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  1. Oops nm post talked with cacher involved.
  2. I am trying to log a cache called ""Where's In A Name?" (it's Waypoint GC3153)". In order to do this I need some help. Is there anyone near a latitude or longitude that has 78.42.023? The lat looks to run through India/China /Russia. It would possibly be near New Dehli/Dehli in India or Omsk/surgut in Russia. I need to have a picture taken anywhere along that line. Please email me if you can help. Thank you!
  3. I tried our caching name with no results..... However when I tried my real name I got the following: andy is a naughty boy andy is coming to play again andy is not zen andy is more metal than you are andy is unsympathetic andy is a big advocate of shop safety andy is wearing his lowrider andy is the only one who knows whats going on andy is no slouch andy is not a pimp but he knows one andy is a great improviser So there you have it. I am more metal then you (which explains my GPS problems), I am a strong advocate of safety first and if you are looking for a good time I probably can't help you but I know someone who can.
  4. You should check the database right before you head up this way. I know that there are a few new caches in the pipeline that should be approved by Wednesday.
  5. Hello! I have thought about Laurelwood just haven't got around to it. I was an SEHS student at one time (Graduated '84). Welcome to this addiction. You should try the caches at University park and Hendricks. They are probably close to your home. Also check out the Summer Daze cache. It is a get-together for cachers this sunday out in Springfield. Andy and Jan - The Sugar_Beats!
  6. Hello, Welcome to Oregon. Hope you like it. Can't wait to meet you'all. Andy and Jan - The Sugar_Beats!
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