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  1. interesting cache. considering the cost of the expedition to get the tour of the place is $55,000 i can see how not many would rush to find it. isn't there some kind of rule about charging to get a cache?
  2. well, *thinking of how to word it* i came from rural sw minnesota and the pigs there were .... odiferous. indiana pigs, i'm sure are a whole other breed.
  3. thanks, i was wondering the same thing.
  4. hello to all the new people. i've been caching since november, but just recently gotten the addicted part. pretty bad when you can't go to sleep because you are thinking of hiding places or ways to camouflage a cache.
  5. "The cache is at an altitude of approximately nine thousand five hundred and twenty feet." yes, i would say that is a bit crazy, but then there are always people who like that challenge.
  6. it was a hallmark post in need of recognition
  7. i've been reading my region's forums and came across "mean streak" GC12Z46. this very ingenious cache has gone over a year without a FTF. the logs have been entertainment to read, this being one of the latest.. i would love to hear of other caches with such a reputation as mean streak. his son, rabold's revenge, GC1C8KG is getting off to a good start. midnightrose
  8. i knew there was a reason i stayed away from mushrooms. i just thought they was too "squishy".
  9. native minnesotan and will always be. transplanted to indiana in 2002. i'm glad to see my hometown of worthington being taken over with over 50 caches, but i still know more places where they can be hid. contact me and i'll share my childhood hideouts. i lived in rushmore for a time too. *waves to all the SW MN cachers*. indiana is cool, but man do i miss all the lakes and parks. can't wait to visit and bring my garmin. i would love to chat with more cachers. you can find me at yahoo messenger under the same id, midnightrosefashions.
  10. boy you guys chat a lot. of course, i haven't been here since november. glad spring finally came.
  11. thank you all, these were some of the answers i was looking for as a newbie.
  12. hello all. newbie here. found my first cache yesterday.
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