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  1. I got into geocaching through using a pda, mine was an older acer n35, the built in gps receiver was less then ideal though. It would get me close to caches sometimes right on top of GZ but then other times it would have me 30-50 meters off the cache depending on cloud cover and tree cover. I have just replaced my pda with an oregon 300 and let me just say i havent looked back, The pda was a great introduction into geocaching but it soon showed its weak sides. that said maybe the newer pdas with better gps hardware might not have this issue but i dare say they all have the same issue being they are not designed for outdoor use, pdas are generally a delicate piece of hardware the gps units generally are a lot more durable.


    in summary go with the best gps you can afford

  2. hey ive been looking over reviews for days now, these 2 units are the limits of my budget for geocaching, replacing my old acer n35 pda with beeline. i have been looking at these 2 units thoroughly and its boiling down to do i want basic maps or do i go with the gps60 which seems more feature rich. im also wondering about which of the 2 is likely to have better under cover reception a key concern of mine after caching with the pda, on this subject im leaning more towards buying the gps60 from my understanding the aerial in this unit should provide better reception but once again im uncertain. any help would be greatly appreciated

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