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  1. I'm interested. Id be even more interested if I knew it was trackable an knew what it looked like
  2. EMAIL SENT: 16/11/14 NAME RECEIVED: 24/11/14 MISSION SENT: 28/11/14 MISSION ARRIVED:12/3/14 MISSION RECEIVED:12/16/14 Thank You!
  3. You may want to contact NWKBerlin. She lives in the Albany area of NY, and travels to Germany often. She may be able to rescue it for you.
  4. Made a trip to Georgia. Picked up Marrooned and Lake Lanier among others. Well worth the trip. Very fun. There is someone down there that charters his boat, who is friendly to geocaching.
  5. I wouldn't consider it cheating unless it was a Puzzle cache. Besides, I am sure most CO's would give you hints or clues to where the cache would be, and not specific cords. After all, its about the search itself. Logging the find isthe icing on the cake. There will be many opportunities to be "FTF". Me personally, geocaching is not a competition, but a way to have fun,relax, and a diversion of every day goings on.
  8. I have to wait to do this one until I am back on my feet, LOL
  9. I had a coin grabbed before I was able to drop it. It infuriated me so much. I wound up getting an IPhone and the Geocaching app.
  10. Please add me. Thanks. Happy New Year!
  11. Mine is also ready to go and will be starting the New Year at a Flash Mob
  12. Was there an auction yet? What State are the storage units located? I'd be interested in buying the coins, just to get them back out there.
  13. Sure, even thougfh I'm from just south of Albany
  14. You may want to check out North/South Lake in Haines Falls, NY.
  15. I'm game. Geocaching name - Joe the mailman.
  16. Mymost memorable FTF was GC2JJMY "Joe the mailman's Geo Post Office Golden Ammo Can". My girlfriend and fellow geocacher G.O. Jen placed it for me to commemorated my first 1000 finds. Thanks G.O. Jen. Contact form sent.
  17. There's a new "travel tag" style Geocoin sold buy a third party, which has a "QR Code" on it instead of the familiar "barcode bug". Scan it and you go to the main Trackable Page on Geocaching.com, not to the individual trackable's page like you might expect. You can print and laminate a QR code, and attach a TB dogtag. There are several free online QR Code web sites. You could use just the tracking number, or the entire URL for the trackable, for the QR Code. It is highly advisable to use a Travel Bug Dogtag, attached to an object you wish to track, such as a laminated QR Code tag, since people will recognize that as a trackable item and not Swag. That is also a way to get a tracking number (buying a Travel Bug). Thanks
  18. Very interesting thread. Like to see this come back for another season
  19. Thanks Conductor Gary for hosting the race and the prizes and Congrats to all the winners. It's be fun tracking my entry and the entry that I had gotten.
  20. I have come across QR codes that are Trackable. How do you create a trackable QR Code and how do you get an official tracking number for it?
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