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  1. I just don't generally cache in the rain. It only takes a couple of drops or a damp finger to really start to soggy up the log.
  2. I thought 10/32 was squirrel caching day!? I usually bait up an ammo can with acorns around mid October to catch mine.
  3. I think I got 7 FTF last night. Yes, I enjoy being first but not so much because I have beaten anyone to the punch or I like bragging rights. I mostly cache in a national forest. After 5 or 10 finds, there is a path beaten to the cache and it is sitting in plain sight, when you are first, there are no man-made clues to the cache location. You get to hunt it the way the hider intended it. When you make the find, all the swag it still there. I didn't trade anything last night but it was fun to look through and see what the CO had taken the time to put in there. We ftfers are also the beta testers. Two of us tried a new cache on Saturday and neither found it. That prompted the CO to check it and it was over 300 ft off. No hard feelings on my part and it will save the next folks a lot of trouble. I'm almost disappointed that I legitimized FTF complainer's jealousy with a reply but I wasted 5 min reading the thread, I might as well write a reply.
  4. Got my codes from GS yesterday. Should have some finished coins within a week.
  5. Here in FL it seems that along about the 7th or 8th year an event might have built enough steam for mega potential. Stretching the festivities over a weekend helps too. Makes it worth a trip from out of town. The two I've been to also seem to place a lot of new caches for the event. That ensures the numbers hounds will be out in force.
  6. We've been working on some colors for the coin. We're going to do the backs in either sold gold or silver. Also, the border and outline features on the front will be the same color. I'm just about to submit it to the pad to see if I can get it approved and buy some codes so it will be trackable. Got to get a few better detail brushes for the coatings and finish building the press for "minting" and I'll be ready to start production.
  7. I ran the idea for the event by ICM before submitting it. If I make them trackable, there will be a couple on the prize table at FFF
  8. I had thought about including steel wire reinforcement inside of it. My wife makes jewelry out of this stuff all the time and has no problem with breakage. I plan to get this one painted and baked quickly so I can do some testing.
  9. I've never designed a coin before and don't have the money to/am not interested in going through the professional minting process. Here's a very rough mock-up of a trackable I'm thinking of making up for an event I'm hosting in October. Just seeking some honest but polite feedback. I'm using polymer clay and plan to hand paint the colors in. My art teacher wife has all the gear and coatings to make it look great. They'll be thicker, cut round and more evenly pressed for the finished run. What I'm trying to determine is if folks think they will generate enough interest for me to try to go through the approval process and buy codes or if I should just make them up as non-trackable tokens to hand out/sell at the event. No matter what, I'm pretty sure they will not be offered for sale online. Let me know what y'all think.
  10. Although I understand why this is outside of the guidelines, I would welcome an official designation for this type of gathering. Maybe it wouldn't be an "event" but an "outing" or something similar. No smiley for it needed. Having a way to publish that you and some friends are going after some caches and have it show up in the weekly newsletter would be fun and a lot more people would see it than if you posted it in the forums. IMO
  11. I purchased some from someone on this forum who was selling them 2/$5. If I were you, I'd just get the 50. If you're making a good many coins and I assume might want to do more than one design, you will probably go through them quick. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=294120&st=0&p=5063542&hl=andrew&fromsearch=1entry5063542 Above is the post where I bought mine. Don't know if he still has any or not.
  12. I'm still upset that my solitare partner has yet to be recognized. Seriously... Someone actually bothers naming a cacher of the month???
  13. Right down the road but one of my busiest weekends of the year. I am 3.5 hrs north, at the Florida folk festival every year. Applying to tell stories this next year so it'll be dicey. ANY other Saturday of the year.... Oh well, I'll see what I can do.
  14. I agree, sedona sucks. The area around it is nice though, including oak canyon. There are some wonderful waterfront parks in Florida that would make great settings for megas. One is in Sebastian. I saw Arlo Guthrie there with about 10000 of my closest friends so I'm sure it would be big enough. Stephen foster state park, in north Florida is home to the Florida folk festival every year (about 20000/day) that would be a fun spot too.
  15. So you have a clean slate here. What do you like, hiking, boating, multis, evil micros, history?? Tell us more about what you're into and we can help more.
  16. When looking into these boxes, take into account small bits of exposed metal in the hinges and clasps. Salt water will find any bit of metal and rust it in no time. Having this problem with one of the Walmart boxes now. It will be especially bad in a sea cave where it alternates in and out of the water. I'd go with the more expensive box the scuba divers suggest.
  17. This pops up sometimes. We went through a round of it about two years ago. Your local group or reviewers might be able to work something out with the local ranger. Just remember you catch more flies with honey.
  18. I like both of those watches but I am a sucker for pocket watches, although I only carry mine for formal occassions. If you wanted to go the cheese rout, you could have the signal frog be the hands, kinda like the old Mickey mouse watches.
  19. I'd love to see something other than a compass rose for this year. Something Mayan themed would be amusing, considering the whole media-blowing-things-out-of-perspective-thing, but on the other side of the ahem coin .. I'd like to see more ideas on '12' themes. I had kicked around the idea of a geocoin which would look like an old fashioned pocket watch, with a view of the various gears and the mainspring, with hands and a couple small dials for month and day on the face. Just got back from a Back Country weekend and a bit fatigued (particularly after finding my Nikon D70s malfunctioned big time and I'm trying to get the pictures out of it still. Last Nikon I ever buy.) See if I can draw up something and produce a mock-up. What about the digital clock idea on the one side and you pocket watch idea on the other? The old and the new. If you pulled the pocket watch thing of well, that might be enough to get me to take.a day off work and drive to an event for a coin.
  20. Don't know if I'll be involved in an event or not but as a possible/probable purchaser, I agree with no Christmas theme (even though I celebrate it). There will be plenty of Christmas coins. Also, I couldn't care less about the Mayan calendar, although I'm sure it will sell a lot of coins I probably will not sell me one. Just my two cents. I think the digital clock idea is very cool.
  21. There is a cache near me named jezabel. It is unfound for five years because of the difficulty of the puzzle. As far as what you should do about the blitz on the cache.... You were evidently nice enough to ask the CO what their feelings were about it. I think you should be nice enough to respect them even though it wasn't the answer you wanted.
  22. An old sarcastic saying... "if you don't like the weather in Florida, wait ten minutes"
  23. I refuse to use Facebook too. I did hear a comment at a local event that no one in our area relies on gc.com for event listings anymore and that they have all moved to Facebook. Geocaching.com is about as much of a social networking site as I'm interested in being involved in. If they make facebook much more involved in things, I'll have some decisions to make.
  24. Fuel, trackables both for collecting and releasing, containers, swag, gas, campsites at events, extra food, membership and that's just a partial list. I'm just going to guess about 10% of my salary. Edit to add that if I wasn't spending my time and money caching, I'd be spending it fishing or woodworking more and those can be just as expensive.
  25. Also.... If you rent a car, there are cameras on the traffic lights. Be careful not to accidentally run one or they will mail you a sizable ticket. Ive heard some places are over $200.
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