. I usually have my flask to hand and pour myself a coffee to emphasize the point. Then they go away and leave me to get on with poking around in the ivy or turning over every stone in the vicinity.
  14. I have a pair of leather Regatta boots I bought for £30 from Charlie's about 6 years ago. They're the most comfortable boots I've ever had, still waterproof and wearing well. Must have walked hundreds of miles in them. Love them. Maybe you got a Friday pair, take them back and demand a refund.
  15. I've had this happen with a couple of my caches - and they aren't nanos but small containers. Got a couple of DNFs so went to look and couldn't find them. Thought they'd gone so made up new ones - one was remarkably back in it's rightful place when I went back to replace it a couple of hours later. The other was found by the next finders who found both the old and the new ones - about 20 feet apart. Some caches do seem to go walk about - there's a nano on a bridge nearby - speaking to other local cachers (because it took me 8 attempts to find it) they'd all found it in a different place, it seems to travel along the bridge and back again all the time.
  16. Gosh - you mean there are some caches in the New Forest already? Went for a week's hols there a couple of weeks ago - hardly any caches anywhere near where I was staying. Only managed 5 all week - and they were in towns, not the Forest itself. Maybe they're clumped together somewhere else.
  17. When I first started caching I tried e-mailing COs with cache issues. They just ignored me, no reply, no action. So now I slap on a NM or even a NA if I feel it's justified. Not had any complaints yet.
  18. Rachel, if you don't want to scribble all over your OS maps (they cost too much to be defaced ) click on streetmap on the cache page - you get a nice orange arrow pointing exactly to the cache, and can print it off to take with you.
  19. And people wonder why I prefer a nice big butty box to these inventions of the devil.
  20. How dare you.... I will have you know that my calling cards are much sought after.... collector’s items they are! They most certainly are. I collect cachers' calling cards (and other sig items), and a Fantasy Raider one is something special.
  21. I buffed the other weekend. Have a friend who wears them all the time when we're camping/walking/caching - had to borrow one to put over my hood to stop it blowing down in the wind. Felt a bit like wearing a neck brace - but I guess they're not meant to be stretched that far.
  22. Having lived in the country most of my life I am very wary of cattle, but I get caught out sometimes: like on this one
  23. Thanks for that - have just ordered some! They look like Crocs at the bottom, hope they are as comfortable.
  24. Not necessarily - have found a few nanos that weren't anywhere near any metal. I don't mind finding nanos - but I HATE DNF'ing them.
  25. Can identify wth all those, especially the ammo cans. Most cachers say "wonderful, an ammo can, this is what it's all about" I say "Oh no not another blasted ammo can" - they usually take me ages to open, involving an impersonation of Popeye and lots of torn fingernails and cuts on my hands - but even worse is trying to shut the things - they usually go with a big bang which alerts all the muggles from 10 miles around and my decoy dog promptly bolts 'cos he's scared of gunshots, fireworks and any other sort of big bangs.
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