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  1. Thanks Pup Patrol for the links. Very helpful.
  2. Thanks TripCyclone for hosting this Race and Good Luck everyone.
  3. Don't like the upcoming changes with the USPS - contact your do nothing Politician to take action.
  4. My entry should have arrived yesterday
  5. Does anyone know how to optain their own David Garrett Travel Bug. Picked one up from a cache a couple of weeks ago and hadn't seen any info on them.
  6. I like finding Where's George bills in caches. I always do an even swap.
  7. Just wanted to say Thanks to Gary!
  8. I can drop coins in the Hudson Valley / Albany area and Buffalo area of NY.
  9. CatskillsLive! has a beautiful NYS Quadricentennial Challenge Geocoin available. If interested, PM me. I'll give you the info.
  10. I'm looking for the Ultimate Cache Geocoin. Any help?
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