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  1. This seems to be the reason, view link and scroll to bottom of page (found under Settings > Authorizations): https://www.geocaching.com/account/settings/authorizations Authorized Developer Authorizations Control the information you share with Geocaching.com's Authorized Developer applications. Do not allow Authorized Developer applications to access my public profile information. Learn more https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=27&pgid=920
  2. Could anyone post a file or link or tutorial that isn't done with Urwigo? I don't have access to a PC and have been using Earwigo. I've tried importing the link shared above into Earwigo but the contents are not correct. I've been searching the internet to try to figure this out. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any examples, tutorials, or open source code. Even if you change your final destination on your cartridge. I'm just not sure how to implement or where to start. I have years of coding experience--not in LAU mind you--but I typically can read code just fine. Thanks a bunch!
  3. Learned something from the Earwigo wiki. Do not use onclick events. Not only do they bug in iPhone, but they don't work on some other players. Also, play sounds do not work on all players.
  4. You mean computer resolution or is there an application setting? I could not find an app setting.
  5. Yes I had set the number of zones to complete to 3 in the group. I also had 3 zones in the group. I moved zones in kit, not the emulator I also saved many times after editing while trying to test--thinking this might solve it. Seem to be a caching issue. I just tried again and everything was updated--having done nothing but hit "test emulation". How long do you need to wait to be able to test updates to cartridges? Hopefully not hours.
  6. Took a look at the Kit, but things don't seem to run as expected. I've tried a lights out type cache. When testing in the emulator, Group A (with 3 zones) completes without meeting requirements of going to 3 zones (A, B, C) and answering questions. The message just pops up and say completed group A message. Also, dragging zones around doesn't seem to update in the emulation. All I see is what I first ran. I can even change the creator name--no update in emulation. I'm new to development, and maybe don't know some of the details with some of these apps. Maybe the emulator (http://webwigo.net/) doesn't work properly, but I'm looking for a dev solution that I can easily use from start to finish. Maybe only QandA works in the Kit?
  7. Any idea why I cannot use the URWIGO emulator. I do not have this issue with Wherigo Builder. It's quite non-functional:
  8. Here's the examples. 5 files (1 iPhone, 4 Wherigo Builder Zone properties): Screenshot of iPhone (Locations screen, over Range Distances) Zone Meters Zone Kilometes Zone Fett Zone Miles
  9. In 4 Zones, I've tried a Distance Range of meters, kilometers, feet, and miles. All zones are set to low distance (less than 1 mile) and I'm 1.8 miles away. All zones show on my iPhone. Seems like if a Zone is Visible and Active, is shows regardless of setting. Non visible Zones do not show (as expected), non-active Zones do not show (as expected). I'm using the Wherigo Builder.
  10. Are there more iPhone apps for Wherigo? I'm using the Official Groundspeak Wherigo app (v341) referenced in post and wondering if there are alternatives.
  11. Thanks Ranger Fox, yeah I understand your comment--I watched your youtube presentation the other day--twice--to learn some things. This isn't the issue I'm having. The issue is: I've an item with a description This item has has a click event that > Shows message to player In testing, the pocketPC VM has zero delay and goes straight to the message, skipping the description altogether On the official iPhone Wherigo app, you see the description for .2-.5 seconds until the message slides into view. This behavior is a bit undesirable, because I imagine a user may get frustrated thinking they need to read the initial text--not knowing it's not really necessary I like to have a tiny description because the items show a brief sub text on pocketPC and perhaps Garmin Hopefully this makes sense. Let me know if I need to elaborate.
  12. Created my first cartridge and came up with a few questions after testing. I tested in the official Wherigo player (v341) I set many Zones to have a Distance Range in ft (not to -1). No matter the distance, all Zones that were Visible and Active were seen in locations--even when home ~2 miles away (Distance Range were set to 500ft for example, I used ft.). Text shows description for .3 sec and quickly jumps to message when clicking on item with message text in onclick event. When testing on computer, you never see the text description. Play Alert Sounds seemed to only work when phone was locked--not while looking at open app. Any idea or recommendations based on this? I'd like to fix 1 & 2. I plan to add sound, so 3 isn't a big deal, just observation--unless sound only plays when locked also. I think sounds are a nice queue to tell someone to look at device, so it would be nice if all players/device had some sound.
  13. I would like to express that I feel the favorite system could use an overhaul because I feel it might encourage somewhat thoughtless cache creation. It's a self fulfilling rule/policy. Hopefully some of these comments can help the community grow. One issue, in its current state, there's an inherent saying that only 10% (or less) of all caches deserve a favorite point--since premium members get 1 from every 10 caches found. I find that ridiculous, as there are many owners that have wonderful caches that deserve favorites (for instance cschooner, WVTim, and many others). For instance, I'm trying to make 100% of my caches awesome or favorite-able--sure not everyone will see that nor agree--however, personally I'd rather not produce caches that are not loved in some way by the community (Container, View, Page, etc.). Secondly, premium members only get them should be reconsidered too. So if you're a basic member, there's zero incentive to create great caches, because you are unable to participate with favorites. In fact their is very little incentive as a basic or premium member to create awesome caches. This is something that could be changed. Maybe, incentivize great placements and creative containers. Whether awesome creators or creations get a free month of service, special types (virtuals), coupons for merchandise, etc. Groundspeak could be actively be engaging the community that works so hard to make the experience memorable and enjoyable. Thirdly, basic members cannot help everyone find great geocaches--because they cannot rate them. So an owner is solely reliant on premium members to get their caches noticed, but since you only get a few of them (10%), people don't rate something they enjoy. I don't know how many logs I've seen that are like "Awesome amazing cache. A must!" without a favorite awarded. Fourth, I don't think a number rating system is the best option here. 1 out of 5 could discourage owners that get low ratings. It should be a Like (similar to Facebook). Everyone should be able to like a cache. This is likely to be a drastic change to the current system, but in time the great caches will pop out. Fifth, members should be able to rate a cache even if they haven't found it. It might be a good puzzle that has absolutely stumped you, or you didn't sign the log (Ravens Labrynthe ), or you didn't find the cache but absolutely loved the scenic view, etc. Sixth, I'd like to be able to rate (and therefore search) caches based on: Great Container; Awesome View; Amazing Puzzle/Page; Extremely Well Done (all three). I feel this would encourage the community to place geocaches that hit what many members like about the activity. Lastly, the site keeps track of ratio of premium finds to favorites awarded, but this cannot be searched. Other sites you can. Thanks a bunch, I really hope this helps create a better community! Sincerely, Chris
  14. Bummer. I got quite hopeful after seeing this article: https://medium.com/@Metaverseapp/augmented-reality-geocaches-c5bbd75bc524 WallaMe seemed promising too. I guess two ways to solve would allow for the true experience.
  15. I just use Pinterest to save the animated GIF's and then reference them--often with tinyurl I've created an animated .gif for my profile image, but they're converting it...
  16. GREAT! Thank you, I failed to notice you can export the list. I was trying to export while looking at the map! Thanks! You're wrong. In the top left area of the searches' result page is a check box (left beside "Geocache Name"). Check that box and then hit the button "Add xxx to a List" Hans
  17. Looks like there may not be an easy way to download coordinates to a GPSr that meets the criteria above. If anyone has some thoughts on this, thanks!
  18. Great information! With the new search feature, this does work! Unfortunately, I cannot save the +2 million results (or the first 1,000) into a list, bookmark, query etc. So while useful at the computer, impractical in the field. Luckily, I also figured out how to do it with an app I purchased. Though the search is a bit limited at 50 caches max per search.
  19. Hi all, I tried searching the forums first, so forgive me if this has been answered prior. I'm trying to figure out how I can limit the scope of un-found caches to myself and a friend. It would be really helpful to go on Geocaching adventures with friends, and search for areas of the map that we both have yet to find caches. Right now I can only figure out how to limit my scope. I want to find an area with a dense amount of caches that I've yet to find, as well as a friend--whom may have been geocaching for years prior. Sure we can chat about particular caches, but making a 1 hour drive for 1 cache seems wasteful. I cannot find out how to do this on the website. I've a Mac too, so mentions to PC programs like GSAK aren't very helpful. I've an iOS and Android device that could be used.
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