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  1. I would guess it handles the POI the same way that the Explorist does. Your POI file can have as many waypoints as you want, but it will only load 200, the remaining POI will show up in your list, if you look for them, they just won't show up on the screen as icons. Just purchased a cross-over today but am waiting to get back to the states next month to give it a test drive.
  2. 2qwerqE, very nice photo, but you're killing me posting it this close to deer season. I find hiding in the winter to be the challenge. Especially when you want the FTF chase to be worth it. I've added a considerable hike to a cache I placed in winter, just so I wouldn't leave tracks right up to the cache.
  3. Originally from International Falls, now living in Ham Lake. I cache when Uncle Sugar doesn't have me travelling.
  4. I released the Cache Capsule with some very specific rules. illegitimi non carborundum
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