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  1. Starting last night Cachetur Assistant stopped displaying on geocaching maps. I using Windows 11 and Chrome. Cachetur is authorized on gc.com Leaflet Maps is selected. GC.com or cachetur problem?
  2. On April 6th I received an email from HQ..."Congratulations! You have been chosen by Geocaching HQ to create another Adventure.......because you met the latest deadline to create your Adventure." So on May 3rd after reading The Logbook, I though I would get another credit.....wrong! I contacted HQ via Help Center and received a reply from a Community Coordinator: "On May 2, 2022, we made sure that every Premium member had a credit for a five Location Adventure. If a creator had an unused credit on their account, we did not grant an additional credit." IMHO, this does not seem fair. All Premium members should have received a credit whether they already had a credit or not.
  3. On caches that contain my PCN....after I download the gpx from gc.com then import those caches into either c:geo or GSAK, my PCN does not show until I refresh the cache in c:geo or GSAK? What's happening?
  4. After doing many ALs and researching more for future trips I have noticed that some ALs mention that there is a Bonus cache but don't provide the GC# of the Bonus. That should not be a problem but I'm also beginning to see some AL Bonus cache names that are NOT similar to the AL name. I recommend that another field be added for the GC# of the Bonus. The default could be "NA" or "None" This field should fit in the area with the Distance, # of locations and median time to complete. Of course, this would only be useful if the Lab Owner entered the GC# in this field. Hopefully the app could be set-up to show if the Bonus is disabled or archived. I know that my reviewer won't publish an AL Bonus cache unless the AL is active. This could be expanded so that AL Bonus caches would not be published unless the GC# field in the AL is populated. Over time, hopefully, Lab Owners would enter this field on ALs already in play. Benefits: -Cachers would know if there is a Bonus before starting the AL. -Cachers could find the GC# of the Bonus by viewing the first screen of the AL.
  5. There are some caches where my Personal Cache Note displays properly. On some caches the PCN does not display on the cache page put can be found in the source code under "OnlyCacheNote". On GCN6NR the PCN is just the cache page write-up....and I cannot edit it.....but shows in source code under "OnlyCacheNote".
  6. I found the answer. At the bottom of the page for https://labs.geocaching.com/logs there's a Show Deleted Logs link ....you can undelete the Locations if you change your mind. Evidently "Deleting" lab locations does not delete them from your finds.....only deletes them from your stats.
  7. In the Adventure Lab app, my AL is showing as "Completed" On labs.geocaching.com under View Finds my AL is showing "0" stages completed for my lab. (I had previously deleted the finds on the individual Locations.) How do I either: 1. get the AL app to not show my lab as Completed 2. get labs.geocaching.com to show 5 stages completed. I tried to run the AL again (scanned the QR code) but the AL shows Completed and won't let me do again. to try to solve the problem (maybe only made it worse) I changed my AL back to Private, created a Test, then was able to complete the Test AL. Now the app is showing 2 of my AL.....one is Completed and the other is Test-Private-Completed.
  8. Thanks Max. I thought I had created a test but inadvertently had not. How can complete so that labs.geocaching.com and my listing of completed labs in my profile agree? Profile says "0" stages completed while the app shows completed.
  9. Thanks Max.....I had read that already....it it dated February 5. What I stated happed in the last week.
  10. I think it is odd that cachers complain about sequential labs that may cause some cachers to travel extra distance but I've never heard anyone complain about Multis that take cachers over some distance. Some of those multis have been interstate (Maryland-Florida & Maryland-Washington state); some others have been several stages (7-10). Bottomline: if you don't like sequential labs...don't do them.
  11. I was told by another cacher that from the dropdown on labs.geocaching.com you could request another lab. (That cacher supposedly did and another cacher they knew had). When I go to labs.geocaching.com, I see no option to request another lab. ????
  12. I created a Lab...tested it and got credit for finding. I then went in labs.geocaching.com and deleted my finds. Now in the app it shows as completed but labs.geocaching.com shows NO finds on this lab. How can I correct this difference?
  13. In the past you could view archived caches if you knew the GC#.....just put the GC# in the Search Box then navigate to the cache page. How do I view an archived cache (knowing the GC#)?
  14. At one time you could go to a cacher's Profile page to view ALL the caches they had found......NOW you can only see 1000 caches. Why? I have searched a cacher's list of finds to see if they qualified for a particular challenge (prior to today's standard for a checker). I have also looked at a friend's list of caches to see what caches they did on one of their trips (I was planning a trip similar to one they may have taken years ago). I sure their are other uses.
  15. Access to the Adventure Lab API is currently restricted. I request that Groundspeak partners be granted access to the coords for all Adventure Lab locations. I understand not allowing access to the questions.....you can't answer the questions until you are within the geofence so there is little advantage to seeing those questions early. Plus not allowing access to the questions would greatly hinder those spoofing their location from completing the AL. NOT having the coords when planning a trip makes it harder to plan the trip. The Adventure Lab app shows the locations on a map which allows cachers to figure out loose coords for the locations. Using, for example, Google Maps to determine rough coords for the locations will aid in trip planning.....but not without alot of busywork. Allowing access to the Lab locations coords will make it alot easier to plan a trip without giving away too much info (including questions).
  16. I'd actually prefer niraD's response... "Let owners choose whether they want to be contacted via email, via MC, or via either but I assumed HQ would NOT change to that. Max and 99: I was actually referring to the "Message this owner" on the cache page and "Message" in the Geocaching app.............but it should be placed wherever appropriate.
  17. Similar to the new Pencil icon ("Enter solved coordinates") info box...... Add an info box for "Message this owner": "Some cache owners may not use Message Center. Cache owners can also be contacted by using the "Send email" link on their Profile page. Checking "I want to send my email address along with this message." will make it easier for the cache owner to respond." Reasoning: Some cache owners do not use Message Center. Some of those cache owners have unchecked "Send me Message Center email notifications." Cachers who attempt to contact one of these cacher owners using Message Center may get frustrated by a lack of response from the CO. By telling cachers about this alternate method to contact COs may facilitate more communication. This is NOT a debate about why some COs don't use MC.....it is a fact that some COs don't use MC (although probably a small percentage of COs). I prefer the use of email because I keep emails sent to me with the required answers for my Virts. One reason I keep these emails is that sometimes one cacher sends in the answers for a group of cachers. Since some of the cachers in that group might not log that cache for days or even weeks......I can search through my email folder to see if they were a member of a group that submitted the required answers instead of looking through unrelated messages in MC.
  18. Is backdoor logging of premium caches currently blocked? Some time ago, a premium member could log a premium cache then a non-premium member could logon that same computer and be able to log that premium cache. A few days ago, I also thought I saw a Facebook post that had a link to a gc.com page that allow ALL cachers to log a premium cache.
  19. It strikes me as odd that many think it is perfectly acceptable for searchers to get a list/gpx of caches weeks or even months before a trip and feel entitled to log a find on a cache that the CO has disabled for cause just day(s) before they arrive..... But Cache Owners are expected to remove a cache immediately/before the cache is disabled. Shouldn't cache hiders and searchers be given similar courtesies. Searchers can know waaaaay ahead of a trip but an owner may never have a warning that a cache needs disabling in advance. Many cache owners also go on caching trips.......if they are away from home, it is impossible to remove the cache until they get home. A Disable log is the only way that COs have to communicate that a cache is unavailable. Searchers most times have the option to update cache data close to departure......it shouldn't be the CO's fault if they don't. Yes, there are good and bad COs. There are COs that leave the game and also leave there containers.......I'm not addressing those situations. I'm talking about COs that are trying to maintain their caches, keep them in good shape and retain the cache experience they intend for cachers.......not the COs that place a cache never to perform maintenance. There might be COs that would Disable/Archive their cache and just leave where it was hidden......bad CO IMHO. I'm referring to COs that Disable their cache for cause with the intent to repair/replace/reactivate when appropriate.....I think they deserve the consideration/respect to honor that request. I believe there are 2 schools of thought on this topic with my proposal being on the minority side. But I also think the neither side will convince the other side to change their mind. Thanks for all the comments......there is no need for any of us to beat a dead horse.
  20. Sounds like there is little/NO need/incentive for a CO to Disable a cache even when they have removed the cache for maintenance since some cachers won't see the Disable log. Cache owners have no feasible way to contact cachers that may have their cache(s) in a gpx file.......but cachers can get an update closer to their cache trip to learn about Disabled and Archived caches. NM logs are not always correct. I have several times seen logs that say "Cache is missing", Cache is no longer here" but when I do maintenance I find that the cache was and is there. I've had a cacher with over 25,000 finds......find a piece of plastic near GZ that they claimed had to be part of the cache, place that piece of plastic and a scrap of paper in a baggie, place the baggie on the GR and claim a find. I disabled and 2 days later checked on the cache........my container was about 12 inches away from the baggie they left. Needless to say, the throwdown was removed and their log deleted when I got home. As far as finding caches that are still "there".....does finding an empty baggie, just a plastic lid, a busted birdhouse with no container or log, a piece of velcro, some sort of container (that was not the cache), a tether to a cache but no container, etc constitute a "find"? Yes, there are some bad/inconsiderate cache owners. Even good COs can't always get to GZ immediately to repair/remove the cache. A couple of years ago I had emergency surgery and couldn't walk over 500 ft for a couple of weeks. ......and even longer before I was healthy enough to get to my caches that were long walks. As several have stated.....NM logs are there to notify the CO that maintenance is needed. Disable logs are a way for COs to notify cachers that caches are unavailable. If COs need to react to NM logs, why don't cachers need to heed Disable logs? What is the incentive for COs to hide quality caches and maintain them if cachers can claim a find no matter the condition?.......why wouldn't COs just throw just any old container down and not worry about it because finds can be logged on any container that is there?
  21. Now that there is a new Cache Owner Dashboard….it is time to update guidelines concerning Disabled caches. Changes needed to promote higher quality finds: 3.1. Log types Change https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=107&pgid=534: Found It You can log caches online as "Found" after you visited the coordinates and signed the logbook. You can also add a photo or a Favorite point to your online log. To: Found It You can log “active” caches online as "Found" after you visited the coordinates and signed the logbook. You can also add a photo or a Favorite point to your online log. Active caches are defined as caches that are NOT disabled or archived. Note: Caches found on the day they become disabled or archived may be logged as found because cachers may already have their gpsr loaded. Cache owner should post in their Disable log: “Cache is temporarily unavailable. NO finds allowed while disabled.”…….if the cache owner does NOT want cachers searching for the disabled cache. Cache owner may post in their Disable log: “No finds allowed until maintenance is performed.”…….if the cache owner will allow another cacher to perform the required maintenance then log a find…..ie new log and or new container. Reason: Cache owners should have a reasonable expectation that finders experience their cache similar to the condition in which it was hidden. Cache owners become aware that their cache requires attention by: - Needs Maintenance log - Verbiage in found logs - Emails/messages from hiders Cache owners might not be able to visit their cache immediately to do maintenance so they may Disable the cache. Reasons cache owners may disable their cache and NOT want finders until conditions change include: - Cache has been damaged so much the finders experience would be significantly altered EX: Locked birdhouse is missing part of its roof….so finder could just reach thru roof to access logbook - Cache has not been re-hidden properly EX: Cache was tethered up in a tree but is now at the base of the tree - Cache is now a throwdown instead of the original (possibly unique) container - Cache has been repaired/painted on site and needs time for glue/adhesive/paint to cure. - Property/land owner or manager has requested that cache be disabled for a special event. Cache hider should post a note prior to the disable date to make searchers aware. - Area/State has been closed for public safety. EX: Playgrounds closed for health reasons, waterways closed because of contamination, 14-day quarantine orders for out-of-staters because of COVID-19 This change would be consistent with other guidelines: 7.4. Maintenance expectations https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=38&pgid=57 “Here is a list of your responsibilities as a cache owner: Temporarily disable your cache page when the cache is not available or you need time to fix reported problems. “ 7.6. Disable and enable a geocache https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=38&pgid=235 “You can temporarily disable your cache page if the cache needs repairs or if the area is closed temporarily” 7.11. Respond to "throwdowns" https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=38&pgid=427 “How to handle throwdowns Consider disabling the cache until you can remove the throwdown or replace the original cache. If you do not disable the cache, you may want to honor Found It logs for the throwdown.” 7.16. Seasonal tips for cache owners https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=38&pgid=715 “Temporarily disable your cache when it is unavailable. “ Geocache hiding guidelines https://www.geocaching.com/play/guidelines#ownerresponsibility “Disable a cache page when the cache is not available or you need time to fix reported problems.” These changes would facilitate cachers being able to find geocaches that are in better shape while discouraging them from going after Disabled caches that, in many cases, are in need of attention.
  22. For South Carolina.... https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=41
  23. When doing a Search by Placed Date.....the Date field should accept typed input instead of only being able to scroll through the months.
  24. That is NOT true...... https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=51&pgid=296 includes: 4.3. EarthCache logging tasks Acceptable logging tasks: Asking geocachers to provide a photo of themselves or a personal item to prove they visited the site.
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